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Walmart Price Match Policy – Customers can get the same price on an item they find cheaper according to the customer-friendly Walmart Price Match Policy. You won’t have to worry about losing out on any great deals because Walmart’s price match policy extends to online businesses as well.

However, to learn the specifics of the price match procedure, please begin reading this article:

Walmart Price Match Policy

Walmart’s In-Store Price Match Policy

Walmart does not match competitor prices for in-store purchases, in contrast to many of its rivals. However, if a lower price for the same item can be found on Walmart.com, they will match their own advertising prices. For in-store purchases, they also provide a price adjustment, often known as post-purchase price matching.

When seeking a price match in person at Walmart, keep the following in mind as well:

  • For a price match, the identical item must be available right now on Walmart.com.
  • One price match per customer per day is the maximum allowed for in-store price matching.
  • Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico do not have access to Walmart’s in-store price matching service.
  • Walmart will not match prices listed in advertisements placed in other Walmart stores.

Does Walmart Offers Price Match on Items?

Yes, the prices at Walmart.com’s online store are competitive. Walmart Store, however, only matches the prices of its products on Walmart.com.

You should contact Walmart Customer Care with proof of the lower price you obtained on the competitor’s website if you discover an item from one of its competitors with a lower price than Walmart.com. They will then sell you the item for a lower price. Please continue reading to learn more about Walmart’s rivals.

How does Walmart’s Price Match Policy Work?

Groceries, apparel, electronics, and other consumer goods are all available on Walmart.com. Use price matching to save money if you discover a product for less money from a different retailer than Walmart.com. Furthermore, Walmart.com offers countrywide price matching so you can purchase the item for a similar or even cheaper price.

What are the Criteria?

Walmart.com, like many other retailers, offers price matching, therefore in order to determine whether the goods you wish to purchase qualify for a price match, look for the following:

  • The item must be identified as the first requirement in the criterion. For instance, it needs to match, meaning it must have the exact same color, model, brand, size, and amount.
  • Instead of being sold through other channels like eBay or other third-party merchants, the goods should only be offered on Walmart.com by an approved reseller or partner.
  • Rain checks are not available on Walmart.com for items that aren’t in stock right now.
  • Every day, Walmart will match a customer’s price on one item. New Mexico is exempt from this restriction, thus they are free to match prices on as many things as they like, provided they don’t intend to resell them for more money.

Price Match Process

Walmart’s internet store, Walmart.com, matches the prices of its rivals. You should be aware, nevertheless, that the physical Walmart Store does not match its rivals’ prices. Instead, they only match prices from Walmart.com on its website. The steps for requesting a price match on Walmart.com are as follows:

Walmart’s Price

The following techniques might be used to price match if you discover an item at a Walmart rival with a lower price:

1. Prior to placing your order, get in touch with Walmart Customer Care by calling 1-800-925-6278 or sending them an email. This will guarantee that a certain item sold by a rival company is qualified for the Price Match.

2. Whether or not the item can be price-matched is up to Walmart.com. The eligibility of your product will be confirmed by Walmart.

3. Walmart maintains the right to limit its purchase amounts and amend its regulations at any moment. Additionally, they will only permit one member of a household to use the price match per day and per item.

Walmart’s Price Match Exclusions

Price match exclusions apply in certain situations, such as:

  • The price match policy does not apply to any items you buy from Walmart.com and then see the price drop.
  • Prices set by Marketplace or independent vendors wouldn’t be competitively priced.
  • Items with minimum purchase requirements aren’t eligible for the promotion.
  • Items that are used or damaged won’t be taken into consideration for this.
  • Prices that include discounts for pickup will not be eligible for price matching.
  • Price mistakes and in-store costs are additional exclusions.
  • Alaskan and Hawaiian retailers are not covered by the price match guarantee. Stores wouldn’t want to price match the items if they were lower on their competitors’ lists because prices in such states are greater.
  • Numerous other incentives, like mail-in rebates and financing options, are not covered by Walmart.com’s price match guarantee. The discount offers are also not included in their price matching, aside from that.

What are Walmart’s Price Match Competitors?

A list of merchants who can match Walmart.com prices can be found in the Walmart Price Match Policy. You might read the list more easily because it is alphabetized. This is the list:

  • Academy.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Autozone.com
  • Babiesrus.com
  • Bassproshop.com
  • Bedbathandbeyond.com
  • Bestbuy.com
  • Cabelas.com
  • Chewy.com
  • Dickssportinggoods.com
  • Dollargeneral.com
  • Familydollar.com
  • Homedepot.com
  • Jcenney.com
  • Kmart.com
  • Kohls.com
  • Lowes.com
  • Michaels.com
  • Newegg.com
  • Officedepot.com
  • Oreillyauto.com
  • Pepboys.com
  • Petco.com
  • Petsmart.com
  • Sears.com
  • Sportsauthority.com
  • Staples.com
  • Target.com
  • Walgreens.com

Therefore, your item would not be qualified for the price match if it was not bought from one of the stores on the aforementioned list.

But you can ask for a price match if the item you bought is on our list of rivals.

Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy

The way the price adjustment policy works is that if you buy something from a retailer and the price drops later, you will receive a refund for the difference. You can learn more about Walmart’s lack of a price adjustment policy here.

Product purchased as Pickup Discount

Walmart now provides a partial refund on items purchased online and shipped to any Walmart location for pickup. There won’t be a price match for the item you bought on “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday.” But the products are subject to price adjustment.

Pricing Errors

You won’t know the exact pricing of the item until you place an order on Walmart.com. Your order might be canceled by walmart.com in the event of a pricing error in accordance with Walmart’s Pricing Terms & Conditions. Another possibility is that a pricing error results in the cancellation of the product you purchased.

They will let you know if there is a cancellation, though. Before placing your order, you can also get in touch with Walmart Customer Service Team if you’re worried about a potential pricing issue.

Before making a purchase, you can also speak with customer service to find out if the item qualifies for a price match or not.

Updated Policy in 2022

Walmart no longer matches prices with nearby retailers. To begin, simply scan your product code with the savings app.

You may price match online with Walmart without having to go through a difficult process. To learn more, continue reading below.

For Mobile Phones Users

Here are the instructions for using SavingsCatcher, according to Walmart.com:

You must either register for a Walmart.com account or already be a user.
Possess the ability to use Savings Catcher.
To scan the product receipt, select “Add a Walmart Receipt.”
Once the transaction is complete, you can decide to submit the scanned receipt if you are using Walmart Pay within the app. Otherwise, you may begin using it right away.

For Desktop Users

Here are the processes for customers who made their desktop purchases:

  1. Register on walmart.com.
  2. Register with your account.
  3. Simply select “Savings Catcher.”
  4. Alternatively, visit https://savingscatcher.walmart.com/ directly.
  5. Enter the purchase date and the receipt number.

It will check the price difference with the competitors’ stores closest to the Walmart shop, regardless of whether you select the website or the app. In the event that the listed price from a nearby retailer is lower, you will then be given the difference as a Savings Catcher eGift Card.

Your walmart.com account will save Savings Catcher eGift Cards. This card can be used both online and in-store at Walmart.

There is no longer a need to manually redeem awards. Additionally, since the card has no expiration date, you can take your time choosing the item you wish to purchase.

Walmart no longer offers the option to transfer rewards to a Bluebird card.


Does Walmart.com have Price Adjustment Policy?

You won’t receive a refund or price adjustment if you buy anything from Walmart and the price drops subsequently at Walmart or one of their competitors. Walmart does not offer price modifications, in other words.

Does Walmart let you price match?

Walmart’s price-matching policy gives customers the opportunity to save money while also strengthening brand loyalty. In essence, Walmart’s price match policy specifies that it will match a lower price for an identical product being offered by specific online shops or Walmart.com.

How do you get Walmart to price match?

Customers must fulfill certain requirements in order to use the price match policy:

  • The product needs to be the precise model and make.
  • Both Walmart.com and the website of the other shop must have the item in stock.
  • Every day, one thing per customer.
  • For things that aren’t in stock right now, there won’t be any rain checks given.

When did Walmart stop doing price matching?

Soon, Walmart locations won’t match the pricing offered by rival retailers. Savings Catcher, the company’s app-based price-matching tool, will be discontinued on May 14, Walmart informed Business Insider on Monday.

Can Walmart refuse price match?

Walmart Contacts has the sole authority to match prices, and this authority is subject to change at any moment and without prior warning. At any time, Walmart Contacts has the discretion to reject price matching.

How does price Match work?

Some retailers have a policy known as price matching, also known as a price guarantee, which states that if you discover an identical item for less money, they’ll match or beat the price. Price matching can be requested in-person or online, usually prior to making the purchase, depending on the merchant.


Price matching at Walmart is still an option, even though it’s not as simple as it once was.

If you find the same item offered at a cheaper price on Walmart.com while shopping at a Walmart store, you may always ask for a price match at the time of purchase. Just keep in mind that promotional items, sales from exclusive events, etc. do not count.

Your options are a little more open when purchasing on Walmart.com because the company will match prices from a sizable number of online rivals, including Amazon and Target.

Just keep in mind that Walmart reserves the right to refuse price matching requests at any time, so even if you meet all the standards, there is no assurance your request will be approved.



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