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The Odeon’s Menu Prices

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Odeon’s Menu Prices Do you like to provide your family or friends with a nice meal at a reasonable price when they unexpectedly visit your home?

You should review the most recent The Odeon menu pricing list and place your order based on the cost. Here, you can also access the secret menu of The Odeon.

If you’re at your desk and you’re hungry, you may check and look at The Odeon’s menu prices there, then swiftly place your order for the cuisine you’re seeking.

This is a list of every food item—from appetizers to desserts—that you should review and contrast with the straightforward dishes you may prepare anywhere.

Here is a list of the most current menu pricing at The Odeon. You can browse and read through The Odeon menu pricing list of your favorite items below to find out what is on it before you visit the restaurant or order any food online.

The Odeon's Menu Prices

Knowing current food prices for chicken, soup, burgers, salad, and other foods is critical.

As you can see below, we publish all restaurants’ most recent menu prices on this portal and any revisions—the menu and price list for Odeon in 2023.

Before placing an order at the restaurant or online, you should evaluate the prices listed on the table for the Odeon breakfast, dinner, and catering options.

Odeon’s Menu Prices


Odeon Food Menu(Snacks)

Regular Popcorn£4.90
Large Popcorn£5.40
1 x Popcorn Topping (Mini Rolos, Smarties, Mini Oreos, Pretzels)£1.00
3 x Popcorn Topping (Mini Rolos, Smarties, Mini Oreos, Pretzels)£2.00
Hot Dog£5.60
Regular Nachos£5.60
Large Nachos£6.00
Nachos Topping (cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour scream)£0.90


The Classic (regular popcorn or nachos, regular soft drink)£6.95
The Deluxe (large popcorn or hot dog or nachos, large soft drink)£7.60
The Sharer (large popcorn or hot dog or nachos, bag of sweets, 2 large soft drinks)£11.60
Family Feast (regular popcorn, 2 soft drinks, 2 kids mixes)£10.99
Kids Mix (kids popcorn, kids drink, kids treat)£3.95


Small Soft Drink£2.95
Regular Soft Drink£3.25
Large Soft Drink£3.60
Small Ice Blast£2.15
Medium Ice Blast£4.35
Large Ice Blast£4.85


Regular Candy£2.70
Large Candy£3.25

Are There Any Popcorn Coupons?

Indeed, Odeon only occasionally distributes pop coupons. Although the news isn’t precisely what you were hoping for, it is the truth.Odeon is reluctant to share or distribute exclusive discounts on their drinks and food.

This is due, in part, to the fact that the majority of the largest movie theatre chains in the world rely on their food and beverage sales to boost their profits by a respectable margin. Odeon is one of many, too.

Check the Odeon promotion page to confirm any price reductions on their popcorn. If not, sign up for their email or register as a member, which is probably the best way to receive discounts as soon as they are made accessible.

Also, search eBay for expired coupons that people might want to sell.

Is Odeon’s Popcorn Vegan?

That is wonderful news for fans of popcorn which are vegetarians or vegans. Yes! The corn at the Odeon is vegan. On Twitter, Odeon has repeatedly remarked that their popcorn suits vegetarians.

Additionally, their nachos are vegan (only in the case of ordering it with salsa, of course). Check out their Twitter page:

Over the past ten years, there has been a sharp rise in veganism. Cinemas have therefore had to adapt to the changing demands of moviegoers.

As evidenced above, Odeon continuously updates and modifies its menu to include vegan alternatives in response to customer feedback.

Vegan popcorn is also available at other theatre chains; costs for it may be found on the pages for Vue.

Making sure it’s vegan is crucial, but it’s also essential to understand how many calories are in the popcorn.

The most well-liked items they sell are included in the following table, along with information on their nutritional value:

Menu ItemCalories
Small Popcorn357
Large Popcorn812
Hot Dog277
Regular Nachos554
Large Nachos756
Partymix (candy)333
Milk Chocolate Raisins410
Cola Bottles335

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Odeon’s Menu Prices FAQs


Q. Does Odeon let you bring your own food?

Ans. Although we provide a terrific selection of movie favorites like popcorn, hot dogs, and our renowned nachos for sale in the theatre, we allow visitors to bring snacks and beverages.

Q. How much is a large piece of popcorn at Odeon?

Ans. Odeon’s current menu item pricing is as follows: Snacks Snacks Regular Popcorn £4.90 Large Popcorn £5.40 1 x Popcorn Topping (Mini Rolos, Smartie… £1.00

Q. Can you take your own food into the cinema?

Ans.Numerous adjustments have been made to the c inemagoing experience over the years. One of the most recent changes allows patrons to bring snacks inside theatres as long as they are secured in containers.

Recently, many movie theatres have started to forbid patrons from bringing in refreshments like popcorn.


Overall, Odeon offers a fantastic movie-going experience and a wide selection of meals.

Yes, the pricing for the popcorn and snacks at Odeon may be slightly more than those at other stores, but this is necessary for the company to remain viable.

You can comment below if you have more queries about the rates or the meals at Odeon.


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