Village Ticket Prices: How much is a ticket at Village? Update 2022

Village Ticket Prices – It’s been said repeatedly the fact that Australian cinema is among the most popular across the world. A good example of this could be Village Roadshow Limited which is perhaps the most well-known among film enthusiasts across the world. As an important film distributor and producer from Australia, Their contribution to the local cinema are definitely significant.

This is the reason that, despite not being the biggest movie exhibitor in the nation, Village Cinemas still manages to be one of the top in the industry. With an owner firm that excels in all aspects of entertainment and their exhibits division, they are likely to perform very well too.

Below are approximate Village Cinemas ticket prices.

Village Ticket Prices




Children (3-14 years) $16.50
Adult $22.00
Senior $13.00-$14.00
Student/Concession $18.50-$19.00


Children (3-14 years) $19.00
Adult $25.00
Senior $16.00
Student/Concession $21.50


Children (3-14 years) $22.00
Adult $28.00
Senior $19.00
Student/Concession $24.50


Children (3-14 years) $19.00-$19.50
Adult $24.50-$25.00
Senior $16.00-$17.00
Student/Concession $21.50-$22.00
Family (3) $54.00
Family (4) $67.00


Children (3-14 years) $22.00-$22.50
Adult $28.00
Senior $19.00-$20.00
Student/Concession $22.50-$24.50


Children (3-14 years) $10.00
Adult $10.00
Senior $10.00
Student/Concession $10.00
Family (3) $27.00
Family (4) $36.00


Children (3-14 years) $32.00
Adult $32.00
Senior $32.00
Student/Concession $32.00


Children (3-14 years) $42.00
Adult $42.00
Senior $42.00
Student/Concession $42.00


Children (3-14 years) $13.00-$15.00
Adult $19.00-$20.00
Senior $13.00
Student/Concession $16.50-$17.00


Children (3-14 years) $15.00
Adult $20.00
Senior $13.00
Student/Concession $17.00
Family (3) $45.00
Family (4) $55.00


Children (3-14 years) $18.00
Adult $23.00
Senior $16.00
Student/Concession $20.00

History of Village Cinemas

Village Roadshow is the parent firm of the company it founded, Village Cinemas. Then in the year 1988 Warner Bros joined the chain and was the owner of 1/3 shares of the business. It owned and developed screens such as Cinema Europa, Vmax, and Gold Class and also partnered with other chains of cinemas around the world.

When it was established with Roc Kirby Village Cinemas successfully expanded and improved the cinema experience by establishing additional entertainment venues that aim to attract more audiences. Now the CEO is Kirk Edwards.

With new ideas that were developed to make the cinema experience more appealing to consumers, Village Cinemas has provided the best entertainment experience to audiences, not only in Melbourne but in many regions around the globe.

With 3D and stereoscopic projection, The company offers greater than 22,000 projection systems that allow high-quality screening throughout Australia, Singapore, Argentina, Greece, Fiji, and in affiliated cinemas. Presently it is known as the RealD 3D system is one of the most advanced projection systems that movie patrons have ever seen.

Village Cinemas Review

With premium websites such as Vmax, Cinema Europa, and Gold Class, guests enjoy high-end quality films in an intimate environment. Additionally, they offer VMC family passes as well as baby-friendly programming and Kidz flix, senior’s Friday films and student popcorn Mondays, and many more to pick from.

Village Cinemas also provide first-class cinema services, drinks, and food for customers who want to watch a movie while inside an entirely 3D-ready, fully electronic cinema featuring a lavish armchair.

The kinds of films they show currently consist of 2D, 3D, RealD, Vmax, documentaries, concerts, and more on an ultra-wide, wall-to-wall projection screen.

At Gold Class cinemas, guests receive gourmet food from a personal waiter at an all-inclusive bar during the duration of the film.

The Village Mobile Ticketing website makes purchasing tickets to cinemas more convenient for moviegoers. There is no need to wait in line at ticket booths at the cinema prior to watching films.

Cinemas with the latest technology in Village Cinemas provide people with seating in stadiums 3D blockbuster movies Digital projection, easy ticket buying, and an unparalleled cinema experience.

Gold Class

Gold Class was the first in the realm of high-end movie theatre experience in Australia. Gold Class is available at a variety of places in Australia and Argentina Greece. In the cinemas that Village operated, Gold Class operates under licenses granted by their new proprietors. Don’t worry! All of them have the same amenities as the Gold Class. Gold Class.

If you can save a little bit of money for your cinema experience We recommend you give your Gold Class experience a go. It’s the best film-watching in Australia.

Combining luxurious recliner seats and bar services with exquisite food that is on the menu personal service from a waiter, relaxing lounge facilities with modern technology in cinema to leave in Gold Class.

the village movies

Villages’ Gold Class tickets are much more expensive than their standard movie experience. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the budget – why not?

Some of the options available on their menus are:

  • Cheese and Fruit Platter: Enjoy an abundance of soft and hard cheese, along with fresh and dried fruit, quince paste, and an assortment of crackers.
  • Death by chocolate – A chocolate lover’s delight: enjoy the rich Toblerone cheesecake, velvety chocolate obsession ice cream, and velvety chocolate mousse. Add a side of Maltesers.
  • Regent Nachos- A large bowl filled with crispy, crunchy corn chips and topped with warm, tangy tomato salsa. Serve with guacamole and sour-cream sides.

You can also order a lot more. Here’s a sample of their menu Albury Gold Class Menu.

Click to find out more about Gold Class in Australia.

Village Special Events

Village Cinemas offers a range of special events and regular programming for Australians who want to experience something new.

Their most regular and popular events are the Indian cinema screenings which they regularly present at selected locations. You will be delighted to find the most recent and greatest Bollywood and Asian movies on Village’s screens in Australia.

These four locations are where you can see Indian films currently:

  • Fountain Gate
  • Knox
  • Sunshine
  • Werribee

Asian films are only available in one location, Century City.

Given the growing diversity of the Australian population, we can expect to see more cinemas expanding their international movie offerings for their customers in the near future.

village meridian cinema

There are many other events that include special screenings for families, including Baby Friendly Sessions (lights will be dimmed but not turned off, so there is no need to worry about babies making noises). This event also offers easy access for prams/rockers. for more information.

Village Cinemas is currently the best place to get a discounted or promotional ticket, based on all of the movie ticket prices around the globe.

Their list is long, but we’ll only be focusing on the best.

  • Student Popcorn Monday- Get large popcorn free for students with a ticket
  • $9 movie tickets for carers in Victoria every Monday
  • V-Mates: Bulk Discounts on Movie Tickets for Students
  • $12 Glenorchy movie tickets Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday
  • $10 Movie Tickets for Geelong Cats Members – Every Day!

You won’t find a better way to get Village movie tickets at a discount than to take advantage of any of the current promotions. And that’s just the beginning. Check out the complete list.

movies at the village

Some rewards that you can redeem with points include:

  • 500 points – Small Popcorn
  • 500 points – Small soft drink
  • 1000 points – Vrewards package
  • 1500 points – Large combo
  • 2000 points – Traditional movie ticket
  • 2000 points Upgrade to Gold Class

This list could go on.

You can view all details, including how you can sign up.

Village Cinema Video

Popular Locations

Village Cinemas is Australia’s largest cinema chain. However, we are sure that certain locations of Village Cinemas are much more popular than the others. This is why this section exists.

Here’s a look at the top-rated cinemas in America, their reviews, and what customers think.

These are Village’s most favored locations.

  • Village Cinemas Knox: 4.0/5 based on 274 reviews – Westfield Knox, 435 Burwood Hwy. Wantirna South VIC
  • Village Cinemas Southland – 4.1/5 based on 228 reviews – Westfield Southland 1239 Nepean Hwy Cheltenham VIC
  • Village Cinemas Doncaster: 4.0/5 based on 181 reviews – Westfield Doncaster. 619 Doncaster Rd., Doncaster VIC
  • Village Cinemas Hobart: 3.6/5 based on 86 reviews. 181 Collins St. Hobart TAS
  • Village Cinemas Sunshine, 3.9/5 based on 202 reviews – Sunshine Marketplace, 80 Harvester Rd Sunshine VIC

It seems that Westfield stores have happier customers. However, this is only a partial list.

Let’s have a closer look to see specific reviews.

The Village cinemas are SO MUCH BETTER. The cinema has improved dramatically since its much-needed renovation. With the new VMAX seats, it is amazing. I would love to have Dolby Atmos installed. The VPremium Cinemas are excellent. The seats are very comfortable, and the VPremium app for ordering food is great. Although it took some time, it is now open. This must be the best cinema anywhere in Tasmania. Leigh Wolf

A good cinema. It is clean and staff are friendly. Great food and comfortable seats. – Tyler Reid

V-Junior, or Vjnr were the reason I gave it 5 stars. They’re great. Vjnr will be a hit with children aged 8 and up. There’s a slide inside the cinema so they can run around in front of the movie. A break is available at the middle of the movie for any nature calls. You will find various play areas outside the doors. This is a great place to have fun and an innovative idea. Walter Adamson

Happy customers! It’s not just because Village Cinemas offer a good movie experience. But also because they pay very little for tickets.

Village Cinemas is the best place to go if you are in Victoria or Tasmania, and want to see the latest film on either a standard screen or the Gold Class.

They deliver a movie experience others are struggling to match, especially with constant upgrades of state-of the-art audio and cinema sound technology.

You can find more information about Village Cinemas at their web site.

Check the ticket prices

By visiting their online ticketing service, you can find out what the theater charges for tickets. Click on the show that interests you to see the online ticketing provider’s pricing. Please note that prices online are usually comparable to those at the box offices, but may be subject to an additional processing charge

Electronic Ticketing Graphic


Village Cinemas, a huge film exhibitor in Australia offers blockbusters, kids, and mainstream, and family-friendly films in addition to documentaries, foreign languages as well as arthouse and documentary films.

Its principal goal is to offer a full-bodied experience by showing films on digital media which don’t lose their quality even after being repeatedly played.

The amazing RealD technology is what makes Village Cinemas unique from other cinemas in Australia. It is well-known for its three-dimensional auditoriums, as well as top-of-the-line service.

One of the most sought-after sellers can be The Coburg Drive-In cinema, which has been in operation since. It features three 33-meter wide screens as well as an FM stereo sound system. Movie lovers can also enjoy the retro-style restaurant which has a SMS ordering system that will deliver orders directly to the customers of the car.

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Reader Voice FAQs 

Are Village Cinemas in Qld?

Village Cinemas is only active in Tasmania and Victoria, which is its home market. Village Roadshow and Amalgamated Holdings Limited have been operating the chain as a joint venture since 2003. This has led to the formation of Australian Theatres.

How do you use village cinema vouchers?

Voucher can be redeemed online at or at the ticket box for movie sessions at participating Village Cinemas locations. You cannot redeem vouchers until 24 hours after purchase. The availability of seats is not guaranteed. To redeem your voucher, you will need to present the voucher.

How long do movies stay in cinemas?

Movie theatres: Insights
Films typically run for around four weeks at minimum 2,000 theaters. Some films will continue to run in theaters for at least 1000 days. In general, a movie will stay in the theater for approximately two weeks.

What is Vmax at Village Cinemas?

Vmax is a cinematic experience at a truly incredible scale. Vmax theatres have state-of-the-art audio visual technology , many with Dolby Atmos surround sound. They are designed to take you into the world of the movie.

Is Village Roadshow Australian owned?

Village Roadshow Limited is an Australian company that operates cinemas, theme parks and produces and distributes movies.

What does Europa mean at Village Cinemas?

Tell stories off and on the screen. Cinema Europa offers a relaxed space for friends to gather over a cup or coffee before enjoying a movie on a big screen. Enjoy your movie-going experience at a more relaxed pace thanks to a large cafe-style menu and fully licensed cinemas. Book Now. View the Menu.


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