Does Petco Price Match In 2022? ❤️

Petco Price Match – If you want to save money on food, supplies, and other items for your pet, Petco may be the best place to go because it will match the price of other stores.

Policies on price matching and price adjustments make it possible for customers to get the best price at checkout. What you need to know about Petco’s policy on matching prices is below.

Let’s get right to it and find out how you can use their policy to get a lower price at checkout or a partial refund up to 14 days after your purchase.

Does Petco Price Match in 2022?

does petco price match

Yes, Petco has a policy that lets customers get the difference between the sale price and the purchase price of a similar item in the store for up to 14 days after the purchase. Also, Petco matches the prices of several of its competitors, such as Amazon, Chewy, and Petsmart.

Even if you’re happy with the price of an item when you buy it, you might feel like you got a bad deal, especially if you later see the same item for less money somewhere else. A price-matching policy helps you, the customer, figure out how to pay the difference between the purchase price and the discount price.

Petco has a policy about matching prices that you should look into and learn about so you can get the most out of it. Petco will match the sale price of an item or product if the buyer can show that a competitor is selling the same item at a lower price at a different store.

Price adjustments and price matching are usually used to match sales prices and keep and grow the customer base.

But like other stores’ price match policies, Petco’s price match and price adjustment policies have some restrictions.

Price Match/Adjustment Time
14 Days
Where Can I Price Match?
Online & In-store
Contact Info.
(877) 738-6742
Visit the website

Measures to Follow for Price Match

Identical: One of the requirements to get a price match at Petco is to make sure that the product you want is the same as the next one in color, model, size, and brand.

Proof: If you want to match sale prices, you will need to show proof. For instance, you can show that a competitor sells the same product for less by showing an ad on their website, an email they sent you, or a printed ad.

Availability: Only items that are in stock can be price matched. This is true for both Petco and the business you want to match up with.

Services: Prices for services like pet photos, training, and similar things are not matched.

Live animals: Since no two animals are really the same, they can’t be price matched.

Online Competitor: If you want to match with an online competitor, make sure they are on the list of eligible competitors.

To claim the price matching process, customers must contact Petco through their website or by calling (877) 738-6742.

To get Petco to match the price of a product, you can either call them at (877) 738-6742 or go to their official website.

Does Petco Offer Price Adjustment?

Petco has a price adjustment policy that lets customers ask for a price change within 14 days of buying something.

When a customer buys a good and then it goes on sale soon after, the price is changed. We have good news if this happens to you at Costco.

You can ask Petco to change the price, and the store will give you back the difference between the regular price and the sale price. Prices can be changed in both brick-and-mortar stores and online shops.

You can get a partial refund either from the store where you bought the item or from the website where you placed the order. All you would have to do is call their hotline and talk to their customer service team.

You can also compare the prices of things bought in official stores.

To get your money back, you can either return the item to the store where you bought it or, if you bought it online, call their customer service number.

By clicking here, you can find out which Petco stores offer the ability to price match.

What Are Petco Price Match Conditions?

For the Petco price match to work, you have to meet certain rules and requirements.

If you want to match online prices, your competitors must be on the list of eligible competitors.
The color, size, brand, and model of both items must be the same.
You need to show proof of the competitor’s advertised price, such as an image, mail, print, or website link.
The product should be sold in stores other than Petco as well as Petco.
Service fees and the price of live animals are not the same.

Who Are Eligible Petco Competitors?

Petco doesn’t always match lower prices at other stores. They only match the price of their competitors who are in the same market.


But there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to get the same price for that product.

Competitor pricing errors
When Petco changes prices or fixes mistakes in prices for the following items
Not being told about the price changes

Special Exclusions

If a product you want to buy is out of stock, you can’t get a rain check from Petco. It likes the policy that each customer can only price match one item. For some online web store retailers, some items won’t count in the matching process.

Petco won’t match the prices of its competitors pet services, but it will match the prices of its own services. Some of these services are grooming, training dogs, taking pictures of pets, etc.

Petco’s Standards of Excellence say that this method of price matching does not apply to live animals. This is because every animal is different and unique. So, they don’t fit into the same process.

Which Retailers Does Petco Price Match?

Amazon and have the same prices as But Petco stores don’t match the everyday price of any item sold online by a competitor.

So, if you want to find the best price online, make sure you buy the item from their website.

Chewy and offer the same prices online. But, just like in the case of Petco, sales prices won’t be the same in stores.

Most of the time, you can price match physical stores with competitors’ physical stores, but you can’t price match online stores because online prices work differently than physical store prices.


Petsmart’s prices are the same as Petco’s. But there is no guarantee that the price online will match the price in a store if you bought the item in a store. Interestingly, these two companies often have the same deals. If you find that one works better than the other, you can call the customer service team for help.

You can only be sure of a price match if you buy your items from Jet, Target, Chewy, Amazon, Walmart, or Petsmart. Other online stores are not price-matched besides these.

Petco Price Match On Sales Policy

Petco does not match prices on items that are on sale, on clearance, or on sale at a competitor. This is true whether the item is in the store or on a competitor’s website.

Under the company’s policy on matching prices, you can only change the price of a product once.

If you want to know if you can use a coupon on a price-matched item, you should know that Petco won’t let you because the item already has a lower price, which is like a discount. Because of this, you can’t get any more discounts.

Petsmart’s policy on matching prices does not include:

Customers send back products
Items put on hold
Present cards
Products from competitors in other countries
Adoptable pets, services for pets, and live pets

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Petco Price Match?

Yes, Petco does price match! “We won’t be beaten on price” is a proud part of their policy. Price matching can be done by going to their store or calling their support line.

Does Petco Price Adjust?

Yes, Petco will change the price of an item up to 14 days after it was bought. Just call their customer service number or go back to one of their stores.

Does Petco Price Match Amazon?

Yes, Petco will change the price of an item up to 14 days after it was bought. Just call their customer service number or go back to one of their stores.

Does Petco Price Match Chewy?

Yes, the prices on are the same as those on Petco stores, on the other hand, only match

Does Petco Price Match PetSmart?

Yes, Petco’s prices are the same as PetSmart’s.

Does Petco Price Match Online Prices? does match the prices of some other online stores (,,,,,, Other online stores, however, don’t have their prices matched.

How do I contact Petco’s Customer Service?

You can call Petco’s Customer Service at 877-738-6742.


Online competitors that Petco considers to be approved rivals will have their prices matched by Petco. But some outside sellers might not be able to match Petco’s prices.

Customers can ask the store where they bought the goods or an online business for a partial refund. Petco won’t match prices on items that are already on sale or on clearance.