Public Transport in Venice – Water bus – Tickets, Prices & Info 2022

Transport for public use in Venice The public transport system in the center of Venice is entirely on the water. Similar to other cities, it is accessible with trains and buses The Vaporetto boats are in operation in this area.

The ACTV water busses of ACTV, the local operator. ACTV offers various routes with line numbers, fixed stops, and a schedule. The water buses are among the most unique experiences you can have in Venice and can replace many tours.

public transport in Venice

What is public transport in Venice?

The most populous city district of Venice is Mestre which has 200.000 residents. It is situated on the mainland and is linked to the tourist area of Venice via the nearly four-kilometer length Ponte of Liberta. Parallel to this is the old railway bridge that connects two Venetian principal stations of Mestre on the mainland, and Santa Lucia on the island.

In Mestre in Mestre, which has very little similarity to the tourist destination of Venice However, it is the home of many visitors, there is an extensive public transportation system that includes trams and buses that also belong to the ACTV corporation of Venice. in Venice. All connections to the center of the city’s historic lagoon begin with the Central Station of Santa Lucia or at the bus station Piazzale Roma.

The traditional Venice can be described as stated, completely car-free. There are two options to move around here walking or taking a Vaporetto which is what the popular water bus is commonly known as.

Alongside Mestre’s suburb Mestre and the islands that comprise Murano, Burano and Torcello and Torcello, Murano and Burano as well as the Lido di Venezia strip of islands, are also part of the immediate catchment zone of Venice. Venice.


Ticket prices of the ACTV

Here’s a quick and brief overview of the major cost of tickets for ACTV for a trip to Venice.

> Bus/Tram in Mestre A one-way ticket costs 1.50 EUR Buy an advance ticket, verify at the entry point. After that, a travel time of 75 minutes for one way is permitted. The same is true for buses and trams journeys from Mestre towards the center of Venice.

> Train Mestre Tickets available are available at stations, less expensive

> Waterbus Single route, 7,50 EUR Very expensive.

> Day or multi-day tickets for 24 – 72 or 48 hours The ticket is 10,50 EUR or 23,00 EUR or 33.00 EUR (or 43,00 EUR inclusive of all fees it is good for the entire spectrum of bus/tram and water boat services of tourist interest, including all islands as well as Lido. The ticket’s duration will be counted starting from the initial validation, and it’s not per day. Review the ticket every time you make a change. This is a great offer!

Tickets for multi-day or all-day days with all fees included are also available on this website in advance.

Public Transport Price* Tickets
Simple ticket – 75 minutes 10,50 € Book online
Ticket – 1 Day 23,00 €
Ticket – 2 Days 33,00 €
Ticket – 3 Days 43,00 €
Less than 6 years

All prices can be changed and contain all costs. Always, it is on the latest offer from the company. The date of entry into validity is always the initial validation. The ticket is valid anytime regardless of the date stipulated during the reservation.

ACTV Public Transport

Where can tickets be purchased on-site?

Tickets offices are available in the larger Vaporetto stations located in Piazzale Roma (the bus station) and Ferrovia (railway station). If you cannot locate an office for tickets, you can make contact with the person at the station or onboard. The location of sales point can be located at ACTV’s ACTV official ACTV site.

Do not forget – tickets should always be validated. Machines that are appropriate can be found at each stop. Any violation of this law could result in a severe penalty.

act v ticket price

Venice City Pass with Doge’s Palace and public transport

In a separate article, you’ll discover all you need to know about the benefits and booking possibilities for Venice City Pass. Venice City Pass. The cost for City Pass includes the utilization of public transport within Venice. Venice for the duration you choose.

flight to venice

The validity of ACTV day tickets and multi-day tickets is not guaranteed.

Here’s a more detailed overview of the validity of each purchased and reserved ACTV ticket:

and The entire Vaporetto routes within Venice and trips for Murano as well as Burano and Torcello as well as other destinations
+ Trips to Lido di Venezia
+ All excursions departing from Punta Sabbioni to Venice and return
+ All tram and bus services between and to Mestre Except line 5
+ Travel via Bus line 11, via Lido to Chioggia

Where do you find ACTV tickets that are not valid?

Day, single and multi-day ACTV Tickets are invalid on the following transportation connections:

> Transferring from the Airport Travelling to the airport ATCV runs its bus route 5 that runs between Piazzale Roma. Piazzale Rome bus stop in Venice and Marco Polo Airport, where special fares are available. The most important information is available listed under the heading Airport Transfer. It is not applicable for lines 16 19-21, 21, and Casino.

> Travel via All ATVO methods of transport ATVO and not in the same way as ATCV provides a suggested express bus service that connects the principal airport of Venice Marco Polo-Marco Polo- Mestre railway station, and Piazzale Roma. The most efficient method to reach Venice quickly!

>> Alilaguna ACTV tickets cannot be used for regular services provided by Alilaguna, the company that operates ALILAGUNA. The water transport that is operated by a private company is public and is comprised of five boat lines that connect Marco Polo Airport and the Cruise Terminal with the city center of Venice including the Lido, Murano, and Punta Sabbioni. Further details can be located in the section Airport Transfer or directly on Alilaguna’s website. Alilaguna. This is also applicable to the booking of flights.

> Gondolas and water taxis Gondolas and water taxis ACTV tickets aren’t applicable to trips that involve water taxis or Gondolas.

> People Mover” It’s a driverless cable car that connects Piazzale Roma to the car parks located on the island of Tronchetto. The people mover is continuously going back and forth. The trip takes just several minutes. It costs 1.50 per trip and per person. It is a great option for drivers who must always keep a change in the bank at vending machines to avail this convenience.

> Hop-On, Hop-Off Boat Tour It is a distinct excursion using boats that navigate Venice with stops in the major attractions that the city has to offer. It is a round trip that is able to be interrupted as often and the length of time you want. tickets for this Hop on Hop off boat tour are available for both 24 and up to 48 hours. A bit lengthy, but also an enjoyable way to get familiarize yourself with Venice.

Public transport timetables in Venice

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Since there isn’t any vehicle or bus traffic in the city of tourists Venice the public transport system is equally essential for residents as well as visitors. Every model of transportation such as trams and buses in Mestre operates between the time of 6:00 a.m. and just before midnight. The frequency is good and will certainly satisfy the requirements of locals and visitors.

In the evening the bus line N2 connects the central area of Venice with Mestre railway station each 30 minutes.

The Linea Vaporetto is available every 30 minutes at night The major stops are located close to Piazzale Roma and the Santa Lucia S.ZACCARIA – CANALE GIUDECCA — CANAL GRANDE LIDO S.M.E railway station.

While less frequently, usually, during the night, boats depart from the Jetty Fondamente Nove to Murano and Burano and Burano, among others.

Lines 1 and 2 of the waterbus.

I’d like to view everything from the perspective of a person who is visiting Venice. The most significant lines are, obviously the number 1, and number 2. two cream-colored lines that run along the main route of Venice which is known as the Canal Grande.

Line 1 runs between the bus station Piazzale Roma and Lido di Venezia. It stops at each bus stop. This means that you can visit numerous sights, including the famed Rialto Bridge, but one cannot advance as quickly. From the train or bus station, there are nearly 20 stops. The trip from the station to St. Mark’s Square with St. Mark’s Cathedral and Doge’s Palace is about 45 minutes at a minimum. From there, it’s directly to Lido di Venezia.

One can get faster on line 2 along The Canal Grande. It stops several times, which includes those at the Rialto Bridge and St. Mark’s Square, and then continues along a loop route that leads to Giudecca’s island. Giudecca and back in the direction of Piazzale Roma and Santa Lucia railway station.

The two lines operate in both directions simultaneously and there is no need to check the time The next water bus is scheduled to arrive within 10 minutes at the most recent time.

People who aren’t bothered by the multitude of locals and tourists who are on the canal are able to take the time and money by taking a different city excursion along the Canal Grande with lines 1 and 2.

Around Venice

Lines 4.1. and 4.2. circle around the entire island of Venice with a variety of stops including detours to nearby islands Murano as well as Giudecca.

Line 4.1. is counterclockwise in the historic center of Venice Line 4.2. is clockwise in the city of the lagoon.

In conjunction with the general Vaporetto on the Islands

act v ticket

To reach the Lagoon islands, Murano along with Burano and Torcello to the islands of Torcello and Burano, take Line 12 starting from the central dock Fondamenta Nuove, north of Venice. Murano is an island that Murano is also accessible easily from the station using line 3 or the mentioned lines 4.1. as well as 4.2.

Note: A visit to the most gorgeous lakes of Murano, Burano, and the nearly uninhabited Island Torcello can be among the top points of a Venice excursion. However, for those wanting to see all of the islands I would consider a trip by open-air Vaporetti to be extremely time-consuming. The length of the trip is often undervalued, and for the true and traditional Venice the trip is typically just a few hours to explore.

For those who wish to see as much as they can on the islands as quickly and in the most efficient way I suggest that you participate in a tour organized by a professional. Based on the type of tour offered the duration of 3 to 5 hours will suffice to discover the three fascinating lagoons: Murano, Burano and Torcello. Within the three islands of the lake, there are several interesting options in this regard, such as for instance, the traditional Island tour. Costs of around 20 EUR aren’t that as expensive as tickets for day trips on public transport.

A short summary

If you’re in any doubt traveling with the Vaporetto Venice’s “Water buses’, is safe and fun. The lines are huge the process is simple and tickets can be booked without hassle from home. The system is extremely well-organized. There are maps everywhere, and there are electronic boards that provide information on the time of arrival of the next vessel.

At first glance, day or multi-day tickets seem costly. They are however very accessible and for those who travel it is recommended to purchase 2 or 3-day ticket based on the need, as the single trip that comes with the cost of 7,50 is a lot. For those who don’t intend to spend a whole day walking around Venice or perhaps do not intend to spend a single day in the city of lagoons and discover the islands in the lagoon taking a trip over a longer period of time, a multi-day ticket would certainly worth the cost.

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