When Does McDonalds Monopoly Start in 2022?

McDonalds Monopoly – For the majority of people who play McDonald’s Monopoly is a good chance to get free food – but make sure you play it right so that you can be eating your way to a complimentary hot tub and holiday, or PS100k!

mcdonald's monopoly

Each when McDonald’s Monopoly pops up, the entire country is in an uproar – and students become particularly fierce.

You’ll likely be aware of a contest in which you take stickers from a menu of items to be eligible for many prizes.

If you’re like us, you’re likely to use McDonald’s Monopoly as an excuse to consume a lot of nuggets in a month. But while you’re there, you might want to try your hand at winning as well!

In the classic Save the Student style, we’ve conducted the necessary research on the best ways to increase the chance of being a winner and also the rarest stickers to keep an eye out for.

What’s in this guide?

  • When is McDonald‘s Monopoly?
  • What can you win with McDonald’s Monopoly?
  • How to increase your chances of winning McDonald’s Monopoly

When was McDonald’s Monopoly 2022?

McDonald’s Monopoly 2022 began on the 25th of August on Wednesday and continued until Tuesday 5th Oct.

The campaign was initially planned to start in March 2022, but McDonald’s used the same packaging for the promotion which meant that certain stickers included expiration dates on their labels. They have however confirmed that you’re still eligible to take advantage of the prizes. go to this site for a complete list of dates that have changed and the dates each sticker is valid for.

McDonald’s Monopoly had previously been planned to begin on the 23rd March 2020. In response to the measures of social distancing in place to prevent an outbreak of the coronavirus the promotion was suspended until the end of the year.

Then, in July 2020, McDonald’s confirmed that at first, since the campaign was first introduced in 2005 they would not be running their Monopoly game will not be available for 2020 across the UK (it was playing in Australia starting in September).

Fortunately, the promotion for 2022 was still on, but just a bit later than the norm.

The major changes from the last few years was reflected this time around, too. Instead of having to keep an eye on your sticker collection and fold-up Monopoly board, it is now possible to store everything through McDonald’s Monopoly website. McDonald’s Monopoly website.

And, finally, your wallet won’t be overflowing with pesky (and oily) stickers!

What can you win with McDonald’s Monopoly?


There’s so much you could win playing McDonald’s Monopoly – and so many ways to win it all that it’s quite complicated. Before you begin to throw away your Monopoly stickers after you’ve eaten your meal, make sure you’ve read our easy-to-follow guidelines below.

In simple terms in simple terms, there are four methods to be a winner of McDonald’s Monopoly:

1. Instant win prizes

  1. This is the best chance to win. Plus who would not need the chance to win free food?

    These are fairly simple to explain You just need to peel the sticker which reads “Free Sundae”, “Free apple pie”, “Free cheeseburger” (or any other message you want to) to the till prior to the expiry date, and then enjoys the free food.

    There were more than 50,000,000 prizes available in 2021, which means the odds of winning one were quite excellent – this is about 2 winners every minute during every McDonald’s“quick maths.

    You can take home among other prizes including frozen ice cream, hashbrowns Apple pies, burgers fries, and many others. There are even food items available for grabs (like cash as well as a TV and McDonald’s Gold Card) and certain property prize draws ( listed below) are also available for instant-win, including the hot tub as well as the Christmas.

2. Online prizes

Every McDonald’s item with stickers also comes with an entry code for giving away cash in a cash-only draw.

There are a maximum of two prizes on the internet are offered every minute during this Monopoly promotion is on which is why it’s worth taking a chance. It’s possible to take home between PS5 to PS100 with cash as well as other prizes such as gift cards and gym passes, as well as food vouchers that you can use at McDonald’s.

If you’re looking to boost your odds of winning, you should try playing at a strange time of the day. In the end, only two prizes are awarded each minute, and more people will not be playing early on Tuesdays than at midday on Saturdays.

3. McDonald’s Gold Card

mcdonald's monopoly

It’s technically among the prizes that you can win instantly however, it’s so great that we believed it deserved its own prize.

Do you know about the famed Nando’s Black Card, which entitles holders access to an unlimited supply of gratis Nando’s? As part of McDonald’s Monopoly 2022, you had the chance of winning the exact equivalent of the golden arches and McDonald’s Gold Card. McDonald’s Gold Card.

McDonald’s offered 1,000 Gold Cards in the Monopoly promotion that will run until 2021 should you win one you’d get an unrestricted Maccy’s dinner once each week, for the whole year.

In actual fact, the one Save the Student reader was fortunate enough to get an actual Gold Card during the very initial week of the Monopoly promotion. He was kind enough to post images of the prize above. It is, therefore, possible to get these sought-after prizes!

4. Property ‘set’ prizes

We’ve all played the game of Monopoly after you’ve acquired all the properties of one specific color and you’ve doubled the cost of renting the properties. However, collecting the complete set of McDonald’s Monopoly could be even more profitable.

Don’t assume that the fact that you have two of a specific hue that you’re an advantage, but. There’s always a property in every set that’s rarer than others If you happen to see any of them at McDonald’s Keep them in your pocket!

Here’s a list of McDonald’s Monopoly rare stickers to be on the lookout for, how many are available, and what you can be able to win if you finish the sets that they are part of.

Rare McDonald’s Monopoly stickers 2022

  • Stations Liverpool St Station Phone of your choice, with a one-year Sky Mobile contract (750 available)
  • Brown Old Kent Road – free McDonald’s Medium Extra Value Meal, or the big Flavor wraps meals (2,000,000 available)
  • Blue light: Euston Road PS100 JD Sports gift card (1,500 available)
  • Pink: Northumberland Avenue A relaxing or adventurous experience with purchase-a-gift (5,000 available)
  • OrangeMarlborough Street Missguided as well Mennace PS500 shopping spree (700 available)
  • Red: Strand – Lay-Z-Spa hot tub (100 available)
  • yellow: Coventry Street. Purchase PS1,000 to spend on entertainment at home with AO.com (100 accessible)
  • green: Bond Street – Ibiza villa or UK getaway holiday (20 available)
  • Dark blue: Mayfair – PS100,000 cash (four available).

How can you increase your chances of winning?

McDonalds Monopoly

The only way to increase the odds of winning prizes on McDonald’s Monopoly is to acquire more stickers.

There are several methods to achieve this (that don’t require you to purchase hundreds of hamburgers).

Which McDonald’s meals have the most Monopoly stickers?

If you’re looking to collect the most amount of stickers you can get, you may require a slight change to your normal order. Certain McDonald’s Menu items come completely sticker-free. You’ll be advised to stay clear of these items in the event you’re looking to make a profit.

For instance, if you purchase a six-chicken medium nuggets dinner, you’ll get four stickers. However, if you order three chicken selects for a large meal, you’ll receive eight!

Here are the foods and beverages with stickers. do have stickers (and how many stickers are in each).

What number of Monopoly stickers does every McDonald’s menu item contain?

Food Number of stickers
Big Flavour Wrap (any) 3
Big Tasty (with or without bacon) 3
Cadbury Dairy Milk or Caramel McFlurry 2
Carbonated soft drink (medium or large) 3
Chicken and Bacon Salad 3
Chicken BBQ Smokehouse 3
Chicken Legend (all varieties) 3
Chicken Salad 3
Chicken Selects (3 or 5 pieces) 3
Drink (if part of a meal, medium or large) 3
Fries (medium or large) 2
Fruit Bag (if part of a meal, medium or large) 3
McCafe Iced range (any) 3
Mozzarella Dippers (including Cheese Sharebox) 2
Side salad (if part of a meal, medium or large) 3
Vegetable Bag (if part of a meal, medium or large) 3

Get the Shaker Side Salad instead of fries

In the past, big fries and drinks would be accompanied by more stickers than medium fries. But, in order to not appear to be encouraging the consumption of unhealthy foods, McDonald’s changed things up in the year 2019.

All fries that are served as part of an eating plan or not, come only with 2 stickers. But those that are Shaker Side Salads, Vegetable Bags, and Fruit Bags (all available as side dishes) each come with 3 stickers which means they’re not only healthier but also boost your odds of winning as well!

In 2019, we received a number of our readers reach us to tell us they hadn’t received any stickers in their salads – one of them even said it was because the McDonald’s staff had told them that the salads aren’t served with the pieces of the game.

We thought that this was odd because it’s the officially-approved McDonald’s Monopoly rules that stipulate that they must. We contacted McDonald’s via Twitter (see below for more details) and, surprise they said that it was confirmed that Shaker Side Salads ought to include stickers. If you don’t receive some, you’re in your right to request some!


Avoid Big Macs and McNuggets

jerry colombo

It may be a bit painful for us to tell you this if your goal is to maximize the number of stickers per dollar Avoid the Big Macs as well as McNuggets with a vengeance.

We all know that #nugzlife is the life however, as the table above shows, Big Macs and McNuggets are essentially none Monopoly stickers…

Yes, the side and beverage you select are likely to have stickers – but considering that almost every other man has the same three stickers, we believe it’s worthwhile to give up the old favorites while you’re playing Monopoly promotion is on.

Use McDonald’s tricks and vouchers

Making your meals minimum cost is always a plus however, do you have the ability to combine McD’s money-savings along with their Monopoly promotion to make the most value from your dinner? Yes, you can.

Take advantage of you McDonald’s students discount by presenting your student ID at the counter and you’ll receive a free McFlurry, the original McFlurry, Mayo Chicken or Cheeseburger at the time you buy any food item.

The problem is that there’s no way to tell if these freebies include stickers. However, in the event that you do receive something at your usual meal, you might be able to eat enough food for two people if you win the student freebie as well.

It’s also possible to use our secret trick to transform outdated McDonald’s receipts to infinite PS1.99 big Mac as well as fries. Of of course, Big Macs do not come with any labels – however, the fries do have them, and when you’re eating a full meal (minus the drink) for PS1.99 You can’t really complain.

Also, look out for coupons on bus tickets or in the newspapers (like Metro) that offer a deal (like Metro) that can net you fries and a burger for PS1.99 as well. The majority of the meals offered by this method don’t come with labels, however fries are.

We also have mentioned before, we’ve provided a complete guide to getting inexpensive and free McDonald’s.

Womble to get more stickers

If you’re a regular fan in the magazine Save the Student, you may have read our tutorial on wombling which is basically making use of other people’s trash to collect free items. This method is especially effective when playing McDonald’s Monopoly, as some players don’t bother to check for stickers!

It’s common for people to only redeem instant-win food vouchers and discard the online codes or the property stickers It’s worthwhile to take the time to look at any leftover McDonald’s packaging.

It’s best not to be sly about your wombling to get Monopoly stickers. If the staff spot you with wombles, it’s probably not best to take any of the stickers you see at another McDonald’s or wait some time before returning.

Wombling isn’t considered to be illegal however you could be surprised to learn that some staff might be apprehensive about it.

Sell or buy your stickers on eBay

It may not be worth it , but you might be lucky.

It’s extremely unlikely that anyone is going to sell the uncommon McDonald’s Monopoly stickers on eBay however, you never ever. If you happen to get hold of any rare or rare stickers You could try eBay as a way to add them into your collection also.

Read our guide to purchasing or selling items on eBay to learn the best prices!

FAQs – McDonald’s Monopoly

Does McDonald’s still do Monopoly?

In 2015 it was announced that the Monopoly game was substituted within the US by “Game Time Gold”, featuring the NFL themed theme. In 2019, the Deputy leader of the UK Labour Party, Tom Watson declared that Monopoly promotion was an “danger to public health” and called on McDonald’s to stop their “grotesque marketing strategy”.

Is McDonald’s monopoly back in the US?

The much-anticipated McDonald’s Monopoly is back once again after it was delayed in 2020 because of covid-19, a pandemic. McDonald’s Monopoly was pulled last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic , but it’s back this year with more and better prizes to be taken home.

Is Jerry Jacobson still alive?

In the words of The Daily Beast, Jerry is in his 70s and is in decline of health. He lives within Georgia.

Did anyone win McDonalds Monopoly?

If you take a step back from your personal McDonald’s mistakes There are many Monopoly successful stories. In the year 2020, for instance, The Balance Everyday spoke to winner Michele B, who was awarded $100,000 in the American-based variant of Monopoly.

Who went to jail for McMillions?

In 1999 one of the winners who won $1 million was a cocaine distributor who was found guilty According the The Daily Beast. Glomb was caught on the 22nd of August 2001. He was found guilty of conspiracy and mail fraud and sentenced to one year and a day in jail, the outlet says.

How was McMillions rigged?

In the bathroom of an airport before heading to McDonald’s packaging facilities, Jacobson would open sealed packets of game pieces that had won and dump them into his palm and replace them with non-winning, regular stickers before sealing the bag with his collection of seals.

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