Does Rural King Price Match? ❤️

Rural King Price Match Policy

Rural King Price Match – Rural King Supply is a store that sells supplies for farms in rural areas. It has been open since 1960. They have 125 stores in the United States. These stores are in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Alabama.

Their prices aren’t always the lowest you can find, but their policy of matching prices is worth noting and makes them different from other stores that sell supplies for rural farms.

rural king price match policy


Yes, a Rural King store can match the price of an item on if the things are the same and the price is from the same area as the store.

For example, some feeds have different prices depending on where they are sold, so we couldn’t match the price of a meal from the Midwest in our stores in the South.

Guns are the only thing that breaks this rule. Some of our RK Guns have minor changes or specs that the ones in stores don’t have or vice versa. Most of the time, this is why prices are different, and the stores won’t be able to match prices on these items because they are not the same.

Does Rural King Offer a Price Match Online?

Yes. You can contact them online to ask them to match a price. To do this, you need to send them an email or call them.

Does Rural King have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. They have a policy for price changes. If they have a sale after you buy something from them and the price goes down, you can ask for a price adjustment within seven days. Once they check to see if the item is eligible, they will refund the price difference.

Price Match Criteria

There are things you should know about how to match prices because you would know if your item is eligible for the price match if you knew the Rural King’s price match rules. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Before asking for a price match, ensure the item is the same size, model number, and shape.
  • A local competitor must advertise the item you want the store to match the price.
  • For the item to be eligible for the price match, the local competitor must also be in the same market.
  • Shipping and handling costs must be built into the price of the item.

Price Match Process

The Rural King makes it easy to match prices. But it would help if you still learned how to ask the Rural King to match the price. Here’s how it works:

In-Store Process

  • To ask them to match the price in-store, you would have to bring an ad with a lower price to their store.
  • After the store manager checks that the ad and the lower price are actual, they will match the price for you.

Online Process

  • You can ask for the price match online by calling or emailing their customer service.
  • Once they check the price to see if it is eligible, they will match the price for you if the item is eligible.


Some things can’t be price matched. For example, some items or deals are not included in the price match if a manufacturer says they are not. Here are some exclusions:

  • Price matching doesn’t happen for ads where the actual price can’t be found.
  • The ads of competitors no longer in the market are left out.
  • These things don’t have their prices matched:
  • The items that are on sale.
  • The last-chance items.
  • The items with names like “Special Hour,” “Flash Sales,” and “Limited Quantity.”
  • Prices are not matched for services like shipping and handling.
  • Misprinted or incorrect prices are not matched in price.
  • The prices of items sold by third-party stores (like Amazon or Walmart Marketplace) are not matched.

Price Adjustment Process

When you buy something, the price might go down because of a sale. If a store has a policy for price adjustments, they will give you back the price difference when you ask.

The Rural King has a 7-day policy for changing prices, so if you buy something within that time and the price drops because of a sale, you can call 1-800-561-1752, and they will put the difference back into your account.

The money will be back in your account in 3 to 5 business days (

Rural King’s Price Matching Competitors List

Any company that says it will match the price of its competitors usually has a list of those competitors. Most of Rural King’s competitors’ prices are the same except for Amazon and eBay.

What makes the Rural King popular?

Some things make people like the rural king. Here are the explanations:

  • The Rural King is headquartered in Mattoon, Illinois, and has 125 stores throughout the United States.
  • It’s a store with everything you need for your farm, from tools for farming to pet supplies.
  • They sell everything from pet food to supplies for living in the country. They have everything you need to live in the country.
  • They will ship your order for free if you spend $99 or more.
  • The Rural King has an online store with items that can’t be found in stores. When you order from their website, it’s like shopping from home.
  • And the Rural King is a store for people who live in the country. It has everything that people in the country need.
  • And the Rural King sells goods at the prices they charge in their rural hometowns, so you can save money when you buy from them.
  • The prices at The Rural King are competitive and low every day, which makes shopping there more affordable.

Rural King Returns & Cancellations

Returns In Store and Online

Rural King tries to make its return policy as fair and accessible as possible. We want you to be happy with everything you buy from us, but we know that sometimes you need to return or exchange something.

No worries! We will gladly give cash back on a cash purchase or credit your Credit Card or Farm Plan account on a charge purchase of an approved return with a receipt within 30 days of the purchase.

If you bought something with a check, you must wait five business days from the date of the original asset before you can return it.

All returns that are okayed without a receipt must be accompanied by a driver’s license or a state ID. The credit can be used to buy goods of the same or more excellent value or a gift card.

If a credit card was not used, a company check could be used to pay for returns over $2,500, with or without a receipt. The money will be put back on the credit card used to purchase.

Cancelling Orders

If you want to cancel an online order, call customer service as soon as possible at 1-800-561-1752. If your order has already been packed and ready to ship, you can’t cancel it.

What’s The Difference: Tractor Supply Vs. Rural King?

Tractor Supply and Rural King are so similar in many ways that they are major competitors to each other. But what about the point of view of the customers?

Are Tractor Supply and Rural King different in any way? Which store meets your needs better? To find out, we decided to compare the two chains in several ways, such as:

  • Prices
  • Locations
  • Products
  • Return policy
  • Customer service
So, let’s look at how they compare. But remember that some comparisons can be made fairly and unbiasedly, while others are largely a matter of opinion.


Prices at both stores tend to differ depending on where you go, and there isn’t a clear pattern that shows which one has better prices overall.

But customers have noticed that prices are usually lower at both stores when they are close.

Also, Rural King does have good sale prices on things you want and need.


The chain with the most stores is Tractor Supply, which has more than 2,000 stores in 49 states. On the other hand, Rural King only has 120 stores in 13 states.

Tractor Supply also runs Dell’s Feed and Farm stores and has 177 Petsense stores in 23 states.

Because there are more Tractor Supply stores, most people living in rural areas are likelier to be close to one.


One big difference in terms of the products they sell is that Rural King sells its brand of tractors. Despite its name, Tractor Supply does not sell tractors.

Still, the products in both stores tend to be different depending on where they are, but customers say that Rural King has a bigger selection and is easier to get to.

Here are some of the best-selling items at Tractor Supply and Rural King:

Feed: Prices at both stores are usually higher than at nearby feed and farm supply stores.

Chick prices are about the same, but Rural King may have a wider selection of breeds.

Hardware: Rural King has one of the best hardware sections among rural supply and hardware stores.

Tractor Supply focuses more on small mowers and ATVs, while Rural King has a better selection of parts and tyres for farm and agricultural tractors.

Return Policy

Even though Tractor Supply and Rural King have very similar return policies, Rural King does a much better job of making returns easy.

Customer Service

Online reviews show that neither Tractor Supply nor Rural King has good customer service. But it’s important to remember that these reviews are based on personal experiences.

Also, both stores always have friendly and helpful employees who will go out of their way to help customers find what they need.

You can also read our posts about whether or not Tractor Supply rents trailers, its competitors, and customer complaints to learn more.

About Rural King

In 1960, Mattoon, Illinois, was where Rural King began.

Over the years, that first store has grown into more than 100 locations in Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Virginia, among other places.

The store sells everything from animal feed and care products to farm equipment and everyday items for the home.

Customer service is at the heart of what they do, and it’s a fun tradition that they give them free popcorn every time someone comes in.

FAQs – Rural King

Does Rural King Honor online prices?

On the same items, we will match the prices of our competitors. Rural King can’t compare prices on eBay or Amazon, so you’ll need to call Customer Service at 1-800-561-1752, so we can look into the price match for you.

Does Rural King negotiate prices?

Our prices are the lowest on the market because we want to save our customers money. But if a customer finds a quieter every day or Advertised price on an identical stock item from a local competitor, WE WILL PRICE MATCH!

What is a price match policy?

Some stores have a policy called “price matching” or “price guarantee” that if you find the same item for less elsewhere, they will match or beat the price. Depending on the store, you can ask for a price match online or in-store before buying the item.

Can you return ammo at Rural King?

If the background check fails, you will have to pay a 20% restocking fee and all shipping fees. Ammunition can’t be returned to

Who makes Rural King implements?

TYM makes RK Tractors in South Korea, and we put them together at our tractor assembly centres in Waverly, Ohio, and Williston, Florida.

How do rural king’s prices compare with other stores?

The Rural King has fair prices and low prices all the time, which makes it easier for people to shop there. So their prices in their small towns are good for you.

Who is Rural King owned by?

Alex Melvin is the President and CEO of Rural King. Rural King is a privately owned store that sells items for the farm and home. It has 133 stores in 13 states. Rural King is a family business that has been in the same family for three generations. It was started in Mattoon, IL, in 1960 by Alex’s great uncle Kermit Speer and his business partner Keith Beaird.