Target Employee Discount 2022 (Perks, Discounts, Who Can Use + More)

Target Employee Discount

Target Employee Discount : Target is the 8th biggest retail store in the United States. It offers quality home decor, stylish clothing, essential household goods, and grocery products to its customers.

Target offers discounts to employees who are searching for work.

You won’t find more information about Target employee discounts than this! You will find everything you need here!

For 2022, Target Employee Discount

Target offers a discount for employees that includes 10% off all products and 20% off any grocery or wellness item starting in 2022. You can use employee discounts in-store and online. Target offers many other perks for your health and well-being.

Keep reading to find out more about Target’s employee benefit plans, including what’s included and other details.

What is the Target Employee Discount?

Target offers employees a generous discount on products, regardless of whether you shop in person or online.

Target, for example, offers 10% off all products in store and online and 20% off groceries and wellness products in-store.

Target’s employee discount can be combined with coupon codes, gift cards and rebates to allow employees to save huge amounts of money.

Target has also created a dedicated website for employees to save money on non Target products.

Target Corporation has established relationships with numerous fitness centers, Weight Watchers, child care centers and other organizations to offer significant discounts to employees.

What are the health and well-being benefits of working at Target?

employees have access to health and wellness perks that aren’t offered by many companies.

Health Plans

Target offers its employees two medical plans through UnitedHealthcare.

Depending on where Target is located, there are three regional medical plans offered by Kaiser, HMSA and Bind.

Every medical plan comes with pharmacy benefits, which provide coverage for various medications, such as generic, name-brand and specialty drugs.

Vision plans

Target offers vision coverage to its employees through the EyeMed Vision Plan. The EyeMed Vision Plan covers eye exams, contact lenses, and glasses from an in-network provider.

EyeMed Vision Plan coverage is subject to an annual cap, but it is completely optional for employees.

Target employees can enroll in one or more of their medical plans. Your eye exam is included in your enrollment.

Dental Plans

Employees who are targeted can also have dental coverage through Delta Dental. They can choose between the Standard and Enhanced plans.

These plans offer partial or full coverage, and cover a portion of eligible dental expenses.

Health Savings Plans

Target employees can automatically set aside a portion of their paycheck to pay eligible medical, pharmacy and vision expenses.

To access the Target healthcare savings plan, you don’t need to be enrolled in any Target medical plan. Funds roll over up to $550 so long as your eligibility remains.


Target employees have the opportunity to receive the following other well-being and medical perks:

Target offers its employees the following health and well-being perks:

  • Virtual healthcare via CirrusMD
  • 24/7 counseling
  • Grand Rounds access: Free advice from a licensed doctor for employees and their families
  • Savings Solution (service to help you save money when you buy prescriptions)
  • Digital sleep improvement program
  • Support program for Maternity
  • Daylight Access (an app that provides support for mental health)
  • Real Appeal (customized programs for weight loss)
  • Flu shots (no cost, no matter what insurance coverage)
  • Well-being rewards

Does Target Provide Financial Perks To Employees?


Target also aids employees to save and invest their money.

Target, for instance, offers 100% matching up to 5% to your paycheck in 401(k). However, you must still be 18 and have at least 1,000 hours of work experience.

Target also offers other financial perks, such as:

  • Direct deposit
  • Receive a cash advance via DailyPay
  • Identity theft protection
  • Insurance for life (company-paid coverage equaling one time your annual income)
  • You can get short-term and long-term coverage for disability.

Target offers discounts and benefits to employees.

Target believes all employees should have access the wonderful benefits offered by the company.

Target employees who work full-time or part-time can take advantage of this discount, as well as all the financial and medical perks offered by the company.

Target has different qualifications depending on how many hours worked. Certain perks, like the medical coverage plans, are available only to full-time Target employees.

Is Target a Good Place to Work?

Target is currently the second largest retailer in America, with over 1,800 stores and 350,000 employees.

Target is constantly growing and often hires new employees. Target employees love working because of the competitive wage they receive.

Target offers $15 an hour minimum starting wage regardless of job title. Target employees have the possibility to increase their hourly earnings if they remain with the company for a longer time.

Target’s advancement opportunities are another reason why it is a great option.

Most of the people who are now in leadership roles at the company started their careers as store workers and were eventually promoted to more responsible positions.

Target is a great place for you to begin a career if your goal is to become an hourly worker.


Target offers many perks and discounts for employees. Target employees can enjoy a 10% discount on all products as well as a 20% discount for grocery and health items.

This discount can be used in-store as well as online. Target offers employees free access and insurance for vision, medical and vision.

Target also offers opportunities for advancement. Many employees in higher management began as hourly workers.

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Target Employee Discount: Here’s How It Works So You Don’t Get Busted

Target’s employee discount is one the most popular perks they offer their workers. This article is likely that you are looking for information about Target or you are considering applying for a job there.

However, like any retailer discount, there are some caveats and tricks that you need to know in order maximize your savings. Let’s take a look at Target’s employee discount to answer all your questions.

Target Employee

What is the Target Employee Discount?

Target gives a 10% discount for employees.

This discount applies to both in-store purchases and stuff you purchase at

The Target Wellness discount also gives workers an additional 20 percent off fresh (and freezed) fruits and veggies

Rob said that you can combine the Target REDCard discount and get an additional 5% off.

What Form of Payment Can You Use?

You can get the employee discount by using cash, Target gift cards, or a TargetREDCard.

The REDcard (debit/credit card) offers a 5% discount. That brings your total discount up to a solid 15.

Are Any Items Not Included in My Discount?

Yes, some items aren’t eligible. These are the biggest ones…

Alcohol: Don’t get a discount for your employees if you don’t want to buy alcohol.

– Gift wrapping

Hunting/Fishing License. You must pay the full amount to hunt or fish in your own area.

– Target+ Items.

– Gift Cards- This makes sense, since it is easy to make money from gift cards.

– Things you sell or exchange for profit- This one seems a bit open-ended. It is left up to the manager.

How Do I Get My Discount?

You can shop in-store by simply going to any open checkout lane, and showing your Target team member card. This card has all the necessary information.

To receive your online discount, create a Account and enter your Team Member number into the About Me Section of your Account.

Can you pay Target bill online?

Online. Login and click on “Pay Now” to access your Target account. Phone. To make a payment or to speak to a Target representative, call 800 659-2396.

How do I make a payment to Target?

Four ways to make your RedCard Credit Card payment
  1. Online. Log in at Pay now.
  2. By Phone. Call 800-659-2396.
  3. In Store.
  4. By Mail.

How can I find my Target account?

Access your Target account via My Target from the Target app ….
Click the gear icon in upper right corner to edit in your account.

  1. Profile: Update your name, team number, contact information and your password.
  2. Payment cards: Add, Edit or Remove payment card

How do I log into my Target credit card?

Log in to your Target Credit Card Account. Visit the Target login page and enter your username/password in the appropriate fields. Click the “Sign in” button to access your online account. If you do not have an account yet, you’ll need to create one.

Can I pay my Target card on the app?

Target’s new Wallet app: A quicker, simpler way to save and pay. Today we are introducing Wallet to the Target App, a smarter way for Target customers to pay at Target stores and save. With the Wallet, guests can pay with their Target Redcard and get Cartwheel savings–all by scanning their phones at checkout.

Can I pay Target with PayPal?

Target now accepts PayPal (except Target Plus Partners), for payment on its website in 2022. Target customers can also pay in-store with PayPal by using NFC (contactless), payments on smartphones.

How do I pay with Google online at Target?

Target to Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Contactless Cards
  1. Look: Check for the Contactless Symbol on the store’s checkout terminal.
  2. Tap: When prompted, bring your card or device within a few inches of the reader screen.
  3. Go: Get the OK—a “beep” or “thanks!”—and go!

Does Target take Google pay?

Mobile Payments, such as Apple Pay(r), Google Pay[tm], Samsung Pay or any other contactless digital wallet. Alipay can be approved only in authorized stores. Campus Cash can only be accepted in authorized shops

How do I pay with Sezzle on Target?

Just choose your Sezzle Card from your mobile wallet, and then tap your phone on the payment terminal for complete purchase with Sezzle. Sezzle will send an email confirmation with order details and payment plan.

How do I check my balance on my Target REDcard?

Register in online banking for the easiest way to check your Target Credit Card Balance. Online banking allows you to add cardholders and set up card alerts. You can also schedule Target Credit Card payments or make paperless statements.


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