Red Rooster Menu Prices [ Updated 2022]

Are you looking to discover the diverse cuisines of different regions across the globe at the same restaurant? Today, I am bringing the Red Rooster menu prices, the perfect place to go to avail of some of the best menu items.

Red Rooster is a restaurant that is inspired by American cuisine. It serves items such as appetizers, main dishes snacks, desserts such as chicken towers, desserts, and chicken. The most well-known dish at the restaurant is the chicken towers and you are able to eat here at around $40.00.

This was merely an overview of their menu. I have listed their full menu below. In addition, I’ll be sharing with you their details regarding their franchise, contact details as well as the nutritional breakdown of their menu items that are the menu.

Red Rooster menu includes burgers with rolls, wraps and wraps that include the new cheeseburger and red burger. They also offer a sharing menu that includes a large feast and celebration food, including crispy chicken, like whole chicken and classic half.

It’s the Red Rooster has mega boxes and kids meals that include pops and a red burger box kids meals. To make the most flavor out of main meals they offer delicious side dishes like chips and crunchy slaw. There are desserts and drinks like chocolate mousse and soft drinks.

The Red Rooster is a place where you can find peace when you eat the food. The staff in the restaurant is friendly and friendly. The Red Rooster prices are similar and below $30.00. So, before you wait we will check the most current Red Rooster Menu Prices.

About Us

Red Rooster is delighted to be a part of the lively Harlem community. The menu we serve is inspired by the origins of American cuisine, while also highlighting the farmers who grow our food locally and the artisanal food makers. The Rooster offers a takeaway market, an inviting bar, and a restaurant. A native of Harlem chef Samuelsson has always dreamed of bringing restaurants to the neighborhood. Located in the middle of Harlem, Red Rooster serves comfort food that celebrates the origins of American food and the many local culinary traditions. The restaurant is named in honor of the famous Harlem speakeasy Chef Marcus Samuelsson brings his passion for food to the area that he calls home.

Burger, Rolls, and Wraps

New Cheesus Burger $10.95
Red Burger $9.99
Double Hellfire Burger $12.99
Double BBQ Bacon Burger $13.50
Hellfire Burger $9.49
BLT Wrap $10.49
Chilli Aioli Wrap $9.49
Flayva Wrap $9.49
Roast Chicken and Gravy Roll $10.99
Rooster Roll $9.49
Bacon and Cheese Rippa Roll $10.00
Rippa Roll $9.49
Original Crispy Burger $9.49
Chicken Cheese and Bacon Burger $7.99
Cheeseburger $5.99

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Let’s Share

Huge Feast $57.00
Party Feast $48.00
Family Favourite $34.00
Famous Roast Pack $38.00
Wholesome Roast $38.99
Big Value Feast $40.99
Pop Family Meal $35.00


Whole Chicken $17.99
Classic Quarter $12.99
Classic Half $14.99
Tropicana Combo $16.99
Reds Roast $14.99

Mega Boxes and Kids Meals

New Cheesus Burger Box $17.95
Red Burger Box $16.49
Hellfire Box $17.49
Rippa Box $16.49
Roaster Roll Box $15.49
Original Crispy Box $15.49
Nuggets Kids Meal $8.49
Burger Kids Meal $8.49
Pops Kids Meal $8.49


Buttermilk Wings $5.99
Chicken Pops $8.99
Crunchy Potatoes $4.49
Chicken Loaded Chips $7.50
Crunchy Slaw $5.49
Chips $5.69
Chicken Nuggets $7.99
Crispy Strip- Single $2.99
Pineapple Fritter $2.99
Dipping Sauce $0.50
Mash and Gravy $4.49
Gravy $3.99
Peas $4.49
Garlic Bread $4.29
4 Corn $7.49
Onion Rings $3.99
Chessy Nuggets $7.99
Sweet Potatoes $4.49

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Drinks and Desserts

Gooey Chocolate Cake $4.45
Chocolate Magnum Tub $9.95
Paddle Pop Rainbow $2.49
Paddle Pop Chocolate $2.49
Golden Gaytime $4.49
Magnum Classic $4.79
Chocolate Mousse $4.49
Soft Drink 375ml $3.79
Soft Drink 600ml $4.79
Soft Drink 1.25l $5.79
600ml Water $4.29
2 Gooey Cakes $7.00

Menu Updates

  • 30th June, 2020Complete menu and price update.
  • 2 March 2020Complete menu and price update.
  • 16 March 2019 — Red Rooster has finally added the new burger with a spicy flavor to their menu, The Hellfire. It is available in mild, medium, and hot.
  • 22 Feb 2019 – Removing good Stuff Share Pack from the menu.
  • 14 February 2019 – removed Buttermilk Popcorn bites from the menu.
  • 28. January 2019 – added new Crispy Onions Rings to sides menu.
  • 4 Jan 2019 – Removing Chicken Mega Box from the menu and substituting it with Bacon and Cheese Rippa Megabox and Flayva Wrap Mega Box.
  • 25 Dec 2018 The variation was removed peas from a few shared meals with the family.
  • November 11, 2018, New special 2 dollars for chips large was added to the menu.
  • 6 October 2018 New spicy Jalapeno, as well as BLT Smash wraps, are added to the menu beginning at $8.49.
  • 4 October 2018 The new Buttermilk Chicken pops are added to the menu, starting at $5.99.
  • 20 June 2018, New menu item on the menu – Large Loaded Chips with Roast Chicken and Gravy at $5.

What’s the most popular food on their menu?

Chicken. Chicken. Chicken. If you go to the Red Rooster store, you’ll be difficult to leave with a stomach filled with chicken, or with hands full of an entrée ready to eat.

It’s no secret it’s their chicken that is in fact the most requested food item they offer. The 1/4 Chicken and Chips is the most popular lunchtime meal. It’s delicious, fills you, and doesn’t cost a lot in your pocket.

Chips are likely to be second on the most-loved list. It’s unclear what they use to make them, or what spices they sprinkle over the top…but Red Rooster definitely makes some of the finest chips available in Australia (at the very least, in a fast-food restaurant). Nearly, but not quite, coming at the top of the list over KFC’s amazing seasoning for chips.

It’s Tough To Beat Red Rooster Chips For $1

  January 2022 update: Red Rooster has finally caught up with trends and has launched a fresh Spicy Burger to compete with the other big fast-food chains. It’s appropriately called The Hellfire Burger, it is available in three different levels namely mild-medium, hot, and mild. You can also purchase the Double-patty version or take it to a friend with the Hellfire Share Pack.

How do their family meals compare?

Similar to McDonald’s in their food menu, Red Rooster has entered the family dining arena and is now taking the fight to KFC in what’s likely to be a raging battle over the family meal on Sunday nights. meal.

Red Rooster has quite the advantage, however it’s served Aussie families their huge roast chickens, tasty sides like peas, roast vegetables, roast potatoes Corn on the Cob as well as a huge family of chips guaranteed to please every one of their customers, on their menu throughout the years.

Red Rooster’s Famous For A Wide Range Of Family Meals

If you’re looking to find a dinner or lunch for your family this week, Red Rooster has plenty of options. From the smallest families to the largest families, their shared meals can even please the most demanding eaters.

With McDonald’s entry into the market for family meals, Red Rooster has recently started advertising on television to boost sales. This is one of their most recent promotions.

What is your opinion? Are you planning to include Red Rooster on the menu for your family this evening?

Red Rooster’s Roots

Originating in the outer skirts of Perth, WA, in a little suburb called Kelmscott, way back in 1972 – surprisingly, Red Rooster wasn’t always called Red Rooster.

The Kailis family, the founder of the new Red Rooster, opened and named the first store, naming it ‘Big Rooster‘. Together, they ran the small fast-food chicken chain for a cool 9 years before selling the business to Myer Emporium (now part of Coles Myer) in 1981.

A short 5 years later and Big Rooster became Red Rooster whilst traveling across the Nullarbor Plains to open their first restaurants on the East Coast.

After 20 years of steady expansion, with their succulent fried chickens being consumed by millions of Australians, Red Rooster was sold to Australian Fast Foods, who also own a rival chicken joint known as The Official McAlister’s Survey 2022

Following a few sales in the 2000s and into it was the Red Rooster chain fetched $450 million in 2011, to be transferred by Archer Capital.

Archer has more than $2b worth of investments in Australia. In addition, under the “crave-able” brand Archer has its own Red Rooster, along with Chicken Treat and Oporto.

Red Rooster currently sits comfortably with 359 locations all across the nation and 95 percent of them are franchised to local businesses.

Coupons & Discounts

Like many of the other fast-food eateries in the sector, Red Rooster regularly issues coupons and offers (both via their app and via cuttable coupons that are sent out in the mail).

It’s no surprise that the most loved (and the most popular) food item they offer is their famous roast chicken, and it’s likely that one of their biggest rivals is their Fried Chicken counterpart, KFC. Similar to Red Rooster, KFC has regular promotions and specials to increase sales. If you’re craving KFC isn’t the best option, click here to see all the current offers.

In addition, we have a webpage dedicated to the latest deals that are available in Red Rooster. The page is packed with lots of amazing savings and deals – go here to take advantage of a fantastic deal.

Open Daily

The Red Rooster is Open Daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

BreakfastDine-In Buffet Service — 7:30-10:00am No Reservations.
Dine-In Service — 12:00-3:00pm Reservations Recommended.

Bar Service: Bar Menu — 3:00-9:00pm No Reservations.
Dinner: Dine-In Service– 5:30-9:00pm Reservations Required. 

Reservations: Please call 802-457-6671.

At present, we’re restricting advance reservations in the Hotel Guests only. Non-Inn guests can call us day-of for dinner or lunch reservations. If there are any available seats, we’ll gladly take your request.

Richardson’s Tavern is currently closed. All meals are served in the Red Rooster with a combination menu that features dishes at both of the restaurants.

Red Rooster General Information

New York, NY 10027

Payment Types.All Major Cards.Cuisine.American-Contemporary.Soul.Food.Meals.Brunch.Lunch.Dinner


Monday 12:00pm – 9:00pm
Tuesday 12:00pm – 9:00pm
Wednesday 12:00pm – 9:00pm
Thursday 12:00pm – 9:00pm
Friday 12:00pm – 9:00pm
Saturday 11:00am – 9:30pm
Sunday 11:00am – 9:30pm

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