OGWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version January 2023 ❤️


OGWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version January

Whatsapp is one of the most popular and growing apps of the current century. It’s 500 million monthly active users need no introduction.

After acquiring smartphones, we installed them first. OGWhatsapp is the latest version of Whatsapp with simple and secure features. OGWhatsapp APK is free and reliable.

Third-party developers created it with advanced security and privacy features. This APK app lets users restrict who can see their statuses, profile pictures, and chats. This app’s privacy features improve reliability.

OG Whatsapp APK’s developers also added a feature that lets users delete dented messages, which is awesome! This great app also hides your online status.

OGWhatsApp APK

OGWhatsapp An Incredible App

In contrast to the other versions of WhatsApp, OGWhatsapp, FMWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus are all designed with minimal interference.

We all know that Whatsapp lacks some sophisticated features that users demand. Because of this, OG Whatsapp APK is built with both the essential functions and some of the most recent features that are missing from the original Whatsapp.

Additionally, this app has a tonne of helpful features that have been introduced that won’t interfere with your privacy or security concerns.

Download OG WhatsApp APK Latest Version

App NameOG WhatsApp
App VersionBeta 2023
Operating SystemAndroid
Size53 MB
Updated on1 day ago

OGWhatsApp APK Download

What’s New in OGWhatsApp APK Latest Version

OG Whatsapp APK is the latest version of Official Whatsapp with improved security and usability. Most significantly, it is produced by third parties, not Official Whatsapp.

Though unofficial, it is safe and secure. Thus, it never invades your privacy. Installing and using it is easy. Always utilize OG Whatsapp as your backup account for personal and casual communication.

Features of OG WhatsApp APK

The whole feature set of the original WhatsApp app is listed below. These features are presently receiving updates. Many of the features of OGWA 2022 APK are not available in the official WhatsApp.

Before installing OGWhatsApp APK for your Android smartphone, consider its features to see if it meets your needs. So let’s go to the features without spending any more time:

Pre-Built-Message scheduler:

One of OG Whatsapp APK’s best features. With this function, you can plan messages to be sent at a specific time. This pre-built message scheduler sends your message to the desired user at the specified time. Thus, OG Whatsapp automatically sends the message to that contact.

This feature also requires a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Enjoy this tool and stay in touch with friends and family without disrupting your work.

Anti-Ban APK:

The anguish of having their accounts blocked by the official WhatsApp can be experienced by users who have installed modified versions of the messaging service.

However, you can avoid being banned by updating to the most recent version of OG WhatsApp as the developers have fixed the problem. Because of this feature, using this software is completely safe and secure.

Rooted Status-Download Feature:

Using this amazing program, you may publish your statuses in addition to conversing with your friends and exchanging photographs. With the help of this tool, you can develop closer ties with your family by exchanging status updates and life tales.

The user can also download status updates and tales that their friends and family have published, which is not accessible when using the official WhatsApp app.

Make a call to non-added contacts:

Before calling or messaging, official Whatsapp users must add the number. However, OG Whatsapp lets you call or message someone even if they’re not on your contact list.

Send more than 90 images:

Another great feature of this app is that you can send up to 90 images at one time that were not possible while using the Official Whatsapp. So, enjoy this extremely beneficial feature of OG Whatsapp.

Block your particular contact’s calls:

Yes, if any of your contacts are bothering you by calling repeatedly, you may block their calls by using this fantastic program.

You can use this tool to ban their calls but not their contact entirely. Simply disabling the call reception option for a specific contact in settings will accomplish this.

Set Group name of more than 35 characters:

Group chat is our favorite Official Whatsapp feature. We adore group chatting with friends and family for hours without any issues. OG Whatsapp gave us 35 characters instead of 25 for the group name, which is amazing. Thus, with 35 characters, you can preserve any amusing group name.

OGWhatsApp APK Download

How to Download and Install OGWhatsApp APK?

So, you finally set up OGWhatsApp. That’s great! Where will you get it and how will you put it on your computer? Don’t Worry About That, I’ll Teach you All. So, it’s easy to set up. Let’s Find Out..

Step 1 Just open the APK file you downloaded from your phone’s file manager, and you’ll see this type of screen. click the button that says “Install”

OGWhatsApp APK install 1

Step 2 Ater pressing the “Install” button. The installation process has begun, and it will take a while. So wait…

OGWhatsApp APK install 2

Step 3 So, the process of installing OGWhatsApp is over, and I’m happy to tell you that it worked. You can just open the Latest Version of OG Whatsapp and enjoy it. That’s Awesome

OGWhatsApp APK install 3

Final Words

OG Whatsapp APK is a great program that adds many fascinating features to the original Whatsapp. Though unlike the original, it offers endless unlocked features and a better experience. Download this APK app from the link below since it’s not on the Play Store. Thus, try GBWhatsApp or OG Whatsapp for more functions. visit at onlinesurvey.onl for more updates.

FAQs On OGWhatsApp APK

How can I download OGWhatsApp’s latest version?

Launch Android Settings as a first step. Proceed to Security Settings. Enable the “Install Apps From Unknown Sources” option by scrolling down and selecting the corresponding checkbox. Click on the OGWhatsApp APK file, then select Install.

Using OGWhatsApp APK will never ban us?

OGWhatsApp is secure, but using its illegally advertised WhatsApp Mods violates WhatsApp’s terms of service. Our account will be banned. Using WhatsApp Officials-banned features will ban the account. We can’t utilize WhatsApp Mods because they’re unrelated to WhatsApp. OG WhatsApp is safe to use.

Is OGWhatsapp free to use?

It costs nothing to use OGWhatsApp. OGWhatsApp is available for use as soon as you download and install it on your Android smartphone. You won’t have to pay extra for all the wonderful things it provides.


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