The Nothic in D&D 5e | They See Right Through You! 2022

The power it unlocks could be like a drug.

People who devote their lives to studying magic are likely to be constantly seeking more power and knowledge. If a wizard doesn’t manage their knowledge and abilities with caution is at risk of various terrible outcomes.

Few know this more than the creatures with one eye, referred to as Gothics.

These terrifying creatures gather secrets and have magical power. However, there’s more to them than what’s apparent…

Today, we’re taking a close study of what’s known as the Nothic In D&D. This is an exploration of one of the most interesting creatures from the fifth edition of the Monster Manual as an ominous warning to those who are arcanists and seek supreme power over everything other things…


What exactly is a Nothic?

The first step is to look at their descriptions, capabilities, and general disposition. Then, we’ll dive deeper into the darker roots of these beasts and look into the factors that drive them.

nothic miniature


Ethics are medium-sized animals that place them in the middle of a size of an adventurer. But, they’re usually on a hunch and are squat, which can make them appear to be smaller than they are.

They’re anomalies that put them in the same category as creatures such as Beholders, Aboleths as well as Mind Flayers. Their abilities do not necessarily follow the same guidelines as the magical arcane abilities in the Material Plane.

The most noticeable physical characteristic of Gothics is their large eyes. With its eyes swiveling between its eyes, very it is difficult for a Nothic to escape his eye.

The body of the Nothic is distorted into something different. It’s covered with jagged spines and has sharp claws on its feet and hands. While it skitters, and stumbles around, its massive arms drag across the ground.

It is no surprise that their appearance is sure to provoke a reaction from everyone who comes across one!


They are watchers, and stealthy viewers more than anything else. They are very sly and can stalk an adventurer group unnoticed for a long time.

Since they can see up to 120 feet, it is difficult to fool them. They can see through anything like illusions and invisibility spells.

In the vicinity of the event In the vicinity of the party, the Nothic can utilize the Weird Insight feature to locate creatures it sees within 30 feet. This lets the Nothic discover facts or know the secrets of the creature. The Nothic’s most important attribute, and we’ll be discussing this in more detail in the next article.

When pressed into combat when confronted, the Nothic will defend itself. While it’s simple to find an escape plan, it is also able to cause serious harm should it be cornered.

It’s capable of making two strikes with its claws, however, they’re not very strong.

The Rotting Gaze is a different story, but…

The Gothic seeks out a creature it can spot within 30 feet of it. It must make a DC12 Constitution saving throw or take 3d6 damage from necrotic.

A Nothic can make use of its Rotting Gaze feature once per turn to act. This feature can replace melee attacks. However, it is possible that the Nothic can utilize this feature in any way it’d like to.

If the Nothic can use “keep away,” Rotting Gaze is a powerful enough deterrent for lower levels that it could be able to create an escape.


Ethics are derived by arcanists and wizards who are too absorbed in the mysteries of arcane knowledge. Their quest for knowledge turns into an obsession that creates a curse of darkness on the soul of the unlucky.

This curse originates from Vecna which is the lich so potent that could be an idol of secret in certain realms.

The curse turns the wizard into the form of a Nothic and they are stripped from any memories of the person they were before. They are reduced to vile creatures driven by their desire to gather the secrets of their world and find magical objects.

But, the creature does acquire some powers during the transformation. They possess a keen understanding and knowledge of other creatures, as well as secluded lore.


As I’ve mentioned in my discussion of the Nothic’s capabilities that it’s the Weird Insight feature is the Nothic’s greatest strength. It’s the way that the Nothic can gather information, secrets, and obscure lore to fuel its passions.

One of Nothic’s Weird Insight features might resemble the ability of psychics but Nothic does not specifically discern the thoughts of the people it meets.

Though a traditional mind-reading skill such as “Detect Thoughts” makes use of the Wisdom save throw Nothic’s Weird insight is an actual contest against the nothing’s Wisdom (Insight) in conjunction with the character’s Charisma (Deception) capabilities.

If a target isn’t able to be charmed as the winner, there may be a hint of enchantment in The Nothic’s Weird Insight, compared to the usual divination power of mind-reading.

The Nothicists do not consider this to be invasive at all. In their own twisty and absurd way, they may consider sharing their ideas with the person they learned them from as a way of divulging a crucial truth.


Notices have no memory of their past and are driven by obsession and impulse.

Ethics usually want three things:

  • Items and magic knowledge
  • Particularly rare lore/secrets
  • To be restored to their original form

Ethics are open to sharing the knowledge they have in exchange for additional knowledge and (especially) magic items.

It’s not something they are conscious of wanting to do. They feel a subconscious urge to learn as much magic knowledge as they can.

They don’t remember ever being anyone or anything else.

Combining these desires with their stealthy demeanor, Gothics are attracted to magical academies and libraries.

The Gothic sneaks through halls and collections full of arcane information to get into every possible detail. You can be sure that the Nothic is using its Weird Insight to spy on anyone it sees, even if it is in its safe hiding places.

A Notice may be a good option for a powerful image. The Nothic is a guard dog that acts as a kind of guard dog for mages in exchange for magic items and bits of knowledge.

Other than such arrangements, Gothics are fond of hiding in subterranean places. It’s great if there is a source of magical power or knowledge nearby.

Ethics are loathsome, stalking creatures in a way that reminds me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

They would eat whatever they find in their filthy lairs. These could be anything from rats and insects to adventurous people who have been rotten to the bone by Nothic’s Rotting Gaze.


The Monster Manual does not have any telepathic abilities if we only look at the Nothic. It is limited to being able to speak Undercommon, despite being able to access creatures’ minds using its Weird Insights.

I believe this causes a little bit of a bottleneck which prevents encounters with Nothics from being as powerful as they could be.

Fortunately, it’s a quick solution. The Nothic can speak telepathically to any creature, giving it an interesting way to interact and communicate with the party.

It also increases the creep factor!

Although it isn’t mentioned in the Monster Manual explicitly, this was done with Nothics appearing in official adventures to great effect.

nothic 5e lore


Nothics can be found in several official D&D 5e adventures, including The Lost Mines of Phandelver and Curse of Strahd (read the full review here), Out of the Abyss, and Tomb of Annihilation.

These are some of the most loved adventures for 5e so you have a good chance of meeting a Nothic. Not only are they unique, but encounters with Nothics can add a lot of flavor to your homebrew games!

Let’s see what you can expect, whether you’re a Dungeon Master or a player looking to run a Nothic for your next game.


Nothics can be as creepy and perverse as anyone. You might not be aware of someone stalking you unless they have a high passive perception (like a Druid or Cleric).

You might be able to hear a voice telling you horrible things about yourself. This voice can tell you your worst fears and darkest secrets.

You can now put your insecurities in front of you and not worry about the dangers ahead in the dungeons you are exploring.

You look around, hoping to roll well on your Wisdom/Perception check, and you notice the strange, one-eyed creature staring intensely at you.

It will run if you attempt to attack or yell at them. It probably keeps its distance in case of an emergency.

You have the largest choice when it comes down to meeting a Nothic. Do you engage with it because it promises more secrets? If you can convince it with items such as spell scrolls, potions, or other magic items,

The Gothic will try to escape if you attack it. It might try to strike you first with its Rotting Gaze. If you do decide to attack, be prepared to make a Constitution saving throw.

Although this is more likely to be a social encounter than a Nothic encounter, they are persistent. It won’t let you go if it sees you have magic items. It will most likely return, even if it is thrown away.

A spell such as Charm Monster, or the Friendscantrip could charm a Nothic. It could prove useful in learning about the future, despite being as cryptic as their Weird Insights.

A charmed Nothic can be persuaded to tell you more about an NPC orally if you are suspicious.


The Nothic will not fight unless the party is in control. It will only fight what it needs to escape safety, even then.

Remember that they will be content to follow the party and learn all the secrets of the party members, as well as try to get any magic items or secrets that they might have.

You’re wasting a lot of potentials if you limit your encounters with Nothics to one occasion. Imagine the terror of having a Nothic tell you about your worst fears, failures, and darkest secrets, while you try to concentrate on something else. Imagine it refusing to stop while you are fighting with another creature!

Do not go for the cheap encounter. Have certain party members be constantly harassed by the Nothic. The Nothic keeps the characters from seeing it until they look around.

The Nothic should be given priority when interacting with magical characters. It looks at the Warlock’s magical sword or Bag of Holding and hopes to make a deal. It offers secrets and insight in exchange for magic objects.

If the party is being followed by a Nothic and takes a long break in a dungeon, it should attempt to steal quietly a magic item.

This should be annoying for the party. The party should give the Nothic magic items to indicate that they have more. If the party doesn’t give it what it wants, it is convinced that they are holding out.

If the party is involved in combat with the Nothic it will fight defensively until it escapes. After some time, it starts stalking them again.

The Nothic may think that they will share their secrets with the world…

nothic 5e


The Nothic’s Weird Insights are the real flavor.

They don’t serve any specific purpose, but they can add an interesting dimension to the encounter. They’ll be more effective in hitting a group that is really into the roleplaying aspect.

A Nothic’s Weird Intelsights must hit some keynotes to work well.

  • It should be personal to the character. Even the most “squeaky clean” hero has doubts/flaws/tragedies that they keep buried deep inside.
    • “If you were not trying to be a hero you might have been able to protect your village against the gnolls.” Your selfishness and your fault .”
    • “You made an oath to swear your undying loyalty and Oath to a King who doesn’t even know that you exist. You have given up yourself to servitude that is unappreciated and disposable. This is a waste !”
  • It must be accurate. Unless the player is willing to give you, the DM, a lot of improv space with your character, ensure that the Weird Insight is accurate. While Nothics have no boundaries, their insight is never wrong. Know your character’s backstory!
    • “You didn’t measure up to your siblings, which is why your Father chose them!” Are you an only child? Ah… Oh… Let me try again… just one …”
  • Make the Weird Insight into something that can be taken action on. The Nothic’s words should be used to push the character toward a (typically unfavorable), certain action.
    • “Your beloved is a lover who has eyes for someone else that you can never match. !”
    • “Your headmaster warned you not to study necromancy. He only wants to limit your potential !”
    • You are willing to risk your life to help your travel companions with their affairs. Are you sure they would do the same for your traveling companions? Fool!”


The Nothic is an excellent creature that can be used as a complication to the adventure. It’s especially creepy to see a creature that follows you around and then takes you down emotionally.

Their desire to find magic items and secrets will never be satisfied. The Nothic will continue to entertain you with its spiral of doubt and madness.

Do you have a memorable encounter with Nothics that you would like to share? Let’s chat below in the comments.

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FAQs – Nothic in D&D 5e

What is a Nothic DND 5E?

A nothic is , a monstrous creature with horrible talons that has one great eye. It uses its horrifying gaze to cause death in its victims when it is driven to violence.

How do you use Nothic 5E?

The nothic only targets one creature that it can see within 30 yards of it. The nothic must challenge the target’s Charisma (Deception), and check against its Wisdom (Insight). The nothic will magically discover one secret or fact about the target if it wins. If the target is not charmed, it automatically wins.

What does Nothic mean?

Description. Description. The nothic was transformed and had no recollection of its former self. There was only a faint inkling that it might be possible to reverse its fate.

What are aberrations 5E?

Aberrations are alien entities that have bizarre anatomy and unusual abilities. Many of them are connected to the Far Realm and have mental powers. Aberrations can include mind flayers, beholders, and aboleths. Salads can sometimes be classified as aberrations.

What is a Demi Lich?

A type or lich is a creature found in fantasy fiction. Demilich (band), is a Finnish death metal band. Demilich (Dungeons and Dragons), is a type lich that can be found in the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing games.

Can Nothics speak?

Although it is not mentioned in the MM, the only communication it attributes the nothic to is Undercommon. One published adventure states that The nothic uses telepathy.