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The Habit Burger (also known as The Habit or The Habit Burger Grill) is a fast-casual restaurant chain, specializing in sandwiches and hamburgers. Habit Burger costs are slightly higher than typical fast food prices however it is still possible to get diverse meals for less than $10 per meal.

The restaurant is renowned for its Charburger, which was voted the best hamburger on the market in America according to Consumer Reports in 2014. It is fast gaining the reputation of serving some of the top higher-end quality hamburgers.

In addition to offering burgers as well, they offer many sandwiches (including vegetarian) salads, as well as side dishes.

Here are the most up-to-date Habit Burger menu prices.


Meals Includes Fries and a Drink

Charburger with Cheese$4.05
BBQ Bacon Charburger$4.75
BBQ Bacon Charburger with Cheese$5.35
BBQ Bacon Charburger – Meal$8.70
Teriyaki Charburger$3.75
Teriyaki Charburger with Cheese$4.35
Teriyaki Charburger – Meal$7.70
Mushroom Swiss Charburger$4.95
Mushroom Swiss Charburger – Meal$8.90
Santa Barbara Style Charburger$6.00
Santa Barbara Style Charburger – Meal$9.95
Dbl Charburger$4.45
Dbl Charburger with Cheese$5.05
#1 The Original – Meal$7.40
#2 The Original – Meal$8.40


Meals Includes Fries and a Drink

Albacore Sandwich$7.29
Albacore Sandwich – Meal$11.24
Chicken Sandwich$5.99
Chicken Sandwich – Meal$9.94
Veggie Burger$4.99
Veggie Cheeseburger$5.59
Veggie Burger – Meal$8.94
Tri-Tip Sandwich$7.29
Tri-Tip Sandwich – Meal$11.24
Chicken Club Sandwich$6.99
Chicken Club Sandwich – Meal$10.94
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$3.99
Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Meal$7.94


Grilled Chicken Salad$6.99
BBQ Chicken Salad$6.99
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$6.99
Santa Barbara Cobb Salad$7.99
Garden Salad$3.99
Caesar Salad$3.99


French Fries$2.00
Onion Rings$2.40
Sweet Potato Fries$2.80
Tempura Fried Green Beans$2.95
Sweet Potato Fries/Onion Rings (Half & Half)$2.80
Sweet Potato Fries/French Fries (Half & Half)$2.80
Fries/Rings (Half & Half)$2.40
Side Caesar Salad$2.55
Side Salad$2.55


Dasani WaterBottle – 17 oz.$1.95

Frozen Treats

Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Coffee or Mocha)16 oz.$3.60
Malt (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Coffee or Mocha)16 oz.$3.60


Meals Include Fries, Apple Slices or Applesauce, and a Drink

Kids Charburger – Meal$3.99
Kid Grilled Cheese – Meal$3.99
Kids Chicken Nuggets – Meal5 Pc.$3.99
Kids Chicken Nugget1 Pc.$0.59


Habit Burger Habit Burger was founded on the 15th of November 1969. It was a modest operation at the time and things began to change when Karp Reilly an equity-based private company bought the company from the owners of Sta. Barbara and grew the chain.

Habit Burger has a total of 243 locations as of the present. They were also named the 2018 Pacesetter Award Winner in April.


The restaurant is basic and well-organized. The atmosphere is suitable for all ages. The chairs and tables are set up so to allow guests to enjoy their meals comfortably.

They have a wide selection of dishes that will please your appetite. Their burgers are truly tasty and filling. Kids will also enjoy everything at the restaurant.

I would recommend their Santa Barbara Cobb Salad which includes a blend of fresh vegetables, eggs, and bacon. Its famous Charburger with cheese will enhance the dining experience.

The servers are friendly and always help their customers. They also never ever complain about the demands of customers. They quickly deliver the food at the time they promised.

The Habit Burger Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

Brands such as Checkers and rallies provide their nutritional breakdown on their websites. For a nutritional breakdown of the products that are on the Habit Burger menu, you will need to visit the link above.

The Habit Burger Franchise Details

There are two-hundred Habit Burger stores there. The company has stores across the United States, China, and the UAE. The majority of the locations are located in America. If you’re planning to start a The Habit Burger store, here’s the cost for you.

Franchise Fee$35,000
Working Capital$90,000 to $120,000
Total Investment$1,169,000 to $1,402,000
Working Capital5% of Gross Sales

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The Habit Burger Contact Details

The Habit Burger Corporate Office Address- 17320 Red Hill Ave. Suite 140, Irvine, CA 92614

The Habit Burger Corporate Phone Number- +1 949-851-8881

You can also contact the team of The Habit Burger by using the contact form on their website.

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The Habit Burger Grill FAQ

Does the habit have an impossible burger?

The Habit recognizes that its customers want a taste of culinary delight. They have the Impossible Bistro Burger and Original Impossible Burger provide all the flavor signature to the Habit, created with meat from plants. The Habit recognizes that its guests are in search of culinary delights.

Does Habit Burger have a secret menu?

The most recent new addition to this latest addition to the Route 1 corridor’s food scene has an unofficial menu. It is possible to order any burger that is wrapped inside lettuce rather than buns or bun, and also an option Caesar salad menu that is made from grilled albacore and teriyaki sauce.

How many calories are in an In N Out hamburger?

There are around 480 calories in the In-N-Out cheeseburger. The cheeseburger has 27g of fat 39 grams of carbs and 22 grams of protein. There are 395 calories contained in the In N Out fries.

Does the habit use Doordash?

Get The Doordash mobile app
Delivery and pick-up are available from Participating The Habit Burger Grill locations throughout The United States and Canada. Charges apply. Prices and products can vary according to the region. The terms and conditions apply.

Does the habit pay weekly?

Everyone is paid on the next day. each for two weeks. What is the average time you are money in the restaurant Habit Burger Grill? Every two weeks.


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