Understanding Macy’s Price Match Policy 2022❤️

Macy’s Price Match Policy provides customers with one of the most advantageous deals and offers that can be found in any of its department stores or on its primary website.

The fact that the item is currently being sold at a price that is significantly lower than the amount that you paid for means that the pricing has to be adjusted. You will have no trouble making use of their policy on pricing adjustments in order to get a refund for the difference that was specified.

Allow me to walk you through the steps necessary to take advantage of the Price Match Policy offered by Macy’s in order to save more money while shopping.

Understanding Macy’s Price Match Policy

Macy’s Price Match Guide

You can readily exploit these policy reforms to get the necessary amount of difference on a product by following this straightforward guide, which is presented here.

In the instance of Macy’s, the facility of price matching is not offered to the businesses that are considered to be its direct competitors.

The one and only policy that it offers is valid for the circumstance of price adjustment, often known as the reimbursement of the difference in price between two identical products. This policy applies to purchases made in-store as well as those made through Macy’s website.

Macy’s Price Match & Adjustment Policy

Have a look at the table below to gain a better understanding of how the price match policy at Macy’s applies to both in-store and online purchases:

Price Match Policy Information
Other Stores Allowed
Time Limit 10 Days
Required Info Order Number
Refund Type Price Adjustment
Refund Issuance To Original Payment Method
Refund Processing Time Instant
How To Request Via Online Chat

The policy of Price Matching at Macy’s

According to the company’s price match and adjustment policy, Macy’s does, in fact, match the prices of competing retailers.

The only thing you need to do is initiate a request for a pricing adjustment through the online chat system that is available for customer service.

If the retailer determines that you are qualified for a price adjustment refund, you will receive an amount that is equivalent to the difference in price.

Take for instance the fact that you purchased a handbag from Macy’s that was originally priced at $100 but subsequently discovered that the same handbag was on sale at JCPenney for just $75.

In this scenario, the price difference is $100 minus $75, which equals $25, which, according to the price match policy of Macy’s, you are qualified to earn back from the retailer.

Does Macy’s Price Match Its Website?

The items that you purchased through Macy’s very own online site, macys.com, are eligible for a price match guarantee from the department store.

You are able to submit an immediate request for a price adjustment if you have recently made a purchase on macys.com and then discovered that the same item is available at a lower price at a Macy’s store located in your area.

You only need to double-check one item, and that is to ensure that you didn’t miss out on the 10-day window of opportunity.

Factors of Price Match

In order to take advantage of Macy’s Price Match Policy, you will need to comply with a number of specific guidelines or criteria. You are eligible to submit an application for the price difference claim if the item that you purchased appears to satisfy the criteria that are listed below.

In case of the purchase online

The things that you purchased on the official website of Macy’s, which is macys.com, are subject to a variety of various considerations.

Beginning ten days after the date of your purchase, the period of time used to compare the lower price of an identical item to the one you want to claim for begins.

Your refund will be processed using the same method of payment as was originally used. It is planned to proceed with the same mode of payment.

When determining whether or not to provide a refund, the availability of the product is another crucial consideration.

You should also look into the comparable Price Match Policy offered by Best Buy, which gives you 10 days to Price Match your merchandise.

In case of the purchase at Macy’s store

In the event that you made your purchase through an official Macy’s outlet or store, the aforementioned considerations continue to apply.

Note that this also includes a grace period that is extended by about 14 days in the event that an Apple iPhone is purchased. In contrast, the time limit for returns on other Apple items might be as long as thirty days after the original purchase.

Therefore, Macy’s makes the necessary adjustments to its prices based on the aforementioned considerations.

Macy’s Price Matching Stores List

Price Match Stores Doesn’t Price Match
Sears Amazon
Bloomingdale’s Target
Nordstrom Walmart
JCPenney Home Goods
Belk Costco
Saks Fifth Avenue Von Maur
Crate and Barrel eBay
Kohl’s QVC
Lord & Taylor Lululemon
William Sonoma Victoria’s Secret
Dillard’s Gucci
Bon Ton Lowe’s
Neiman Marcus Bed Bath & Beyond
Sur La Table Home Depot

Macy’s Response

Macy’s policy says that customer and employee safety is our motive. To prevent them is the most important thing and hence they took many precautions and steps for their safety. Here are some of the measures that are taken care of.

Before arriving at the shifts all the colleagues have to go for a checkup.

Hand sanitizer is made available for all colleagues and customers.

Cleaning procedure to high touch areas has increased.

A minimum of 6 feet of distancing is maintained.

Gloves and face masks are made compulsory.

The procedure of Price Adjustment

In order to successfully file a claim for a refund of the difference in amounts, you will need to complete a few easy procedures outlined in this method.

In order to verify the authenticity of the product, you need to produce the original receipt of purchase.

Please also include the order number so that we can trace the information about your purchase.

In the case of an online adjustment, you can submit an application for it directly through the official website that was previously indicated.

In order to complete the verification and authentication process for the item, you will need to show the relevant documents.

After you have completed all of the steps in this process, Macy’s will finally issue you a refund for the difference that you have been requesting.


Macy’s operates independently of its physical and virtual stores, including its website. As a result, there are a few exceptions to the rule when it comes to the modification of prices.

There are several things that are not sold in both the official stores and the online stores.
Simply because an item can be purchased online does not guarantee that it will be stocked in any of the physical locations.

  • In addition, the prices of the things are not the same whether you buy them online or in one of their stores.
  • Therefore, you are unable to make a price adjustment claim in the retail location for an item that you bought online.
  • In the event that an adjustment is made in a store, a purchase coupon or discount that was offered in an online transaction will not apply. And vice-versa.
  • When making purchases in-store at a Macy’s location, you will not be eligible for the free shipping costs or rewards that are offered for online purchases.

Note: Please keep in mind that we are mindful of the customer’s privacy policy. There is absolutely no way for a third party to apply for the necessary price adjustment through Macy’s.

Gift Cards and Vouchers at Macy’s

When it comes to gift cards or vouchers, Macy’s provides customers with the option to get a price adjustment, regardless of whether they made their purchase in-store or online. Both the official online platform and the retail locations of Macy’s allow for straightforward redemption of gift cards and electronic coupons.

The only place you can redeem points for prizes or bonuses is in one of Macy’s brick-and-mortar locations; you can’t do it on their website or online.

Understanding the Pricing Policy of Macy’s

There are various inconsistencies in the functioning of the Price Match scenario at Macy’s because of the pricing elements of the products there. In most circumstances, this occurs when there are certain exceptional instances of a difference in the cost of the products.

The clearance sale is the time when such price changes occur more often than at any other time. because it maintains a downward trend in the price for as long as there is continuous availability of stock.

Also, Special Purchase deals or prices usually depend on stock availability. Because there is less manufacture of products, supplies have a tendency to run out. It’s possible that certain things were created expressly for the purpose of being sold at such extraordinary prices or at clearance sales, etc.

Therefore, the likelihood of successfully submitting a Price Match request diminishes in every scenario like this one. This is because of the variation in prices that occurs in such unique circumstances.

Macy’s Price Adjustment Phone Number

The items that you purchased through Macy’s very own online site, macys.com, are eligible for a price match guarantee from the department store.

You are able to submit an immediate request for a price adjustment if you have recently made a purchase on macys.com and then discovered that the same item is available at a lower price at a Macy’s store located in your area.

You only need to double-check one item, and that is to ensure that you didn’t miss out on the 10-day window of opportunity.


You have up to ten business days from the date of your most recent purchase to submit a request for a refund to Macy’s in accordance with the retail chain’s policy regarding price adjustments and price matching. This applies whether you find an identical product at a Macy’s location, on the Macy’s website, or at any other retailer.

Price matching at other retailers is completely contingent on the store’s policies at the time of the customer’s request; nonetheless, it is entirely up to Macy’s to decide whether or not they will price match a retailer. For instance, it does not match the prices of retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Nordstrom Rack, etc.


Does Macy’s do a price match?

Even if a rival retailer offers a product at a lower price, Macy’s will not match that price, either in-store or on the website.

Does Macy’s Do Price Adjustments?

You are welcome to take advantage of Macy’s policy that allows for price adjustments either in one of their physical stores or on their website. Keep in mind that there will be certain exceptions.

How much time extension do Macy’s provide?

It extends the time limit by 14 days, starting from the date when the product was purchased.

What is Macy’s price match policy?

Regrettably, the department stores operated by Macy’s do not participate in price matching. Within ten days after the date of purchase, any decrease in the pricing of products that were purchased can result in an adjustment being made to the buyer’s account if the company adheres to its price adjustment policy.

How long can you get a price adjustment at Macy’s?

What Is the Macy’s Price Adjustment Policy? Customers have ten days after the purchase of an item to submit requests for price adjustments. If you made your purchases through Macys.com, the duration of the adjustment period will commence on the day that you submitted your order.

What does Macy’s last act mean?

Macy’s has been rolling out “Last Act” sale sections in all of its shops over the course of the past year or two. The pricing structure in some sections has been streamlined: items have significant price reductions, but customers cannot use coupons or receive any other discounts on them.

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