West Marine Price Match Policy ❤️ 2023

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West Marine Price Match Policy – West Marine is a corporation based in Watsonville, California that is owned by Americans. West Marine outlets supply boating and fishing supplies.

West Marine has 247 locations in North America. Customers may also request that West Marine match a competitor’s price.

This page discusses how the West Marine Store matches pricing and modifies fees.

West Marine Price

 West Marine Offers a Price Match In-Store

Yes. They will match in-store prices. You should know if the item is eligible for the price match, which it is. Read the price match criteria at the conclusion of this article to find out more about what qualifies for the item.

  West Marine Offers a Price Match Online

Yes. They will match online prices. If you find anything cheaper at a rival, you can ask them to check the pricing online, via Live Chat, or by calling their phone number.

 West Marine Has a Price Adjustment Policy

Yes. West Marine has a pricing change policy. If you purchase something from them and the price drops within 30 days, you can request a price adjustment if you locate the same item at a lower price from a rival.

They will alter the pricing and offer you the difference once they have determined whether or not the item is qualified.

Marine Price Match Criteria

West Marine offers a price-matching policy. This means that numerous items or deals must fit the criteria for the price match to be valid. What you must do is as follows:

  • The item should be the same at both West Marine and the other retailer.
  • The West Marine shop should be less than 50 miles away.
  • It should come directly from Amazon for Amazon.
  • Pricing should be the real figures of the items, not prices that include sales tax and shipping.
  • When it comes to wholesalers, the pricing at the shop will be matched.

Marine Price Match Process

There is a procedure for matching rates that you should be aware of. It will be simple to request a price match if you understand how it works. This is what happens:

Marine Price Match In-Store Process

  • If you locate an identical item for less money at a competing store, go to that store and ask them to match the price before you buy the item.
  • If you want them to match the price, show them an ad from a competitor with a lower price.
  • The item’s cost will be matched whenever an employee examines the pricing of the item to see if it fits the price match conditions.

Marine Price MatchOnline Process

  • You can contact their customer support online and ask them to match the pricing. You can accomplish this via chat or by dialing a phone number.
  •  Call 1-800-BOATING for more information (262-8464)
  • When you contact them, you should provide them with information about your competitors, such as product names, links, and prices.
  • They will match the price for you once they have determined that the item is qualified.


They frequently have some items that they will not price match, just like any other store with a price-matching policy. Some items are not available at West Marine.

That is, they do not match pricing on various items or discounts. The following are the exceptions:

These things are not priced competitively.

  • You can use the coupon.
  • The objects that were repaired.
  • Items that have already been opened.
  • eBay auctions are auctions that are part of eBay.
  • Amazon’s products for sale.
  • Programs that postpone the payment of interest.
  • Delivery and setup are two of the services offered.

These are not eligible for the price match.

  • The offers for Cyber Week.
  • There are sales, such as Flash Sales.
  • Buy one, get one free offer.
  • The warranties and the plans.
  • Deals for returning customers.
  • Rebates.
  • When you buy, give a gift.
  • Stores that are closing their doors are having sales.
  • The advertisements have served their purpose.
  • Errors in pricing.
  • Prices for direct purchases from West Marine Pro.
  • The store’s services.
  • Prices are not matched for ads that have already ended.

Price Adjustment Process

If the price of an item you purchased from West Marine has dropped within 30 days, you can request that it be changed. This is what happens:

  • Bring the ad with the reduced price and your receipt to the retailer to receive a price adjustment.
  • They will alter the pricing and refund the difference once they have verified that the item fulfills the price and other standards.


We hope you found this post helpful. Shopping should be a breeze now that you’re aware of West Marine’s price-matching policy. Please let us know if you require any assistance in the comments section below.


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