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Find Pizza Hut Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

Pizza Hut’s Gluten-Free menu has one flaw that makes it not excellent, and that’s because the gluten-free crust isn’t used as a standard item in the industry. 

That means that even though it is possible to have gluten-free pizza, it’s not everywhere and you’ll have to contact them and inquire first. 

Pizza Hut Gluten Free Menu

If you find that the branch in your area offers it you’re in a great place of opportunity! Their gluten-free pizza crust may be used in every one of their menu products (except pizza crusts that are stuffed) and is guaranteed to become a hit for those who are gluten-intolerant.

The complete gluten-free menus of the restaurant are available below:


Pizza Hut Pizzas Menu 2022

Hand-Tossed PizzaMedium$11.99
Hand-Tossed PizzaLarge$14.99
Pan PizzaPersonal$4.79
Pan PizzaMedium$11.99
Pan PizzaLarge$14.99
Thin N Crispy PizzaMedium$11.99
Thin N Crispy PizzaLarge$14.99
Stuffed CrustLarge$16.99
Skinny SliceLarge$14.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Hand-Tossed)Medium$11.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Hand-Tossed)Large$14.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Pan Pizza)Personal$4.79
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Pan Pizza)Medium$11.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Pan Pizza)Large$14.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Thin N Crispy)Medium$11.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Thin N Crispy)Large$14.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Stuffed Crust)Large$16.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Skinny Slice)Large$14.99
Create Your Own (Gluten-Free Crust)Small$9.99

Pizza Hut Sauce Menu And Prices

Classic Marinara Pizza Sauce$0.60

Pizza Hut Drinks Prices 2022

Diet PepsiBottle$1.79
Diet Pepsi2 Liter$2.99
Mountain DewBottle$1.79
Mountain Dew2 Liter$2.99
Pepsi2 Liter$2.99
Sierra MistBottle$1.79
Sierra Mist2 Liter$2.99

Popular Gluten-Free Items at Pizza Hut

At Pizza Hut you essentially have two branches: there are those which are a wasteland of gluten-free and others that offer an endless array of gluten-free alternatives, and there’s nothing in between. 

There is an increasing number of Pizza Hut locations that are offering gluten-free pizza crust on their menu so there’s an increasing number of locations that are able to enjoy the fresh and buttery taste that comes from pizza made from the Pizza Hut gluten-free crust. Be sure to contact the location a phone call prior to placing your order.

The most well-known gluten-free options are as follows:

Cheese Pizza

It’s the base of every good pizza, a layer of tender and delicious crust, topped with its own pizza sauce and amazing cheese. Whatever you choose you’ll find it going to be based on three essential ingredients. And the gluten-free option does not alter the fact that one bit.

Get your Cheese Pizza for $8.49

Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza

Another traditional offering A classic offering, and for many people, the first pizza they’ve ever put their teeth into. 

This classic pie is sold by Pizza Hut on their gluten-free crust, which means that even when you’ve got a gluten sensitivity that is affecting you, you will still indulge in the finest aspects of life. Pizza Hut Pepperoni is a lump of succulent and delicious meat that imparts a distinct flavor to the food.

Get your pepperoni for $12.49

Meat Lover’s Pizza

This pizza is an extremely loved pizza available on their menu, particularly for those who are essentially exclusively carnivores. From the delicious ground meat to the crispy, salty bacon, this dish is designed to entice the taste buds of the most committed pizza fan.

 Include gluten-free pizza crust and you’re in for food that is safe for those in the gluten-sensitive world.

You can purchase it for $12.49

Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza

Make your love for cheese pizza a step further by ordering this amazing collection of dairy delights, the count of Cheese, and This prince of Pizza. 

This is a tasty combination of cheeses to make the ultimate cheese pizza. It’s always available with a gluten-free crust this one is perfect for vegetarians and gluten-free alike!

Purchase it for $12.49

Enjoy Pizza Hut’s Gluten-Free Offering

Pizza Hut was one of those pizza chains that swiftly realized a gap and began to meet it. They however failed because they didn’t get started offering it earlier, or even more widely. 

They did it right by making sure that once they made their gluten-free pizza, the crust becomes accessible, it’s on each pizza they make.

 Pizza Hut is one of our most loved GF pizza spots and we’d like that they will expand their options of size to go with their GF pizza.


Q.1 Does Pizza Hut have any gluten-free options?

Pizza Hut has made an effort in recent times to provide a gluten-free pizza selection in more than 2800 of its  restaurants. 

They are now offering pepperoni and cheese pizzas that are made with Udi’s(r) Certified gluten-free dough. … They also allow you to make your own pizza with the gluten-free pizza crust.

Q.2 Does Pizza Hut have gluten-free stuffed crust pizza?

✔ We also offer a build-your-own menu that uses Udi’s Gluten-Free crust. The majority of Pizza Hut toppings are naturally gluten-free. However, meatballs, meatballs, and Creamy Garlic Parmesan Sauce are not allowed due to the wheat content.

Q.3 Which Pizza Hut pizza is gluten-free?

✔ Pizza Hut makes a gluten-free pizza using Udi’s certified gluten-free pizza crust. The pizza measures 10 inches wide and is able to serve up to 2 to 3 people. Important: Although Pizza Hut uses a certified gluten-free crust, the business states that its pizzas aren’t suitable for those suffering from celiac disease.

Q.4 How do I order gluten-free Pizza Hut?

✔ Please visit and enter your zip code or address to make Delivery as well as Carryout and then look for the Gluten-Free section on the Pizza page.


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