Does Sephora Price Match? 2022

Sephora Price Match – Whether you’re a cheap shopper or not, almost everyone looks for ways to save money when they shop. Most stores offer their customers the chance to save money and keep coming back by matching prices.

So, if you’re wondering if Sephora matches prices, I did some research, and here’s everything you need to know!

Does Sephora Price Match in 2022?

Does Sephora Price Match

In 2022, Sephora’s policy to match prices is limited and subject to certain rules. Exactly, Sephora matched the prices of non-sale items with those of its competitors. At the moment, only Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Barneys are seen as competitors by the beauty brand. If that’s the case, Sephora doesn’t match prices with any stores other than the five listed above.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about price matching at Sephora, including whether or not the company matches prices at Ulta, Amazon, Nordstrom, Walmart, and other places.

Does Sephora Have a Price Match Guarantee Policy?

On its website, Sephora doesn’t have a policy that says it will match a competitor’s price.

But conversations in the Sephora Community program confirm that Sephora only price matches with the following 4 retailers:

  • Nordstrom
  • Bloomingdales
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Barneys

Still, Sephora makes sure that its prices are competitive so that it stands out from its competitors and customers don’t have to ask for price matching as often.

So, Sephora keeps its prices reasonable and offers sales and discounts through its marketing channels to help customers save even more money.

Sephora Price

How Does Sephora Price Match?

Price matching at Sephora only works for products and brands that are the same.

In this case, you can’t ask Sephora’s four competitors to match the price of a similar item from a different brand, even though it’s being sold by all of them.

Also, both in-store and online purchases must be made within five days for a price match to work.

More importantly, Sephora’s policy to match prices only works for items that are not on sale. So, you can’t ask for a price match on items on sale or on sale for Black Friday.

Also, Sephora doesn’t match prices on items that are on sale or have Sephora discount codes.

Does Sephora Match Its Online Prices?

Sad to say, Sephora doesn’t have any official information about how it handles matching online prices.

Sephora may have special sales events on its website, but they might not be happening at the same time in its physical stores.

In these cases, the prices of the items sold on Sephora’s online store may be lower than in the stores.

It’s important to know that some of the sales on Sephora’s online stores are only available online and may not be available in-store.

Also, Sephora customers can get discount codes and coupons that can only be used online.

Sometimes, you may get discount codes and coupons for in-store items that you can use during sales at real stores.

So, if you want to know if you can get discounted prices for online purchases, you can call 1-877-737-4672 to talk to Sephora’s customer service agents.

Does Sephora Price Match Ulta?

Too bad Ulta has better prices than Sephora. Only five other beauty stores have prices that are the same as Sephora’s. One of them is not Ulta.

On the other hand, Ulta’s prices are not as low as Sephora’s.

Does Sephora Price Match Amazon?

At the moment, Sephora’s prices for beauty products don’t match those on Amazon.

As one of the biggest beauty stores in the US, Sephora makes sure to keep its prices competitive so that it can sell its products at the lowest prices possible.

So, customers might not need to compare the prices of products sold at Sephora and those sold at Amazon, an online store.

Does Sephora Price Match Nordstrom?

On the Sephora Community forum, people talk about how Sephora’s prices are the same as Nordstrom’s.

Price matching at Sephora usually means comparing the prices of the same beauty products, such as makeup, hair care, skincare, fragrances, kits, and brushes.

But one should make sure that the brands, sizes, colors, and shades of the products being matched are the same.

So, if you find the same items at Nordstrom, you can call Sephora and ask them to match the price.

On the other hand, you should know that Nordstrom doesn’t match Sephora’s prices.

Does Sephora Price Match Walmart?

Walmart is not one of the stores that Sephora will price match with, which is too bad.

So, you can’t compare the prices at Walmart and Sephora and ask for a price cut because the prices at Walmart are lower.

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Does Sephora Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

At the moment, Sephora has a policy about changing prices. You have two options for asking for a price change:

Price matching means that if you find a beauty product you want to buy for less at one of Sephora’s five competitors, you can go to the store and ask for a price cut.
In this case, you’ll have to go to the store and show proof that the price has changed to get the price changed.

Sale items: If a product goes on sale or starts being sold for less, you can ask for the price to be changed.
But in this case, the item needs to be within the return period for you to be able to ask for a price change.

How Can You Save While Shopping at Sephora Without Matching Prices?

If you shop at Sephora often, there are more ways to save money than just matching prices.

Here are some ways to save money at Sephora:

  • Use cash-back sites to shop at Sephora. You can save between 2% and 5% by using sites like Ibotta, Rakuten,
  • TopCashback, and Swagbucks Shop.
  • Join the program Beauty Insider. With the Beauty Insider program, every dollar you spend at Sephora gets you a point that you can trade in for something else.
  • Use gift cards that are on sale at Sephora.
  • If you download the Sephora app, you can get more deals and discounts.
  • Check the Sales page often to see if there are any discounts on Sephora products.
  • On the Free Samples Page, you can get free samples from Sephora.

You can also read our posts about what is Sephora VIB, how to delete a Sephora account, and whether or not Sephora is publicly traded to find out more.

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We all know that money is the most important thing in the end. We do our best to save as much money as possible. So, when you have a chance to do the same thing, why not take it? Even though Sephora doesn’t match prices yet, their prices are already lower than those of other stores. Share your thoughts on whether or not you think Sephora should offer a Price Match option to its customers.

Finally bidding my farewell to you. I hope you learned something from what I told you about how Sephora handles price matching. If you think I might have left something out or if you have more questions about the same, let me know. You can leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

Thank you for being patient and watching. If you want to read more about price matching and price adjustments, you can find them here – Amazon.


Do Sephora provide price match?

As of right now, Sephora does not have this option for price matching.

Do Sephora provide price adjustments?

There is no way to change the price at Sephora.

What is the contact number for Sephora?

You can call 1-877-737-4672 to reach Sephora.

Does Sephora or Ulta price match?

Are Sephora’s prices the same as Ulta’s? No, Sephora is another store that doesn’t match the prices of its rivals.

Is Sephora cheaper in store?

Take advantage of the big deals and discounts.

Every week, Sephora makes a list of beauty products and deals that are on sale. High-end brands can be found at discounts of up to 50% both online and in stores, but the best deals are going to be found online.

What’s the difference between Sephora and Ulta?

Ulta has more customers than Sephora because it sells brands that aren’t as expensive. While Sephora is more focused on high-end products, Ulta sells makeup, hair care, and skin care with prices ranging from expensive to cheap. We didn’t see sales or discounts like that at Sephora.