Megaplex Theatres – Jordan Commons Ticket Price Information 2022

Megaplex was established in 1999 it was founded in 1999 in Sandy, Utah. The fact that it was founded in Utah isn’t a surprise since Megaplex is operated and owned by the privately owned and managed the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies. The same company that manages Utah Jazz. Utah Jazz NBA team.

The initial Megaplex theater had 17 screens. Since then, three more theatres were added as well as more food options. The Megaplex chain includes theaters in Utah as well as Nevada. Below are the estimates of the Megaplex ticket cost.

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Megaplex Theatres is one of the most popular chains of cinemas in Utah which currently manages and run 17 cinemas. 16 of those locations are in Utah as a whole, along with one location in the city of Mesquite, Nevada. The table below was last updated on April 20, 2017.



Matinee (Standard) (Morning and Afternoon) $7.25
Child (3-11) (Standard) (Morning and Afternoon) $6.75
Senior (60+) (Standard) (Morning and Afternoon) $6.75
Adult (Standard) (Evening) $9.75
Child (3-11) (Standard) (Evening) $6.75
Senior (60+) (Standard) (Evening) $6.75

Dolby Atmos Luxury

Matinee (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon) $12.25
Child (3-11) (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon) $11.75
Senior (60+) (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon) $11.75
Adult (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Evening) $14.75
Child (3-11) (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Evening) $11.75
Senior (60+) (Dolby Atmos Luxury) (Evening) $11.75


Matinee (D-Box) (Morning and Afternoon) $16.25
Child (3-11) (D-Box) (Morning and Afternoon) $15.75
Senior (60+) (D-Box) (Morning and Afternoon) $15.75
Adult (D-Box) (Evening) $18.75
Child (3-11) (D-Box) (Evening) $15.75
Senior (60+) (D-Box) (Evening) $15.75


Matinee (IMAX) (Morning and Afternoon) $9.75
Child (3-11) (IMAX) (Morning and Afternoon) $9.25
Senior (60+) (IMAX) (Morning and Afternoon) $9.25
Adult (IMAX) (Evening) $12.25
Child (3-11) (IMAX) (Evening) $9.25
Senior (60+) (IMAX) (Evening) $9.25

IMAX Luxury

Matinee (IMAX Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon) $13.75
Child (3-11) (IMAX Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon) $13.25
Senior (60+) (IMAX Luxury) (Morning and Afternoon) $13.25
Adult (IMAX Luxury) (Evening) $16.25
Child (3-11) (IMAX Luxury) (Evening) $13.25
Senior (60+) (IMAX Luxury) (Evening) $13.25

Megaplex’s History

Is Larry H. Miller a name you are familiar with? If so, you should know that Larry H. Miller was the owner and founder of Megaplex Theatres. Unfortunately, he died in 2009. Today, the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies is the owner of the immensely popular cinema chain.

Larry founded the first cinema chain in 1999 with the construction of the Jordan Commons entertainment complex, in Sandy, Utah. Jordan Commons was originally home to 17 screens. However, a recent renovation in 2022 increased that number to 20 and also added several dining options.

Over the last decade, the chain has seen steady growth. It has built new cinemas from scratch and bought existing ones from other chains. In Feb 2022, Westates Theater bought 10 theaters (9 in Utah and 1 in Nevada).

Megaplex continues to grow its business. In fact, they opened a new site in 2017! It’s located near Holladay in Utah and has 10 screens. Luxury movies, 3D capabilities, and ultra-comfortable VIP recliners are all available here.

Megaplex boasts over 200 big screens to allow you to enjoy the latest blockbuster Hollywood on Megaplex.

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Megaplex has its own loyalty/rewards program that customers can join. It is similar to other cinema chains in the United States, such as AMC. They call it mega rewards.

Here is a description of the program, taken from their website.

MegaRewards points can be earned by members. These vouchers are redeemable for movie tickets, concessions, or free concessions items.

Some nonqualified purchases include gift cards, gift baskets, and promotional items. They also allow you to purchase merchandise from their online store.

You can upgrade certain rewards, such as regular popcorn and soft drinks, for a small amount. Just have to ask!

Feature Of Megaplex Theatres

You’ll be impressed by what you see here, particularly in the realm of audiovisuals. The screens provide exceptionally clear images, and the audio is excellent. It’s particularly true of The Dolby Atmos technology that gives you the feeling of being within the sound. The sound is all around you, making you feel being part of the scene.

The D-Box is more than a movie. You feel the same motion that is reflected in the film. You can feel the wind and maybe even snow. It’s actually so real you can feel the items that appear on the screen.

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Amenities Megaplex Theatres

Megaplex does offer the usual range of candy, popcorn, drinks, as well as other entertainment options. You’ll find more here, including a huge variety of hot or cold options. You have the option to either dine at the restaurant or bring your food to the theatre, where you can eat and enjoy the shows. These meals come with specially designed trays that can fit into your cup holders. There’s no need to balance the tray on one’s lap.

There are a variety of food options, including hotdogs and burgers as well as chicken fingers and corn dogs. You can also choose from a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches like the Philly Cheese Steak, Turkey Cheese Steak, or Chicken Cordon Bleu. Side options include sweet potato, regular fries, and Buffalo’s JR Tots.

Mexican food is a popular choice, as many people love the bean and meat burritos along with quesadillas or taco salads. The Coke Free Style machine allows you to choose from more than 100 different flavor combinations. There are many dessert options, including gelato and soft-serve Ice Cream (in a cone/cup) as well as donut holes.

There will be a Pizza Hut in some areas, but not in all. You can order any Pizza Hut Pizza you like, along with many other sides and salads.

You can find Megaplexes near you by visiting their Official Website.

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About Megaplex Theatres

Megaplex Theatres was founded in 1999 by Larry H. Miller. It is one of America’s most successful chains and has consistently good national box-office results. Today, Utah and Nevada have more than fifteen cinemas.

Megaplex Theatres cinemas have state-of-the-art technology. These large screens and high-quality audio systems are essential for a great movie experience, regardless of genre. Staff members at the cinema are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that customers are satisfied. This is also important because movie-going involves people.

Megaplex Theatres cinemas offer both regular and large-format screens. However, the latter is more costly than the former. Many cinemas offer reserved seating, auditorium, and conference facilities as well as concession stands and premium dining. D-Box motion seats, Digital 2D/3DIMAX screens, gift certificates, and packages are all available in some of the more expensive locations. Some theatres offer catering, advertising, and event services.

These are the most current Megaplex Theatres pricing information.

Megaplex Discount

Atom Tickets is an online movie platform that makes getting to films easier. Atom has made everything easier from finding the film you’d like to see to making arrangements with your friends and purchasing concessions.

Atom has recently joined forces together with Megaplex Theaters and to celebrate they offer $5 off on your purchase using the coupon code Megaplex at checkout when you purchase tickets via Atom Tickets. The code is valid for one email address.

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Sign up to become a Megaplex Rewards participant Members earn MegaRewards points which provide vouchers for concession items, a certain amount of concessions, or movie tickets for each dollar that is spent on qualifying purchases such as concessions, tickets to movies, and certain food items in Megaplex managed and owned food courts.

It is important to register your credit card online. Members will earn 10 bonus points when they complete the registration of their card first time online.

megaplex tickets prices

Check Ticket Prices

You can check out the price this theatre is charging for tickets through their ticketing website. Select the show you’re interested in and then see the cost to purchase tickets online for the show.

Note: The base prices online usually match the price at the box office however it may also be subject to an additional processing cost.

Electronic Ticketing Graphic

Private Events

Megaplex locations have the facilities you need to host your next event. There are many options for hosting your next event. There are many options for the number of attendees. They can be as low as 90 or high up to 584.

Remember that these options to rent out the cinema are for the space only and do not include a movie. Also, the hourly rates are applicable.

Additional information regarding bookings or inquiries can be found at.

The Most Popular Places

There are certain cinema chains that have certain locations that are much more popular than others. Megaplex is no different. You may know the most popular movies if you go to their cinemas regularly. You might be surprised at what this could mean for you.

After doing some research, we are confident that these are Megaplex’s most favored cinema locations.

  • Megaplex Jordan Commons 20, 4.4/5 from 911 Reviews – 9335 State St. Sandy (UT 84070), USA
  • Megaplex Geneva 13 – 4.5/5 based on 771 reviews – 600 Mill Rd Vineyard UT 84058 USA
  • Megaplex Centerville 14, 4.5/5 based on 386 reviews – Centerville, UT 84014 USA
  • Megaplex Pineview Stadium 10 – 4.3/5 from 180 Reviews – 2376 Red Cliffs Dr. St George UT 84790 USA
  • Megaplex The District 20, 4.4/5 from 530 Reviews – The District. The District, 3761 Parkway Plaza Dr. South Jordan. UT 84095. USA

Wow! These are the most happy customers we’ve ever met! You can take pride in consistently achieving a mid-four rating across hundreds of reviews.

Megaplex management and its employees do an outstanding job. Keep up the excellent work. It is so great to see satisfied movie-goers take the time to share their wonderful experience at the cinema.

We were so impressed by the overall ratings, we decided that we would take a look at some individual reviews. Here are the results:

It is very large and well-maintained. It has excellent seating. You can even choose your seat. There are many great food options, as well as snacks. Excellent and friendly staff. Mike Hightower

These theatres are fantastic. They aren’t new, but they keep updating them to make them seem more modern. I love the central location where you can order food and meet up before they collect your tickets. There are many shops nearby, including Joes Crab Shack. It’s a great place to get hamburgers or burritos. There are many good movies. Joseph Dewey

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Megaplex’s FAQs

What is luxury seating at megaplex?

Enjoy your movies beyond the norm by using our heated Luxe Recliners. The spacious leather seats come with luxurious legroom, comfortable headrests, and swivel-swivel snack and drinks tables.

What is D-BOX megaplex?

D-BOX is revolutionizing the way you experience films by moving your body and triggering imagination with motion. We break down the barrier that separates you from the television and create an immersive, ultra-realistic and unique entertainment experiences that draw viewers into the narrative unlike anything before.

What projector does Cinemark use?

Cinemark signs 10-year exclusive agreement in partnership with Cinionic to provide Barco Laser. Cinemark will be committing to laser projection following the signing of an exclusive 10-year contract with Cinionic which brings Barco Series 4 laser projectors to more than 6,000 screens across the world.

What is Atmos 2d luxury?

A leap in the direction of surround audio, Dolby Atmos allows you to experience multi-dimensional sound and stunning clarity that draws you into the narrative. With Dolby Atmos audio, you can have it placed in any cinema even over the ceiling and creates a resonant soundscape that resembles reality.

What is a crying room at a movie theater?

A cry room, also known as a crying room is an area designed for those who want to keep babies or young children to enjoy peace and quiet or to limit the noise of other people. The concept was first introduced in the 1950s. they are often located in theatres, churches and cinemas. In certain venues they are referred to as “infant care rooms”.

How do you get into underage movies?

Getting in by Other Means. Make use of the ticketstub. If a friend or sibling wants to purchase a ticket for you, but the theater doesn’t permit children to accompany them into the film, make your sibling or friend purchase an individual ticket. You can ask them and have their tickets ripped by the staff.

What’s the difference between DFX and digital?

One room is one of the Sony Digital Cinema(tm) auditorium that has dual laser projectors as well as an Dolby Atmos audio system. Another auditorium is labeled “DFX” which has “luxurious lounge chairs” set in front of a projection screen that is lit by two laser projectors, and it is backed by the Dolby atmos system.

What is D-BOX 2d?

What is D-BOX? … It is revolutionizing the way that you experience films by moving your body and triggering imagination with motion. With D-BOX you are able to manage the intensity so that you can be in sync with the film and feel each scene as if there.

Is XD better than IMAX?

Cinemark XD has a higher quality than analog or standard cinemas that use IMAX. They have larger and larger screens and better audio quality. However, the experience at the Cinemark XD theater is not able to be compared with the real IMAX. IMAX Digital is a great theater for watching nature and educational movies.

Is Cinemark XD better than digital?

IMAX is among the oldest technologies that a majority of the digital theaters using. … However, The Cinemark XD theatres provide an enhanced 3D experience and responsive experiences by having large, responsive seats. Cinemark XD’s sound system is a customized JBL sound system, which produces clear sharp, clear sound.

What is Cinemark RealD 3D?

RealD 3D is a digital stereoscopic projection technology developed and distributed by RealD. This is at present the largest and most popular technology for viewing 3D film in cinemas (cinemas). All over the world, RealD 3D is installed in more than 26,500 auditoriums and about 1,200 exhibitors across 72 countries in June 2015.

Is XD louder?

If you are looking at how big the theatre is is concerned, yes, it’s. This capacity can be higher due to the fact that XD typically takes place located in larger theaters.


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