PekoPeko Ramen Menu and Prices 2023

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PekoPeko Ramen Menu: Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find an array of tasty dishes that will please your appetite on PekoPeko Ramen’s menu. If you’re looking for Gyu Han, Gyoza Dumplings with Minced Chicken, or Gyoza Dumplings with Minced Pork, PekoPeko Ramen’s delicious menu will satisfy your cravings.

PekoPeko Ramen Menu and Prices 2023

PekoPeko Ramen Menu and Prices



Shoyu Ramen$10.00
 TanTan Ramen$13.00
 Miso Ramen$12.00

Small Plates

Fried Chicken Karaage$6.00
 Fried Chicken Kara-age$6.00
 Gyoza Dumplings with Minced Pork (Small Plates)$5.00
Gyoza Dumplings with Minced Pork$5.00
 Pork Gyoza (6 pcs)$5.00
 Gyoza Dumplings with Minced Chicken$5.00
 Chicken gyoza (6 pcs)$5.00
 Gyoza Dumplings with Mushroom$5.00
Gyoza (12 pcs)$9.00
 12 Gyoza Dumplings$9.00
 Fried Tofu$5.00


Shoyu (Ramen)$12.50
Shoyu Ramen (Ramen)$10.00
 Tan Tan$13.00
Tonkotsu (Ramen)$12.50
TanTan Ramen (Ramen)$13.00
 Curry Ramen$12.00
Shio (Ramen)$12.50
Miso Ramen (Ramen)$12.00
 Kimchi Ramen$12.00

Rice Bowls

Gyu-don (Rice Bowls)$12.50
Oyako-don (Rice Bowls)$12.50
 Oyako Don (Rice Bowls)$12.00


 Matcha Milk Tea$4.00
 Yuzu Ginger beer$4.00
Ginger Grapefruit Kombucha$4.00
Mango Peach Kombucha$4.00
Aomori Apple Juice$4.00
Ito En Cold Green Tea$3.50


 Yuzu Ginger$4.00
 Yerba Mate$4.00
Ito En Green Tea$3.50
Ito En Jasmine Tea$3.50

PekoPeko Ramen closes in Charles Village

PekoPeko Ramen Menu I’ve been thinking for a long time about writing a piece about the idea of “cultural appropriation” in the food business.

The only thing that stopped me was that I needed to figure out where I stood on the issue or even if I thought it was an issue to begin with.

Two things on the PekoPeko Ramen menu can be made without gluten. If you talk to a staff member, they will tell you that Miso Ramen is gluten-free as long as you replace the noodles with rice.

From the point of view of people who don’t eat dairy, the restaurant is a massive hit because all the dishes are dairy-free.

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