Does Micro Center Price Match Amazon? 2023❤️

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If you’re in the market for a new computer or other electronic hardware, Micro Center is one of the best stores in the area.

With an annual revenue of approximately $2.4 billion and a profit of approximately $300 million, Micro Center is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology.

Does Micro Center Price Match Amazon

If you’re set on purchasing a product from Micro Center, but you’ve seen it for a lower price on Amazon, the question you should be asking is whether Micro Center will match the Amazon price.

Utilizing price match guarantees can be one of the best ways to save money and can literally add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your annual income.

In light of this, we researched Micro Center’s price match policy in order to provide you with a definitive answer as to whether they will match the price you found on Amazon.

Micro Center Price Match Amazon

Does Micro Center Price Match Amazon? The Short Answer

Micro Center can match Amazon’s price, but the item must be in stock and sold by Amazon, not a third-party seller. If you find a product on Amazon that is not sold by Amazon, the price match policy will not apply.

Micro Center Price Match Policy Explained

Micro Center does not price match items that are not sold directly by Amazon, so you will need to check Amazon to determine who is selling the item before requesting a price match.

This is a common practice in the industry. We compared Staples’s price-matching policy with Amazon’s and found that they take the same stance.

You can do so by clicking on a listing and examining the column on the right.

Does Micro Center Price Match Amazon.

As the item in question is sold by JJ’s Real Buy and not Amazon, Micro Center’s price-matching policy typically does not apply.

Does Micro Center Price Match Amazon

In this instance, the item is sold by, so Micro Center’s policy of price matching would apply.

Stores Against Which Micro Center Will Price Match?

Micro Center will price match almost any big shop. Micro Center will match the prices of the following retailers:

Amazon.comApple Store/
ASUS.comB&H Photographic
Belkin.comBest Buy and its website,
CDW.comCostco as well as
Dell.comGamestop and its website,
Kmart stores and
Magicjack.comMeijer Stores and
Microsoft Store and
OfficeMax and OfficeMax.comOffice Max and its website,
Sam’s Club and its website,
Sears and its website, Sears.comStaples and its website,
Target Stores and and Walmart

Micro Center Price Match Amazon

Which Items Will Micro Center Not Cover?

In addition to Micro Center’s policy of matching prices only on Amazon-sold items, the following conditions apply:

  1. The item is not eligible for clearance.
  2. It cannot be reconditioned.
  3. The product cannot be an off-lease item.
  4. The package cannot be opened.
  5. There are no coupons or promotions permitted.
  6. The item cannot be unavailable.
  7. The item cannot be discounted (i.e. Prime Day, Black Friday or Cyber Monday).

Micro Center will verify that the item is an exact match by referencing the model and/or UPC number.

How to Price Match a Product Seen on Amazon at Micro Center

To obtain a price match at Micro Center for a product seen on Amazon, follow the steps below:

When purchasing a product in-store, take a screenshot of the Amazon page or present your phone with the Amazon page displayed to the cashier or other staff member. Then, they will investigate and, hopefully, match your price.

You can email, call, or use Micro Center’s chat to discuss the price match online. When speaking with a customer, we recommend having a screenshot or link to an Amazon page handy. Micro Center’s help page contains additional contact information.

Always begin a discussion about price matching with the retailer’s salesperson by asking if they will beat their competitor’s price before requesting a simple price match. Frequently, it is possible to obtain a cheaper deal. This is especially true if you intend to spend a great deal of money.

Does Micro Center Offer Price Protection?

It is true that Micro Center offers price protection.

This means that if Micro Center lowers the price of a product after you have purchased it, you can request a refund of the price difference.

This is permitted up to 30 days after the date of purchase, excluding items marked down on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Furthermore, if you discover that another retailer has dropped the price of the item since you purchased it from Micro Center, contact Micro Center to see if they will refund the price difference.

Micro Center’s help page

Final Thoughts

It is evident that Micro Center has a fairly liberal price match policy and will apply its price match guarantee to the majority of stores.

Although it appears to be against Micro Center’s policy to match prices with third-party sellers on Amazon, we still recommend that you contact Micro Center to see if they can assist you.

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