Does Petco Price Match In 2023? ❤️

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Petco’s price match may be the best way to save money on pet supplies, food as well as other products.

Price match and deal adjustments assist customers in getting the most competitive price. The policy of price matching at Petco is described below.

petco price match

Let’s look at ways to take advantage of the price-match policy and obtain a lower price at checkout, or an exchange of a portion of your purchase up to 14 days following the date of purchase.

Does Petco Price Match?

Absolutely, Petco offers a policy of price matching that permits their customers to receive the difference between the price of the sale and the purchase price of the same product in the store for as long as 14 days following the purchase.

Additionally, Petco’s price matches with various competitors, such as Amazon, Chewy, and Petsmart.

How Does the Petco Price Match Policy Work?

There are times when you’re unsatisfied with the cost of an item at the time you purchase it. However, you might think you’ve got a fair deal If you can find it for cheaper in other places.

Well! Price matching policies help customers to balance discounts and purchase prices. Petco will match the prices of competitors when the customer is able to provide evidence.

Price match and price adjustments are utilized to match the price of sales and increase customer loyalty.

Similar to other price match programs, Petco has its own limitations.

Measures to Follow for Price Match

  • Similar product The item must be identical (in the color, model size, color, and brand).
  • Proof – You’ll have to present the proof ( its website or email address, or print advertisement ) in order to verify the sale price.
  • In-stock items – They are required to be in stock to match prices. This rule is applicable to Petco as well as its competitors.
  • Online Rival – Check that it’s listed on the list of competitors that are eligible.

Does Petco Offer Price Adjustment?

Petco customers are able to ask for a price reduction within 14 days after the purchase. When you purchase an item, it is put on sale. This is a great thing if it occurs at Costco.

Most likely, Petco will credit you the difference in price if you request a price adjustment. Brick-and-mortar (store) and online retailers modify prices.

It’s a good thing you can receive a partial refund at the store or on the internet. Contact customer service. You can also compare prices at the official store.

To request a refund, send the product to the retailer from which you purchased it, or contact the customer service number.

Which Retailers Does Petco Price Match?

Here we have mentioned some Petco Price Match competitor’s names:

  • Jet
  • Target
  • Chewy
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Petsmart

Petco Price Match On Sales Policy

If you’re wondering if you are able to use coupons on an item that has a price match and you are wondering if it is right to know that the policies of Petco will not permit it to be used as the item.
The policy of price match at Petsmart is also exempt from:

  • Returns of customer products
  • Items for a raincheck
  • Gift cards
  • International competitors’ products
  • Adoption of pets, animal care, and live animals


In conclusion, we are able to affirm that you are able to adjust and match the prices of Petco. Below, you will find useful information to help those who are interested.

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