Does Office Depot Price Match? 2023

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Office Depot Price Match – Office Depot has professional-quality tools and supplies. Today, we’ll examine their price-matching policy.

How much money could you have saved by always getting the best deal? Not asking for a price match is a mistake (or adjustment).

This article explains how to price match effectively. Let’s get started.

A Guide to Price Match at Office Depot

Does Office Depot Price Match

Want to shop cheaply? So? You’ll win if you do these simple things. If you have a new item from another store, you may get a price match (read: competitor).

Office Depot, Office Max, and all price-match.

The person working at the store near you or the customer service hotline will be happy to help you.

Price Match /Adjustment Time
14 Days
Where Can I Price Match?
Online & In-store
Contact Info.
Visit the website
Office Depot

Criteria or Measures of Price Match

Easy stuff first! Price matching requires identical items. This includes brand, color, model configuration, extras, and warranty length.

All criteria must be the same for price matching. Both products must be available at both locations.

a service plan (such as wireless devices aka cellphones). The policy requires the same plan, provider, and other details. After discounts, coupons, and savings are applied, the final price will be matched. Same rule applies to competitors’ prices.

Process of Price Match

In order to get a price match, you have to show the item you want to match, along with its price and configuration. Then, a store employee will check to see if your item is eligible and if the proof you gave is real.

Methods that work:

  • A printed ad that shows the item and how much it costs.
  • A copy of a price sign from a competitor’s store advertises the price of an item inside the store.
  • Digital means that you get ads in the form of emails or websites on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Print/Copy: You need a printed quote to match a custom print/copy job.

If you have already paid for eligible items, you can get a refund for the difference if you can show proof of a lower price within 14 days of the first purchase.

Office Depot has the right to check and double-check any offer they are asked to match.

Price Adjustment Policy at Office Depot

A price adjustment is a post-purchase price match. I’ll explain with an example. On January 1, you bought a $220 printer at Office Depot.

Five days later, the printer is $150. Bring the original receipt to the store to get $70 back. Finally, ask a store employee about your refund.

If an item is purchased on, its price in any Office Depot or Office Max store should be displayed. Ask the stores directly for the difference. Office Depot’s catalogs and specials are often used to avoid price matching.

Prices change as market or customer prices change. Price matching ignores the above factors.

Customer service won’t price-match in-store deals. Office Depot’s website also sells third-party products.

Does Office Depot Price Match

Exclusions and Exceptions

Not every price match or price adjustment is available for every item.

  • Items sold and shipped by a third party on the website of a competitor.
  • Errors in ads or prices.
  • Items that are on sale during the holidays (Black Friday, Cyber Monday) as well as clearance, liquidation, and/or refurbished items.
  • Quantity: Each customer can ask to match a competitor’s price for one item per competitor.
  • Delivery and setting up of the products are also not allowed.
  • Availability: Items must be in stock and ready to be bought.

Office Depot and Office Max can change, stop, or end their price match guarantee at any time and without warning. Any change will take effect right away. Office Depot also has the right to check the legitimacy of any requests to match prices.

Office Depot’s website has a complete policy.

How Does Office Depot Price Match Work?

You might have known what the Office Depot price match policy is, but you probably don’t know how it works. So, if you want to match Office Depot’s prices, you basically have two options. Here’s how to.

1. In-store

This is an easy thing to do. When you buy something, Office Depot will match the price. Even if the price drops after you buy it, you can return it to the store where you bought it within 14 days.

Bring the original receipt and ask to match the price. Also, make sure you meet all the requirements to get a price match from Office Depot before you go to the store.

2. Online

This process is flexible, and all you have to do to check if you are eligible is go to their website and look at the price match policy. Fill out the price match request form and send it in if you qualify. will let you know what the decision is once they have checked your request.

You can also just call the customer service center at 09090896 and ask them to match the price. Before you call, write down the details of your order, the details of the product, and proof that a competitor has a lower price. When they ask, tell them everything. After the check, they will say what they will do.

Hidden Ways to Save at Office Depot

The Office depot price match policy is the best way to save money on anything you buy from Office Depot. Aside from that, here are some other ways you can save some money at Office Depot.

  • When you sign in to Gmail, you can get exclusive coupons, free gift offers, and 20% off.
  • Sign up for the reward programs and you’ll get 2-5% cash back. You save more money the more you spend.
  • You can try before you buy at Office Depot stores, which saves you both time and money.
  • Self-service printing is available at the store for 10 cents per page.
  • Office Depot offers shipping discounts and coupons throughout the year, and orders over $50 get free shipping.
  • You can also look in the clearance section, where there may be some great deals.
  • People with an Office Depot card get extra deals and discounts that are only available to them. The first time a
  • business credit card holder spends more than $150, they get $50 back.

Office Depot Covid-19 Update

Office Depot has gone to great lengths to protect the health and safety of its employees, just like any other company. In these hard times, it’s important to be helpful, so Office Depot has taken a few steps:

We cut back on store hours so that we could clean and sanitize more after hours.
It is required that the store be cleaned better.
Masks: Both employees and customers have to wear masks.
Delivery: Both curbside delivery and delivery right to your door.


Do you want to save money on what you buy and use the money you get back to buy something new? Now is the best time to act! In this article, we explain how you can use the difference in price between Office Depot/Office Max and their competitors to your advantage. stores and ask for a refund.

We hope that you can use the information in this article when you need it. Tell your family, friends, and people you know on social media about how to price match. Let’s make everyone save more!

If our explanation didn’t answer all your questions, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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