How Much Morrisons Calor Gas Prices? 2022

Morrisons Calor Gas Prices 2022

Morrisons Calor Gas Prices – There are numerous locations to purchase Calor Gas in the UK however, there appear to be fewer and fewer places to buy it each year.

However, with prices ranging from just PS5.00 to over PS8.00 for a kilogram of weight, it’s difficult to determine where it is most effective to buy.

Morrisons is also among the most sought-after locations for the cheapest Calor gas costs across the UK.

Morrisons are famous for their lower prices on Calor gas.

In the past, you could purchase refills at Morrisons at around the price of the current year’s RRP however because of Covid the price has been difficult to figure out.

In this article, I’ll share with you the most current Morrisons Calor Gas Prices in 2022.

They’ll be up to date to help you make an informed decision on the best place to purchase that next gas bottle or have it filled.

Morrisons Calor Gas Prices – How much are Morrisons Calor Gas Prices in 2022?

Morrisons are well-known for their low prices on Calor gas. The last time you could purchase refills at Morrisons at around the price of the current year’s RRP but because of Covid, it has proved difficult to establish. Here is the latest list of Morrisons Calor Gas Prices in 2022.

morrisons calor gas prices

4.5kg Calor Gas Butane Price

New bottle: £58.94

Refill: £18.95

5kg Propane Patio Gas Price 

New bottle: £60.49

Refill: £20.50

6kg Propane Gas Price

New bottle: £63.44

Refill: £23.45

19kg and 47kg Propane Gas Prices

No listed RRP.

Contact the local stockists to find out specific prices. For further information, click here to go to their official site. Source of information:

Calor gas exchange policy

  • Cylinders are only exchangeable with cylinders in the exact same class. The three groups include Patio gas Butane gas 7, and Butane gas 15kg
  • If a client wants to exchange another cylinder, they need to sign an agreement to refill their cylinder and pay PS39.99 for a brand new cylinder
  • The customer doesn’t have to provide any documentation when they exchange an existing cylinder. Calor owned cylinder
  • If a customer ceases to need to use their Calor cylinder, they need to call Calor by calling 0800 662 63 to request a partial refund.

*Calor Gas is sold throughout UK Mainland stores, with the exception of Holloway Road, Tottenham, West Norwood, Frome, Redhill, Tooting, Wallington, Wandsworth, Wood Green, and all Asda Concession stores. It is subject to availability. It is not available on the Isle of Man.

Based on a three-burner barbecue, with a side burner that is burning fully (10kw which is 0.72kg/h) with the gas cylinder for a 5-kg patio for 30 minutes every time. The number of barbecues you can use depends on the duration of grilling and the number of burners being used for each occasion.

13kg patio gas Morrisons

What is the 13kg propane gas bottle refill price?

A 13-kg propane tank refills could cost you about PS47.00.

How much is Morrison unleaded fuel?

Based on the latest information from Morrisonsmotorists that fill up with nonleaded at the Morrisons fuel station should not pay more than 99.9p per liter.

How much is a 15k Butane refill? or How much for 15k refill propane for super ser?

A 15k Butane refill could cost approximately PS46.50!13kg propane tank refills can cost you around PS47.00

Morrisons Calor Gas Prices Questions and Queries

Q1. Do Morrisons sell gas bottles?

It’s true, Your Morrisons Daily now offers Calor Gas bottles on sale!

Q2. What is the difference between blue and red Calor Gas bottles?

Butane’s storage is in blue Cylinders and is suitable for camping and cooking equipment with a single burner and indoor portable heaters.

Propane, on the other hand, is stored in red cylindrical containers and is primarily is a large appliance fuel. It is also suitable to heat and cook inside catering vehicles.

Q3. Which is safer butane or propane?

Although propane produces more heat than butane and is more efficient at combustion Butane is a different kind of fuel that’s beneficial to the environment as it liquefies easily, which makes it easier to contain.

Propane and butane are non-toxic, safe, clean burning fuels that provide a great source of energy.

Q4. What lasts longer propane or butane?

Butane is lighter than propane, making it lighter to carry around and is more portable.

The bottle that contains butane is likely to last longer than the same-size bottle of propane.

Q5. How long does 15Kg Calor gas last?

The output of the majority of electrically powered portable fires ranges from under 2 kilowatts. However, a fully-sized Calor gas heater with a rating of 4.2 Kilowatts can run approximately up to 50 hours with a 15Kg gas bottle.

Q6. Is supermarket petrol bad for your car?

The fuel offered across the UK must conform to the legally-required standards, which means that gasoline from the supermarket won’t be dangerous for your vehicle.


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