Sea Salt & Olive Oil Roasted Turnips Recipes

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Sea Salt & Olive Oil Roasted Turnips Recipes make the perfect side dish for any dinner. This recipe is very simple. All you need are turnips, salt, pepper, and a little butter or olive oil.

Turnips are light and white in color, and they taste similar to mild radishes. Roasting gives them great flavor, and it’s easy to do.Sea Salt & Olive Oil Roasted Turnips Recipes

An Easy & Simple Turnip (Rutabaga) Recipe

First of all, the actual name of the vegetable I’m using is “rutabaga.” Turnips have purple skin and white flesh, while rutabagas are brown or purple on the outside and yellow on the inside. They are also bigger and sweeter than turnips. However, both are often called turnips. Compared to the rutabaga, turnips can be bitter as well, so most people eat rutabaga instead and call them turnips.

Am I the only one who forgets turnips all the time? About 19 out of 20 times I go to the grocery store, I walk right by them. Then, all of a sudden, I have a huge craving for them. Maybe it’s because it’s fall or because it’s cold, but I wanted turnips again when I went grocery shopping the other day. I took one home, where it stayed for a few days.

Then, as I usually do, I panicked and hurried to use it up the other night. I wanted to try something different than what I usually do, which is to steam it, so I took the time to chop the turnip up nicely and then roasted it.

Tips & Tricks for Cooking Turnips/Rutabaga

  • Before you cook the turnips, you need to peel them. The skin is very tough and doesn’t cook well.
  • This recipe for roasting turnips is the best way to cook them. Our moms used to boil them like potatoes, and while I like them that way, roasting them brings out their sweetness and makes them taste great.
  • My dad sometimes eats these raw, but I’d rather cook them. If you want to, you can eat them raw.
  • You can add brown sugar or any spice that goes well with sweeter root vegetables, like ginger, cinnamon, or allspice, to turnips or rutabaga to make them even sweeter. Turnips are also good with red pepper flakes.


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