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Megaplex Theatres was started in 1999. It was started in Sandy, Utah, in 1999. Megaplex is privately owned and managed by the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, so it’s not surprising that it was started in Utah.

Megaplex Theatres

Megaplex Theatres is among the most popular movie theater chains in Utah. It has 17 theaters that it manages and runs. One of these places is now in the city of Mesquite, Nevada. The other 16 places are all in Utah. The table below was last updated on April 20, 2017.

Megaplex Theatres Ticket Price Information



Matinee (Standard) (Morning and Afternoon)$7.25
Child (3-11) (Standard) (Morning and Afternoon)$6.75
Senior (60+) (Standard) (Morning and Afternoon)$6.75
Adult (Standard) (Evening)$9.75
Child (3-11) (Standard) (Evening)$6.75
Senior (60+) (Standard) (Evening)$6.75

Dolby Atmos Luxury

Matinee (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon)$12.25
Child (3-11) (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon)$11.75
Senior (60+) (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon)$11.75
Adult (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Evening)$14.75
Child (3-11) (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Evening)$11.75
Senior (60+) (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Evening)$11.75


Matinee (D-Box) (Morning and Afternoon)$16.25
Child (3-11) (D-Box) (Morning and Afternoon)$15.75
Senior (60+) (D-Box) (Morning and Afternoon)$15.75
Adult (D-Box) (Evening)$18.75
Child (3-11) (D-Box) (Evening)$15.75
Senior (60+) (D-Box) (Evening)$15.75


Matinee (IMAX) (Morning and Afternoon)$9.75
Child (3-11) (IMAX) (Morning and Afternoon)$9.25
Senior (60+) (IMAX) (Morning and Afternoon)$9.25
Adult (IMAX) (Evening)$12.25
Child (3-11) (IMAX) (Evening)$9.25
Senior (60+) (IMAX) (Evening)$9.25

IMAX Luxury

Matinee (IMAX Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon)$13.75
Child (3-11) (IMAX Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon)$13.25
Senior (60+) (IMAX Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon)$13.25
Adult (IMAX Luxury) (Evening)$16.25
Child (3-11) (IMAX Luxury) (Evening)$13.25
Senior (60+) (IMAX Luxury) (Evening)$13.25

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