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Taco Bell survey – Tellthebell is used for the Taco Bell Customer survey and feedback. survey is among the most well-known and important feedback options offered for customers through Tacobell. Taco Bell is one of the largest and most renowned fast-food chains around the globe. There are many people who like eating taco bell foods.

Taco Bell is now providing every Taco Bell customer to win a cash prize of $500. Do you know the reasons and what is the procedure? Don’t fret if don’t know the answer and how. We’re here to provide all the details about the cash prize offered through Tell the Bell and the best way to take part in it.

Taco Bell Survey india

Taco Bell asks the customers to take a satisfaction survey in order to determine how they think about their experience with them. You must complete the survey with the 16-digit survey number that is printed on the back of your Taco Bell bill receipt.

Tellthebell customers’ satisfaction surveys are one survey website for Tacobell or, you could even think of a Tacobell sweepstakes. can describe as the official survey site of Tacobell. We offer all the information needed on how to fill out the survey in a simple way.

About Taco Bell – Tellthebell

The Famous Taco Bell is founded by Glenn Bell. Glenn Bell first started a Hot Dog Stand in 1946. He was just a 23-year-old when he began his hot dog stands. He was the owner of a company with several hotels and restaurants in the 19’s. Glenn Bell Opened his first TacoBell in 1962 in California.

The next milestone he reached was in the year 1970 when he opened his doors to the general public with 325 TacoBell restaurants. Pepsico bought TacoBell by Genn Bell in 1978 and manages it to this day.

Presently, there are around 7000 locations that Tacobell operates across the globe. It is Taco Bell restaurant is a specialist in Tex-Mex meals, with tacos as the most popular item for Tacobell.

The number of TacoBell customers is quite impressive. They have an average of 3 billion clients per year. You should visit taco bell if you’ve not been there at least once. The official Taco Bell website link will be given below.

What Is TelltheBell Survey Online survey a customer satisfaction survey as well as a taco bell sweepstakes run by TacoBell restaurant company to get feedback from their customers and taco bell experiences regarding the Taco Bell services. It could be thought of as a feedback portal. To be better than they already are and to implement improvements according to customer needs, Taco Bell sweepstakes takes this survey.

To encourage their customers to complete surveys, Taco Bell sweepstakes have winners that are awarded significant rewards. When you’ve completed the Telling the Bell survey, you are able to participate in the Taco Bell sweepstakes and get the chance to win Taco Bell survey rewards.

Taco Bell Survey Details
Official Survey Website
Official Sweepstakes Name TelltheBell Survey
Survey Entry Limit 1 Entry Per Person/Per Receipt
Number Of Winners 4 Winners Per Entry Period
Survey Winner Prize $500 Cash Prize – Free Coupons
Participation Methods Online Survey and Mail

Key Points Of TelltheBell Survey

Here are the most important elements or aspects on which the TelltheBell survey is primarily focused on in the survey. The questions and ratings that are posed during the survey will be directly related to the customer satisfaction that is listed in this article.

  • Quality, taste, and the servings
  • Staff Behavior
  • Hygiene in the restaurant and the premises
  • Restaurant Locations
  • Accuracy of the order
  • Overall, we are pleased about the recent visit

These are the most important elements of this survey. Tell the Bell customer satisfaction survey.

Some Basic Questions Of The Taco Bell Survey

As a result of the categories and elements we’ve discussed previously, the most basic questions that will be posed within the survey Taco Bell sweepstakes, Tell the are provided below. These are just for getting an idea of the type of questions you will receive from this Tell the Bell survey.

  • Does the food meet your expectations?
  • Do you give a score to the quality of the food?
  • Do you enjoy the food you are served?
  • What do you think of the staff?
  • How helpful are the employees?
  • Does the restaurant appear neat and tidy?

How To Take Part In TelltheBell Survey & Win $500 From Taco Bell

TelltheBell is a survey of customer feedback survey that is conducted by TacoBell to discover what the feedback of customers about Tacobell is and to determine their experience with Tacobell. The feedback surveys are used by TacoBell to improve its services, as well as to be known by the feedback survey. You must keep a certain number of points in mind prior to you taking the survey on Tellthebell the survey for customers.


Rewards in the Tellthebell Customer Survey

You can win a prize of $500 Grand Prize or any of the five first prizes worth $100 through the Tell the bell Customer survey. You will require to fill out a brief satisfaction survey, and after that participants will enter the contest. There is a limit of 1 entry per person or email address, each day.

Rules For Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey

To participate in the TelltheBell customer satisfaction survey you must meet the rules and guidelines set by TacoBell. These are the rules which must follow in order to take part in the survey.

  • You must be 18 years old to be able to take part in this survey. Tell the bell survey.
  • Tellthebell has 50 entry periods to complete the survey. You will need a new entry code each time you
  • participate in the survey. You can verify this on the official website.
  • The applicant must be a citizen of the United States of America.
  • You should be fluent in either of the two languages English or Spanish in turn.
  • The current working employees and relatives aren’t permitted to participate in this survey.
  • A receipt for purchases is required to participate in taking part in the survey online. The receipt should contain an active survey number.

These are the most important rules of tellthebell surveys that you should remember.

Requirements for Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey

The next thing to consider is: what are the requirements to be met by the poll? We will go over the Tellthebell survey’s requirements in detail in the following paragraphs.

  • You must have a valid receipt, and it must be the most recent date of the last visit.
  • A receipt for purchase from TacoBell with a 16-digit Taco Bell survey code.
  • An Internet connection that has good or high signal strength.
  • The entire survey procedure should complete within two days after the visit the process.
  • Store Number, Date, and Time on Receipt.

If you have visited TacoBell you will be issued a receipt to complete the survey. Take the survey now and stand the chance to win a $ 500 prize. Follow the step-by-step process for taking the Tellthebell survey. You can also look up the winners on the official website.

Step by Step Process for Tell The Bell Survey to Win $500 at

We provide you with the exact steps you need to take to win the prize of telling the bell in the amount of $500. You can easily you could be the fortunate winner. Follow the instructions below.

  • The first step is to first visit your Official website. On the home page of Tellthebell, you will find the Tellthebell online survey, click the link and you will need to input the survey code.
  • I’ll inform you that you have to look up the 16-digit survey code on the receipt that reads valid taco bell receipt. Or you can click here to view the examples of the 16-digit Tell the Bell Customer Survey Code that appears in the receipt.
  • Enter the code, then press begin. (See the image below for a clearer understanding then enter the code and click on start. Survey Steps

  • On the following screen, it’ll prompt you to input your Store’s number, date, and Time.

Tell The Bell

  • Okay, once you have logged in, Tell The Bell will be asking you a set of questions, which we’re going to go through step-by-step. We have all the questions that were asked in the survey at your convenience to help make the process easy for you.

All the Questions asked in Taco Bell Survey

Below are the questions you will ask during the survey, one at a time. If you look at these questions you’ll get an idea of the questions you’ll be asked, and the way to answer the questions being asked, and so on. Be sure to provide honest responses and try to recall your last visit to Taco Bell.

  • Taco Bell Survey

  1. The first question asked that you can ask Taco Bell is “Please Rate Your Overall Satisfaction with your Experience at this Taco Bell”
  2. There will be a variety of options to help you choose your experience, similar to the following image.Taco Bell Survey
  3. Select your preferred option and then click the next Button.
  • Customer Feedback Tellthebell :

  1. The next question would be Please select your order type and then provide you with choices like Dine-in or Drive-thru and take-out.
  2. Select your answer and then click Next.
  • Tellthebell Feedback Survey :

  1. The third and final question is to evaluate how satisfied you are with the choices they offered.
  2. Take a look at the image below to see the full overview of this topic.Tellthebell Feedback Survey
  3. Give the food a rating and then click the next.
  • Tellthebell Customer Survey

  1. The second question is “Do you Experience a Problem During Your Visit”.Tellthebell Customer Survey
  2. If you have any issues then click Yes, no.
  3. Then click Next.
  • Tellthebell Survey:

  1. Then TacoBell will be asking you to submit any additional items that could improve their services. This is your chance to express your opinion on this. They want you to write your entire experience in one paragraph.Tellthebell Survey
  2. Write about your experience and then click Next.
  • Taco Bell Store Customer Feedback

  1. The Next Question is “Did You Purchase a Hard Shell Taco”.Taco Bell Store Customer Feedback
  2. If you are purchasing Hard Sheel Taco then choose Yes, otherwise No. Click on Next.
  • Taco Bell Survey

  1. This is an extremely important step.
  2. In this way, they thank us for their feedback and If you’re legal residents of the United States of America and are 18 years old or old or more you can enter the sweepstakes.Taco Bell Survey
  3. Select Yes and press Next.
  • Enter Your Information in the Tell the Bell Customer Survey

  1. Here you have to input your first and last name and number. Tell the bell Customer Survey
  2. This is Mandatory for entry into the Tell the Bell Sweepstakes. After you’ve filled in all the required information, follow the next step.

Okay, guys here is the final window. We have participated in the sweepstakes run by Tacobell, and we’re officially entered into the drawing to win $500 cash.

Tell the bell

This is how you must take the survey. It’s simple and is a breeze to follow. We are happy to help out and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Take Taco Bell Survey India- Official Taco Bell Survey Video

TelltheBell Survey Rewards

There will be four winners selected for each survey time. Each winner will receive a cash prize of $500 which you can use to enjoy more tasty meals. Winners will be informed by phone or email via Taco Bell and the reward will be mailed to your address of residence.

Tellthebell Survey Tips Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that can aid you in finishing the tellthebell survey

  • Visit one of the participant Taco Bell locations and save your receipt
  • Visit to start the survey
  • Enter the 16-digit survey number that is on your receipt
  • Answer the questions honestly and as best you can to your abilities
  • Participate in the sweepstakes to have an opportunity to win a $500 grand prize, or one of five first prizes worth $100.

The survey at tellthebell is a fast and simple method to let us know your thoughts and experiences regarding your recent Taco Bell visit. Make sure you take the time to fill out the survey and also enter the sweepstakes to be in with an opportunity for winning any of many fantastic prizes. Best of luck!

Methods To Participate In TelltheBell Sweepstakes

To be eligible to participate in the TelltheBell sweepstakes, it’s not necessary to fill out the survey online. There are two ways to register for this Tell the Bell sweepstakes and have a chance of winning the prize. Both methods are equally considered when choosing the winner.

Via Online Survey – Needs Purchase

The first way to take part in to Tell the Bell sweepstakes is to participate. Tell the Bell sweepstakes is via Taco Bell online survey. The method requires you to purchase from Taco Bell to have a valid receipt from Taco Bell. To begin the survey you must input the 16-digit survey number that is printed on your receipt.

Begin by answering the survey as truthfully as you can. Then, provide your feedback. Once you’ve complete the survey on You must fill in your personal details, which will use when contacting the winner.

Via Mail – No Need Of Purchase

Another option, in addition to a Taco Bell online survey. This method doesn’t need a purchase and is simple to do. You just need a piece of paper, an envelope, or a card and note your overall satisfaction from the last visit to the Taco Bell restaurant.

Send your postcard or letter to the Taco Bell mailing address. Be sure to include your name, address, and residence address, as well as email address and contact number. If you’re lucky enough and be a winner, you will be notified by telephone.

Enter TellTheBell Without A Purchase

The only way to enter the Tell the Bell survey without purchasing anything is through mail only. You can participate in the survey without having to purchase by submitting the request form. You can locate the questionnaire on the website. Make sure you include all your contact details including your name address, telephone number, address as well as email address. Also, make sure you mention the number of the store you have visited as well as the date and time of your visit.

Taco Bell Sweepstakes Winners Announcement

The Winners Announcement procedure in the TelltheBell survey is fairly easy and simple. The survey for users of the taco bell sweepstakes will be in 12 slots. Each slot will allocate for four weeks and the winners are chosen from the contestants who played in a slot.

In the course of completing the survey, participants are required to provide the details of their personal information like name, date of birth, contact number, email address or address, etc. Winners will notify via phone calls and emails. Also, the winner’s list for every week will be announced on or survey website.

Taco Bell
To get the check for a $500 reward, you will need to be able to provide proof of identity as well as proof of residency required from Taco Bell.

Taco Bell Near Me

If you’re not able to locate your closest Taco Bell, then don’t be concerned. Taco Bell’s website for location finding will be of aid to Taco Bell lovers wherever they are in the world. It is all you need to do is go to this page Taco Bell Locations page to view all Taco Bell restaurants that are closest to you.

  • First, go to first the Taco Bell location finder page on your mobile.
  • Or copy this URL on your browser.
  • Select the state you currently reside in and is governed by the town.
  • Here you will find all of the closest Taco Bell restaurants to you.
  • There is also an emergency number that is free to dial.

Taco Bell survey also has a customer service number. They can reach me by phone and ask questions right immediately.

Taco Bell Surveys In Different Locations

These are official TelltheBell survey websites for a handful of nations. When you go to your specific area’s website, you can take part in the survey.

  • Tell the Bell Survey UK:
  • TelltheBell Survey Spain:
  • TelltheBell Survey India:

Customer Service

If you have any doubts or questions regarding the sweepstakes for the survey at taco bell and Taco Bell restaurant, you can reach Taco Bell Customer Care through this number, or directly dial the Taco Bell store number and speak to them.

Taco Bell store number: (800) 822-6235

Tellthebell complaints: Visit the Official Website

Taco Bell Phone Number: (800) 822-6235

Final Words

Hey Guys! You can see that the Taco Bell Survey India Guide contains detailed guidelines.

Know about Survey, its rules and regulations, requirements, and other related information the customers need to participate in this fantastic offer.

Thank you for completing the Tellthebell. You can now get your free coupon and many others. For more information, visit my


How do I take the Taco Bell survey?

Tacobell receipts should be recent. This receipt has a 16-digit survey code. If you don’t have the Survey code, record the store number, purchase date, and time.

Does Taco Bell have a survey?

We appreciate your feedback on our brief survey. Enter all digits, including zeroes, from your receipt. Here if your receipt has a 16-digit survey code.

What is the prize for the Taco Bell survey?

Prizes and odds: Grand Prize: There will be 52 Grand Prizes. During each Survey Period, four Grand Prizes will consist of a $500 E-Gift Card (ARV: $500.00). Prizes for each Survey Period total $2,000.00.

How does Taco Bell notify winners?

The number of eligible entries determines the odds. 8. Winner Notification: Email will notify the promotion winner.

How do you claim the free taco at Taco Bell?

Taco Bell Rewards Program accounts must enroll on the mobile app. Join the free Taco Bell Rewards Program and download the app at

Do you get free Taco Bell if you work there?

Free snacks, beverages, and bagel & doughnut Fridays. Bright Horizons on-site daycare. Taco Bell and gaming room on location Laundry, dry cleaning, carwash.

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