10 Oyster Sauce Substitutes You Absolutely Need in 2022

Are you running low on the oyster sauce? There are oyster sauce replacements! These are the options you should be familiar with when you run empty of oyster sauce and you’re required to prepare an incredibly delicious meal in the shortest time possible.

Are you worried about the fact that their flavor would differ from the umami characteristic of oyster sauce and alter the overall taste of your meal? It’s okay! The top 10 oyster sauce alternatives I’ll introduce in this article will not disappoint you.

In addition, I’ll also provide important information on each kind, the characteristics that are comparable to and different from the oyster sauce, and also the amounts I suggest you find the most suitable alternative recipe for your meal. Let’s explore!

How Does Oyster Sauce Taste?

High-quality oyster sauce is where there is an equilibrium between the sweetness of oysters and the salty flavor of salt. It is an unmistakable taste is commonly referred to as umami. It is a natural brown hue and a mild smell. The percentage of oysters within the oyster sauce can greatly impact the taste.

Oyster sauces that aren’t of the highest quality typically contain artificial oyster flavorings and the best oyster sauces retain the bulk of the percentage of oysters in their product.

How Is Oyster Sauce Processed?

Traditionally it is made by heating raw oysters in the water to melt and turn into a viscous liquid. The sauce is brown in a color earthy scent, which is a bit burned, but it has a distinctive flavor.

The food processing industry is growing. Making the same flavor as the oyster sauce is much quicker and comes at a lower price.

The industrial oyster sauce that’s primary ingredient is an oyster extract, however, it contains additional ingredients like salt, sugar, and cornstarch. Some brands reduce their use of or include soy sauce or spices to make their own unique flavor.

The original oyster sauce, naturally not suitable for those who are vegetarians. However, gourmets can replace it with the vegetarian-friendly version of oyster sauce. It is the oyster sauce that contains the principal ingredient of oyster mushrooms, which tastes very much like an oyster.

The Nutritional Value Of Oyster Sauce

Oyster sauce’s nutritional content is extremely abundant. It is primarily a source in trace elements including zinc. For people who have zinc deficiencies, the oyster sauce may prove beneficial.

Apart from that oyster sauce, it’s also abundant in amino acids which are vital ingredients, making up different proteins that perform a variety of tasks and functions in the body.

While it contains 22 amino acids found in oyster sauce, the amount is well-balanced. Particularly eating oyster sauce in a balanced way aids in the growth of the body.

Additionally the oyster sauce it also contains taurine. Taurine can be very beneficial in boosting the body’s immunity and resistance.

Is Oyster Sauce Good For Health?

Many cooks have the habit of frequently using the oyster sauce to refresh food and there’s an issue with drinking oyster sauce for a prolonged duration that is damaging for your wellbeing?

The oyster sauce is the same as other types of processing. If you don’t choose oyster sauce as your main food item, there’s no reason to be concerned about your health.

In addition, we must also be aware of the quantity of oyster sauce that is consumed every day. Oyster sauce contains a salty flavor. While tasting oyster sauce it is important to limit the amount of broth or salt.

If you consume excessive oyster sauce, your food can also turn bitter and tasteless. In addition, the amount of salt that your body absorbs is higher than the recommended amount. This can increase the risk of having high blood pressure.

Uses Of Oyster Sauce

oyster sauce can be used as a flavoring agent to enhance the flavor of food items. oyster sauce can be found in stir-fry, cooked, or marinated foods. Oyster sauce can also be used as a dip sauce for boiling dishes.

Use Oyster Sauce For Marinades

Oyster oil can be used to prepare dishes that require to be enjoyed prior to making. After marinating, you need to add 1 spoon of oyster oil to the dish and mix it thoroughly. Oyster oil imparts a delicious flavor, gorgeous brown color and helps to amp an amazing flavor to the dish.

Use Oyster Sauce For Stir-Fries

In the process of stirring-frying vegetables and noodles brown rice and so on. Wait until the dish is cooked to your liking, then add a tablespoon of oyster sauce and mix thoroughly. After that, stir for a few minutes then switch off the heat and enjoy the dish immediately.

It’s that easy, but the oyster sauce can make the dish amazing and more appealing even when it is not being used. You’ll feel the wonderful taste of this dish.

Use The Oyster Sauce As A Dipping Sauce For Boiled Dishes

Oyster sauce can be used to use as a sauce to dip cooked vegetables. Boil oyster sauce and add some water, sugar minced garlic, minced chili, and stir it well. Taste it.

Used As A Dipping Sauce

Pour oyster sauce into the pan, bring it to a boil then add some sugar, water minced garlic, minced chili, and stir. The result is a perfect sauce to serve in conjunction with boiling dishes.

Notes When Using Oyster Sauce

Oyster sauce is an ingredient that you can taste in any way you like, to accompany hot and cold meals. Be sure to not mix the oyster sauce in combination with vinegar, hot sauces, and sugar as they’ll diminish the distinctive flavor of oyster sauce.

In addition, it must be mentioned that the dish shouldn’t be cooked using the oyster sauce for an extended period of time as it will diminish the flavor of oysters. Additionally, it loses its nutritional value. Additionally, the oyster sauce can help eliminate the smell of fish from seafood or meat which makes them taste better.

Oyster sauce is salty in flavor, so when you are enjoying food, be mindful of reducing amounts of either fish sauce or salt in order to be sure that you don’t eat too salty foods.

The oyster sauce that was originally created does not suit vegetarians. But an oyster sauce that is vegetarian is made using oyster mushrooms that have similar tastes to oysters in the present.

To ensure your health is protected You should avoid choosing oyster sauce that has excessive preservatives, additives such as. It is recommended to select oyster sauce that has an unambiguous origin and reliable brands for use.

Oyster Sauce Substitutes

There are times when you’ll find yourself in need of a substitute for oyster sauce. This could be due to the fact that you’ve missed the normal shelf-life of oyster sauce It could also be because you’ve run out of the ingredient. There is a range of 10 alternatives to assist you in overcoming your issue.

1. Kecap Manis Or Sweet Soy Sauce

Kecap Manis which is also known as sweet Soy sauce is made up of sugar, soybeans and salt, and a few spices. Due to this, the sauce is sweet and deep in color. If you’re making a vegetarian-friendly dish you can make use of sweet soy sauce as an alternative to the oyster sauce because it is not made with animal products.

Sweet soy sauce can solve two issues that traditional soy sauce is unable to solve. It will provide you with up to two portions of it since you’ll get both the salty flavor of the soy sauce as well as the sweetness of sugar.

In addition, Kecap Manis is black in color, which makes the food look attractive thanks to the aroma of soy sauce. The best part is the fact that soy sauce can supply us with the essential nutrients to our body during everyday meals as well as vegan breakfast cereals.

Sweet soy sauce can be used as a sauce to prepare dishes such as marinades or basting, as well as vegetarian meals. It’s great to substitute oyster sauce in these recipes.

2. Mushroom Stir-Fry Sauce

If you’re vegetarian, this recipe is an ideal alternative to oyster sauce. It’s a mushroom stir-fry Sauce that can also be made using soybeans as its main ingredient. However, it is not just that it’s made with a variety of other spices, including sugar, salt flour, cornstarch, flour flavors of mushrooms, as well as caramel color.

For those who are vegetarians or have a shellfish allergy, It’s a good alternative. Mushroom Stir-Fry Sauce usually comprises of soybeans, sugar salt, cornstarch, flour, the flavor of mushrooms caramel coloring, and preservatives.

However, be aware it is possible that Mushroom Stir-Fry Sauce could contain wheat. This means that it’s not recommended for you or a family member who suffers from a celiac illness or is gluten intolerant.

3. Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire sauce is sweet, sour mildly pungent, and dark brown. It is it is used in Western beverages and dishes.

The primary ingredients of this sauce are malt, also referred to as barley germ as well as wine vinegar, molasses onions powder, garlic powder, and so on. The ingredients are made within the span of 18 months after preparation and then bottling.

The sauce has a similar consistency to oyster sauce, and it can be used in lieu however there’s a significant variation in flavor, specifically the lack of salinity. This sauce can be blended with a small amount of soy sauce to make something that tastes more like an oyster.

Worcestershire sauce is a complicated and unique recipe in its taste and is frequently employed as a boost in both drinks and recipes. It can be used in many dishes like salads, sauteed meats and vegetables, hamburgers, and many other dishes.

Apart from cooking, the Worcestershire sauce can be used to dip in dishes, adding spices and for tasting, as well to use it as an actual sauce to dishes. Hot dumplings steaming in bamboo steamers consumed with Worcestershire are simply delicious!

4. Hoisin Sauce

Hoisin Sauce is one of the spices that make our food more flavorful and appealing. Hoisin Sauce is a condiment often used when cooking. It is a dark black color. The texture of Hoisin Sauce is heavier than an oyster sauce. The taste of the sauce is a blend of sweet, salty as well as spicy flavors.

One benefit when using soy sauce is that do not have to be concerned about whether the sauce will become stale. A culinary condiment that has impressive shelf longevity, soy sauce can make sure that you utilize every drop.

The most popular dishes from Chinese cuisine are typically connected with Hoisin Sauce. They are regarded as an empty trash can and a flavoring spice that allows the dish, to give it the most delicious and delicious taste, appropriate for human consumption.

The sauce is completely plant-based and made from garlic, soybeans, and chili as primary ingredients. But, based on the regional flavor, Hoisin Sauce will be transformed with various recipes by adding additional ingredients.

Hoisin Sauce can be used as an extra spice. It is also a great way to marinate foods prior to cooking, or used directly as a sauce.

A lot of people also make use of Hoisin Sauce to make a sauce that makes the dish taste more appealing and attractive when stir-fried and mixed dishes. This is a fantastic alternative to the oyster sauce that is used in stir-fries due to its consistency and flavor.

Particularly when it comes to meat dishes, like roast meat or roast meat including Hoisin Sauce to the marinating process will result in an excellent product that tastes delicious.

The dishes made with Hoisin Sauce always have a flavorful and unique flavor due to the mix of this sauce with primary ingredients, as well as other spices.

5. Soy Sauce

Produced from fermented soybeans the base of soy sauce is salty and will add flavor to your meals or use it as a dipping sauce instead of oyster sauce. Soy sauce is created by mixing soybeans with cooked cereals that are then made into the brine.

After a period, it transforms into soy sauce after a certain period of time. As a substitute to oyster sauce may be eaten as a sauce for dipping or as a seasoning to dishes.

Many people use soy sauce to improve the taste of food items and can also be used for dipping. It is a delicious tasting sauce, particularly vegetarian meals. Because of soy sauce, vegetarian dishes will taste significantly more delicious and rich in flavor.

Soy sauce is prepared by combining soybeans, grains that have been roasted and later fermented using salt and water. Soy sauce is high in Vitamin B12 and protein. In addition, it has ten percent more antioxidants than wine.

But soy sauce is no sweetness, and it has an aqueous texture that doesn’t match the oyster sauce’s thick texture. Soy sauce isn’t going to be able to cover the ingredients of stir-fry just like oyster sauce.

One suggestion to make the soy sauce more delicious is to add a few drops of Worcestershire sauce, and up to 2 tablespoons of sugar. It will be more reminiscent of oyster sauce.

6. Hoisin & Soy Sauce


If your kitchen already has hoisin and Soy Sauce, why not combine the two? The ratio is easy 1 hoisin and one soy sauce. This mixture will give a taste that closely resembles an oyster sauce. It could be used to replace oyster sauce in almost everything!

I’ve tested and discovered that even if there’s no need to cook any oysters you can still come up with an ingredient that tastes as good as oyster sauce using this recipe.

The soy sauce can make the hoisin’s consistency more supple and the sweetness of hoisin aids in reducing the salinity of the sauce. This is an excellent combination!

7. Black Bean Sauce

Black Bean Sauce is made of naturally grown beans along with a little sugar, salt, and heirloom plants, and was fermented in the traditional way in up to 180 days.

This product, therefore, has an intense, salty flavor like oyster sauce, with a rich texture and a natural scent. It is possible to use black bean sauce in place of oyster sauce to create sauces, or to marinate foods in stews and stews. It’s also excellent to add flavor to noodles as well as meat, vegetables, and other ingredients.

If you want to cover evenly your food and feeling after tasting the food, black bean sauce is a fantastic alternative to oyster sauce. Your meal may differ but they will taste equally good.

However, due to black bean sauce’s distinctive lack of sweetness, in order to create a taste that is similar to oyster sauce, you could make a mushrooms stir-fry sauce, dilute it with sugar. It will provide the necessary sweetness to the oyster sauce.

8. Vegan Oyster Sauce

If you do not want to use oyster sauce, then you can entirely substitute it with a vegetarian oyster sauce. Made from plant-based ingredients that are naturally occurring and ingredients, the vegan oyster sauce is dark brown in appearance and thick in texture, and has a distinct taste.

Vegetarian oyster sauce is ideal for stir-fries, which makes the dish look more appealing. You can also use the vegetarian oyster sauce to enhance the flavor of many other dishes, similar to regular oyster sauce.

The vegan oysters are available that are available today generally vegan and without milk, and with dairy ingredients, such as cheese, butter eggs, yogurt honey, honey, and other animal-derived components. Therefore, if you’re lactose intolerant or a vegetarian you can benefit from this great alternative that is available all the time.

9. Fish Sauce

Fish sauce is a food item created entirely using the hand-brewing method. It can be made from fish that is raw dried fish, from various types of shrimp, shellfish crab, or fruits like cashews when making vegan fish sauce.

Fish sauces are usually made up of salt and fish. Some may also contain spices and herbs. A long-term fermentation can reduce the smell of fish and produce an aroma that is more complex and fragrant. sauce flavor.

Fish sauce is a pleasant and naturally salty flavor without any flavors or other additives. But, it must be consumed with caution as it is very strong in flavor.

Thus, with the distinct distinctions between oyster and fish sauce in mind, it is considered that this isn’t an acceptable alternative to oyster sauce. But, if you are left with no alternative there is a possibility that some fish sauce could still be employed.

It is best to use it for stir-fries and deep-fries. Be aware, however, that it may alter the flavor of the food you already know when making use of the oyster sauce.

10. Homemade Oyster Sauce

If you’re in need of oyster sauce then why not make it at home? Home-cooked oyster sauce can be a fantastic method of optimizing your meals. There is no need to attend culinary classes. Do it yourself:

Mix ingredients to make 300ml oyster sauce

  • The main ingredients are: 200g Dry oysters white wine 2 tbsp fresh ginger bulb 1 bulb sugar 150 gr Soya sauce 150ml Honey 1 tablespoon, Cornstarch 1/2 tbsp
  • Other tools Cutlery, board pot, stove glass box

Let’s begin!

1. Preliminary treatment of oysters

The dried oysters you purchase are cleaned and shredded and then placed in a container which is then soaked in cold water for a night to allow the oysters to relax.

If you buy oysters that have the shell intact, you’ll have to break open the oyster’s shell using the help of a sturdy oyster blade and then use the sharp edge of the knife to cut off the flesh. Following that, you can follow the same procedure as before.

Step 2: Soak the oysters

Once the oysters hatch then add a glass of white wine and slices fresh ginger.

Switch on the stove, allow the trench box to sit in the pan, and simmer for around an hour at a low temperature until the water is gone over about one hour (about 300ml of water left is enough).

Switch off the heat and let it cool down. After that, strain the oyster juice, and press the meat of an oyster to extract your oyster’s juice (you could use a thin cloth, such as a cheesecloth or its equivalents or an empty filtrate basket). This will ensure that the oyster juice remains as clean as it can be.

Step 3. The sugar should be melted

Set another pot on the stove that contains 150 grams of sugar. Let it simmer at a low temperature for a few minutes to soften the sugar. If the sugar starts to brown, shut off the heat and then lift the pot off the stove. Once the sugar is completely melted and the sugar is dissolved, include a couple of drops of lemon juice, or tiny pieces of lemon.

Step 4 Step 4: Complete

Add cornstarch, soya sauce honey, cornstarch, along with oyster juice, to the sugar water, and stir it well. Then simmer the mixture for around 10 minutes, when it seems somewhat heavy.

Phase 5: Products that are finished

Let the oyster sauce to cool before placing it in a container that can be used for food and cover it with a lid, and keep the flavor.

Oyster Sauce FAQs

How to Use Oyster Sauce?

Oyster sauce can be utilized in many dishes, like sauces used for pasta, rice, meat, or stir-fries. In addition, it can be added to sauces, gravies, and marinades. In Japanese cuisine, it may be drizzled on the sushi rolls to increase the flavor of sushi rolls. Connect With Us

If you’ve attempted this recipe we’d be grateful for your feedback in our comment section below. Although we aren’t able to try it out, we would like to know the results! You can connect with us on Facebook or Instagram and tag your picture with #organicfactsrecipes.

What can I use instead of oyster sauce in a stir fry?

As for the alternative seasonings mentioned above, Mushroom stir-fry Sauce, Worcestershire, Hoisin Sauce and oyster sauce that is vegan can all be used in stir-fries. Their natural consistency will evenly cover the surface of the stir-fry.

Is oyster sauce used for vegetarians or not?

Oyster sauce is certainly not a plant-based product with oysters as the raw material in the traditional way of production.

The current oyster products make use of oyster extracts as well as other additive ingredients to make the oyster sauce taste similar to an original sauce made from oysters. However, this type of oyster sauce is not suitable for vegetarians.

If you’d like to incorporate oyster sauce as a vegetarian ingredient in your meals and other dishes, you can select vegan oyster sauces. These products don’t use raw oysters or extracts of oysters. Instead, they make use of oyster mushrooms to give an identical taste to oysters. The oyster sauce will still provide delicious flavor to your food like when you use oyster sauce that is made from fresh oysters.

How do you make oyster sauce from scratch?

Bonus Tips

You now have that you can use the same flavoring options to ensure your food is delicious even without oyster sauce? Although nothing will ever replace the unique flavor from the oyster sauce but you could come up with something that is very like it!

It is recommended to start by using these replacements drop-by-drop and gradually increase the amount according to your preference If you feel it’s not enough for you to avoid becoming too salty or sweet. After you’ve had that experience the replacement will be absolutely free!

You can also play around with the various options I suggest to determine which one you’re most comfortable with. I’m happy to assist you. If you’re feeling that you have been helped, aid others by sharing this post. Don’t forget to leave a message!


How To Make Oyster Sauce

A quick gluten-free recipe for the thick, brown, intensely flavorful sauce.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Total Time 40 mins
Course Condiment
Cuisine Chinese
Servings 1 cup


  • Kecap Manis Or Sweet Soy Sauce
  • Mushroom Stir-Fry Sauce
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Hoisin Sauce
  • Soy Sauce
  • Hoisin & Soy Sauce
  • Black Bean Sauce
  • Vegan Oyster Sauce
  • Homemade Oyster Sauce


  • To make oyster sauce, you will need a container of shucked oysters, the liquid of which needs to be retained. For those of you who are unaware of shucked oysters, they are oyster meat, that has been removed from the shells. 
  • For this recipe, it would be advisable to use a container of previously shucked oysters than fresh ones. You need not cut the oysters into accurate pieces as they will need to be filtered, only to retain the sauce. 
  • Preferably chop the oysters much in advance. Cut them into small pieces as that will help the flavor ooze out faster. 
  • In a saucepan, add 2 tbsp of water along with the oysters and the juice from the shucked oysters. Place it on the stove and bring it to a steady boil. Keep stirring to avoid the oysters from sticking to the bottom of the pan. 
  • Cover the saucepan with a lid and allow it to simmer slowly on medium to low flame. Now, keep a close watch on the liquid and while you may not stir it as often, make sure that the liquid simmers steadily. Adjust the heat as per the requirements. 
  • Takedown the saucepan from the stove and add salt as per your taste. Stir the liquid well. 
  • Use a strainer to sieve the contents from the saucepan. 
  • The oyster juice should be put in the saucepan. Then, add the soy sauce to the mixture. You'll need about 4 tablespoons of light soy sauce and 1 tbsp of soy sauce that is dark. Combining both will provide the oyster sauce with the perfect amount of flavor. If you're uncertain about the amount of soy sauce you'll need Start with a small amount initially, and then gradually add more according to your preference.
  • You can also throw the oyster away or reuse it in the future. If you decide to make use of it, transfer it to a glass jar with a lid that is airtight. Place it in the fridge and make use of it within four days.
  • Returning to the original recipe put the pot in the oven and allow that the mixture of liquids to reach a boiling point. When it has reached a steady boiling point, turn down the heat to medium-low , and keep cooking for about 10 minutes.
  • The lid should be removed from the pan and let the mixture get thicker as it remains at a simmer. The process of thickening will be affected by the lid being left in place. After the process is completed, allow it to cool prior to making use of it. If you don't want to use it in the immediate future Pour it into an empty glass container with an airtight lid. Refrigerate it.


  • If you'd like to speed up the process it is possible to add the juice of canning from an oyster shucked from a can and throw them away when you are ready to begin.
  • To make the vegan/vegetarian version of the sauce, use ginger and sesame oil to cook a mix of dried shitake mushrooms as well as flax seeds to replace of oysters.
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