Target Price Match Policy

Target Price Match Policy – Many people shop at Target stores (and online) on a weekly basis to stock up on items like shampoo, household goods, sporting goods, clothing, gadgets, food, and more. You want to make sure you’re receiving the greatest deal possible on your purchases.  

But it would be useful to look at the list of stores that Target will price match if you’ve ever noticed a lower price after purchase and wondered if Target does match other businesses’ prices. Retail behemoths and rivals like Amazon and Walmart are also on this list.

Continue reading to learn more about Target’s price matching policy, how to execute a price match, and how to ask for a price adjustment for an additional chance to save money.

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What is the Target Price Match Policy?

The fact that Target matches prices are a plus. Hooray! Yet how?

They don’t overcomplicate it. 29 stores are on the list that Target will match prices with (I share this below). When you present the lower price to the Target cashier or contact Target customer care if you’re purchasing online, they will either honor the lower price at checkout or refund you the difference if you find it at any of these stores’ websites or in printed advertisements.

Unlike other stores, they make it quite simple to get the lower price, but they still have guidelines and restrictions.

How Does it Work?

  1. Amazon
  2. Apple
  3. Bed Bath and Beyond
  4. Bestbuy
  5. Barnes and Noble
  6. Buy Buy Baby
  7. Chewy
  8. Costco
  9. CVS
  10.  Dicks Sporting Goods
  11.  Gamestop
  12.  Home Depot
  13.  JCPenney
  14.  Kmart
  15.  Kohls
  16.  Lowes
  17.  Macy’s
  18.  Newegg
  19.  Office Depot
  20.  Petco
  21.  Petsmart
  22.  Sam’s Club
  23.  Sears
  24.  Sephora
  25.  Staples
  26.  Ulta
  27.  Walgreens
  28.  Walmart
  29.  Wayfair

You can price match at Target if you see the exact item you’re buying at a lower price on one of these websites or in a store advertisement. However, the product must be precise, including the model, attributes, color, size, and fashion. The price must also be current; an old advertisement or promotion cannot be used.

If you discover a deal on a “deal website,” such as Koopy, you must verify its validity on the retailer’s official website. If you use a printed advertisement, be sure to bring the full advertisement or display the entire digital version on your phone.

Additionally, the item must be available at both Target and the retailer you’re price matching, and Target reserves the right to

What are the Exclusions?

Target’s price match policy contains exceptions, as do most others. The first is that no Target location in Hawaii or Alaska will price match.

among other exclusions are:

  • Closeout or clearance
  • Prices for restored or harmed goods
  • Lightning or doorbuster sales
  • Pricing because of a retailer’s mistake
  • Pricing on the market provided by independent vendors
  • products that contain alcohol (in some states)
  • Price matching in-store from other Target stores

target price match policy

How to Request a Target Price Match?

The crucial element now is how to make a price match request. Your method of operation depends on how you shop.

Shopping Online at

Dial 1-800-591-3869 to contact Target Guest Services if you are shopping online at Target and discover a lower price elsewhere. The customer support agent will assist you in obtaining the cheaper price, typically by refunding you the difference following confirmation that it is an exact match from a recognized shop. 

Shopping In-Store at Target

When you visit a Target store to make a purchase, getting a price match is incredibly simple. Bring in the proof if you discover a lesser price before paying. Since the majority of individuals own smartphones, it is simple to open the advertisement or website and show the cashier. Unless there is a significant difference, most employees can authorize a price match; otherwise, they may need to contact management.

Bring your receipt and the advertisement, or your phone with the website/ad on it, to Guest Services if you already purchased the item and discovered a lower price afterward. For up to 14 days following the purchase, they will refund you the difference if they accept the price match.

How to Increase your Chances of Getting a Price Match at Target?

It is best to be ready in order to get your price match accepted at Target. It’s simple to get a price match at Target because they have some of the laxest rules, but here are some suggestions to make it simpler.

  • Make sure the goods are the same. You cannot, for instance, match the price of a 20-ounce product with a 15-ounce product. Make sure this isn’t the case and price match only identical things down to the color. Some stores have items created uniquely for them.
  • Have evidence of the cheaper pricing. Target is forgiving when it comes to demonstrating the lower price, but browsing the retailer’s website and having the complete competition ad on hand will expedite the process and guarantee you can secure the price match.
  • For a period of 14 days, check the cost of any expensive products you purchased. If the item is expensive enough, think about looking around even after you’ve bought it to see if you can catch it on sale somewhere else. Target will modify your pricing for 2 weeks after buying it.
  • Verify that the product is available from rival stores. Make sure the item is in stock if you are price matching a product at another online retailer. Target is not required to match prices if the item is out of stock. There is one exception, though. You don’t need to worry about whether an item is in stock if you’re price matching it from to a purchase made in-store.

Target Price Match Policy FAQs

What is Target’s policy on price adjustments?

Within 14 days of your purchase, if you discover a lower price that is currently available, just present the proof, and we will, upon request, alter your payment to reflect the lower price. Price changes and matching at Target are carried out in any lane of the shop. Call Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869 for purchases made on the website.

Does Target deny price match?

We reserve the right to check the product’s availability and a competitor’s advertised pricing. Target has the right to reject the request if the lower price cannot be verified. The item’s brand, size, weight, color, quantity, and model number must all match exactly.

Does Target match Amazon prices?

Target’s price is the same as Amazon’s. assuming your product has the exact same brand, size, weight, color, number of pieces, quantity, and model. One restriction is that Amazon must sell and fulfill the item in order for the price matching to apply; products from independent sellers are not eligible.

Does Target’s self-checkout price match?

Simply said, absolutely. If you find a cheaper price for an in-store Target purchase on, on the websites of a few online competitors, in one of Target’s local print advertisements, or in one of a competitor’s local print advertisements, Target will match it.

Does Target’s price match with Costco’s?

Price-wise, does Target match Costco’s? Target will match Costco’s in-store or online price. Price matching should be available at any standard checkout line. By phoning customer care, you can use Target’s price match policy to price match Costco when you shop online.

Who is Target’s biggest competitor?

Walmart presents Target with its most significant rivalry. In the US, it has over 4743 retail locations, while its international subsidiaries have more than 5,000. Another significant rival is Amazon, which has millions of customers through its online store and Amazon Prime subscriber base.

Final Thoughts – Target Price Match Policy

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One of the stores where prices can be easily matched is Target. They are accommodating in their rules, simple to work with, and even willing to price match goods for a period of 14 days, allowing you extra time to save money.

You can price match almost anything else, with the exception of items that are out of stock at other retailers; you can obtain the cheaper price at Target. Like most retailers, you can’t price match 50% off specials or buy X to get $10 off sales; the items must be identical. Only genuine prices that a Target employee can verify by consulting an advertisement or the retailer’s website are eligible for price matching.

You can easily discover that you may buy your products at your preferred store and save money by using the list of 29 stores that Target price matches!


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