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Lowe’s Price Match Policy: Lowe’s opened in North Carolina in 1921. It was one of the first stores in the country. It began as a small hardware store and grew to become one of the biggest retailers in the US.

Lowe’s is pretty flexible about changing prices and matching prices.

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Does Lowes Price Match in 2023?

Lowe’s will match rivals’ pricing on in-stock, equivalent products. After presenting appropriate proof, they’ll match the price.

Lowes is committed to customer satisfaction and goes above and above. If a Lowes product is cheaper than a competitor’s, you’ll likely obtain a price cut. Simply ask the next store staff to verify your claim.

To successfully request a price match, keep a few things in mind. The item you want to compare must be accessible and identical. Both companies’ products must be available. Original receipt necessary.

Lowes guarantees in-store and online prices.

Lowe’s Price Match Policy


Price Match/Adjustment Time
30 Days
Where Can I Price Match?
Online & In-store
Contact Info.
Visit the website

Lowes Price Match Policy Competitors

Most price-matching plans contain exceptions. The most important is identifying “competitor” shops. Lowes will match the prices of any local or online business, despite not providing a list.

Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Menards, Tractor Supply Co, Harbor Freight Tools, Northern Tool & Equipment, Walmart, and Autozone.

Lowes matches regional and online competition’ prices. Include Amazon.

Process for Price Match

Even though most price match rules are identical, you must follow the store’s method.

Go to Lowes with your list.
Find a similar product at a competitor or online. Brand, size, and model number must match.

Ensure the item isn’t excluded.
Deliver your results to shop staff. If the item is subject to a price match, the associate will decrease the price on the spot.

Exceptions for Price Match

Let’s talk about the exceptions to Lowe’s price match policy now that we’ve gone over the rules.

  • Pricing for services (installation, work, special/custom orders, and/or custom orders).
  • Price Uncertainties.
  • Items That Were Sold Out (Items must be in stock at Lowes and its competitor)
  • Offers for clearance, damaged, used, or refurbished goods and merchandise, loan terms, and/or
  • free goods or packages of goods Senior discounts, discounts for people in the military, or discounts for people who work there.
  • Coupons, prices from auction/bidding sites (like eBay), and items bought after the 30-day period are not included.
  • Visit Lowes’s full explanation for a full list of the places where this rule doesn’t apply.

Process for Price Adjustment

The rules for getting a price adjustment and for matching a competitor’s price are the same. Just tell the person working at your store that you want to get your money back.

Show them the original receipt and say the name of the product. If everything goes as planned, the difference in price will be paid back to you.

Do you want to drive to the next store but don’t know how to make the change? To reach customer service, call 1-877-465-6937.

Don’t forget to check to see if the 30-day window is still available.


Price matching and modifications are easy at Lowes. Follow the above-mentioned steps to succeed. Please ask any queries in the comments section.

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