Does Sephora Price Match? 2023

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Sephora Price Match – Whether you’re a cheap shopper or not, practically everyone shops to save money. Most shops match pricing to keep consumers coming back and save money.

If you’re wondering if Sephora matches costs, I conducted some research.

Sephora Price Match

Does Sephora Price Match in 2023?

Sephora’s price match policy will be limited and regulated by 2023. Sephora price-matched products not supplied by rivals. The beauty shop solely considers Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Barney’s competitors. In such cases, Sephora price-matches only five retailers.

Read on to find out if Sephora’s pricing is comparable to those on its website, Ulta, Amazon, Nordstrom, and Walmart.

How Does Sephora Price Match?

Price matching at Sephora is limited for identical goods and brands.

Sephora’s four competitors can’t match the pricing of an identical item from a different brand, even though they all sell it.

Both in-store and online purchases must be within five days for a price match.

More significantly, Sephora’s price-matching policy only works for non-sale goods. On discounts or Black Friday products, you can’t ask for a price match.

Also, Sephora won’t match sale pricing or discount codes.

Does Sephora Match Its Online Prices?

Sephora doesn’t reveal how it matches internet prices.

Sephora may conduct online sales but not in stores.

In certain circumstances, internet costs may be lower than in shops.

Some Sephora online purchases may not be available in stores.

Sephora offers online-only discount codes and discounts.

You may utilize discount codes and coupons for in-store purchases during sales.

To find out if Sephora offers online discounts, contact 1-877-737-4672.

Does Sephora Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Sephora changes pricing regularly. You have two price-change options:

Sephora will price match if you discover a beauty product cheaper than one of its five competitors.
To get the price adjusted, you must present proof that the price has changed.

If a product goes on sale, you can ask for a price change.
For a price change, the item must be within the return period.


I hope you learned how Sephora manages price matching. If I missed something or you have questions, let me know. Leave comments and questions below.

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