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The power magic can give you is similar to that of the effects of a drug.

People who spend their entire life learning about magic might be enticed to learn more and be more powerful. If a magician doesn’t know how to apply the knowledge they have acquired in a responsible manner, they may get into trouble with all sorts of negative things that occur to them.

There is no one who knows this more than the Gothics who have only one eye.

The Nothic in D&D 5e

These terrifying creatures live to discover secrets and mystical power. They are however more than what is visible to the eye…

Today, we’ll examine this particular Nothic in D&D in greater detail. This is an examination of one of the most intriguing creatures found in the fifth edition of Monster Manual and a warning to those who seek power over any other thing…


so, what exactly is a Nothic?

The first step is to look at their descriptions, skills, and general temperament. Then, we’ll dive deeper into the dark roots of these beasts and look into the factors that drive them.


Nothics are medium-sized animals which is about the average adventurer’s height. They are, however, generally in a hunch and are squat, making them appear less imposing at first.

The most noticeable physical characteristic in Nothics is their large eyes. With its eyes swiveling around and back, it is difficult for a Nothic to escape his eye.

The Nothic in D&D 5e

The body of the Nothic is distorted into something completely different. It’s covered with jagged spines and has sharp claws on its feet and hands. While it skitters, and stumbles around, its massive arms drag across the ground.


Nothics originate from arcanists and wizards who are too absorbed in obscure secrets. Their search for hidden knowledge is a fervent pursuit and creates a curse of darkness on the soul of the unlucky.

The curse turns the wizard into a Nothic and they are stripped from any memories of the person they were before. They become vile creatures driven by only their insatiable desire to find the secrets of their world and find magical objects.

The creature will acquire some powers in the course of the transformation. They possess a keen understanding and knowledge of other creatures, as well as secret knowledge.


Without any knowledge of who they were before Nothics are motivated by their obsession and desire.

Nothics generally requires 3 things.

  • The magical knowledge and the items
  • Particularly rare lore/secrets
  • In order to be restored to their former appearance

Ethics are eager to share the knowledge and insights that they acquire to gain more information or (especially) magical objects.

In terms of wanting to find the ability to reverse their condition, it’s not an intention that is conscious. More of a subliminal urge that pushes them to collect the most magical information is.


There are Nothics appearing in a variety of official D&D 5e adventures which include “The Lost Mines of Phandelver, Curse of Strahd(read the review here! ), Out of the Abyss as well as Tomb of Annihilation.

These are among the most loved adventures released for 5e, you’re in the best chance of encountering the Nothic! Not to add that encounters with Nothics are very unique and can truly add a bit of excitement to homebrew!

You’re either a player or a Dungeon Master who wants to play the game of Nothic for Your next adventure, it’s time to review the things you will be getting!


Ethics are the most creepy of them all. If you or someone else within your group is an incredibly high passive perception (like the Druid, Cleric, or Monk) You might not be aware someone is watching you.

Then you may see a voice inside your head, telling you all sorts of horrible things about you. The voice is aware of your most cherished fears as well as your darkest secret, darkest fears.

These fears are at the forefront of your thoughts instead of watching out for danger within the dungeon you’re exploring!

As you look around, hoping to score very well on your Wisdom (Perception) test You see the odd-eyed creature that is staring at you with a ferocious gaze.

If you attempt to attack it, or even shout at it in anger, the animal is bound to flee. It’s likely to keep it’s distance in case of.


If the group is not locked in a corner and is in a position to be cornered, the Nothic is not interested in fighting, unless it is in self-defense. Even then, it’s only fighting to the extent it needs to ensure an escape.

Be aware that they’re more likely to observe the party, find out the secrets of party guests, and seek out any magic objects or secrets they might possess.

If you limit your encounter with a Nothic one-time event it’s leaving plenty of untapped potentials. Imagine the terror of hearing an animal tell you all about your greatest fears, your failures, and secrets that are dark as you try to concentrate on something other. Imagine that it is unable to stop, even when you’re fighting another thing!


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Nothic in D&D 5e – FAQs

Q.1 What does a Nothic want?

In D&D legends, the nothics were wizards who, after having spent their entire lives trying to dig into the secrets of the arcane and became cursed and possessed by Vecna. They search for locations where magic can be learned or applied.

Q.2 What does Nothic mean?

The Nothics are one-eyed creatures who lurked in areas with a wealth of magical knowledge and they sought after.

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