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Tellschnucks Survey is an initiative that Schnucks supermarkets initiated for customers who recently went to the store. The survey allows customers to talk about their experience, and to get an amount of $300 Schnucks gift card by answering questions. You might have heard about the survey from friends who work in the store, or even on the internet. In this article, I’ll explain everything you need to be aware of when taking the survey on Tellschnucks.Com.

Schnucks is an American Supermarket chain that has more than 115 stores across four states. Many customers shop at the locations and experience Schnucks customer Service differently Some like it, while others think it lacking in quality. The chain runs an annual Schnucks Customer Feedback Survey to get their feedback and to determine what services require improvement.

Before you can participate to take part in Schnucks Survey, you must be aware of the prerequisites to be able to access the Tellschnucks.Com website, the rules for determining if you are eligible, and how to fill out the survey correctly. For all this information I would like that you go through the survey. Survey Details

Purchase Required?No
Prize$300 gift card
Entry MethodOnline / Mailing / Telephone
Entry LimitOne entry per person per month
LocationColumbia, Delaware, Maryland, or Virginia
Receipt Valid ForUnlimited days
StatusNot Accepting Surveys

What is the TellSchnucks Survey?

Before we get to the rules, requirements, and procedure for conducting the survey, we’ll discover more about Tellschnucks.Comsurvey. If you reside in in the Midwest in the United States, then you might have been stunned by the stores of Schnucks Supermarket. The stores have a bigger parking space and an exceptional shopping experience thanks to their well-designed layout. The majority of customers who shop on their first visit speak highly about the shopping experience as well as Schnucks’ Customer Service.

The goal of this survey is to determine if the customers are satisfied with the service provided by the store. The survey will ask you questions regarding the availability of the product and staff’s conduct, the store’s layout, the availability of the item, the cleanliness of the store, and general satisfaction when shopping. This Tell Schnucksonline survey allows the company to communicate with numerous customers, rather than asking regarding their satisfaction and general satisfaction with the overall experience.

Every customer should speak up and inform the company whether they’re satisfied with their product or not. The online survey lets customers save a couple of minutes and give honest feedback on the internet. To reward customers the company offers customers a $300 gift card in Schnucks Rewards. This gift card can be available at all Schnucks supermarkets to earn cash benefits, like buying the item at a cheaper price, or other advantages. Check out the next section to find out more information about Check Schnucks Rewards.

Schnucks Survey Rewards

Customers provide their valuable details by taking part in questions on the Tell Schnucks.Com Survey, and they hope to get something back in exchange for their time and effort. The company is also aware that the client has put time into their busy schedules and wants to aid the company with genuine data. Therefore, both parties anticipate rewards for various reasons. By taking the Tellschnucks.Com/Survey, the customers get below rewards.

  • $300 Schnucks E Gift Card

It’s entirely up to the business to alter the reward of Schnucks Gift Cards to other rewards, so make sure you check your receipt prior to proceeding. Now, let’s move on to the requirements of taking Schnucks Tellschnucks.Com/Survey.

Rules & Requirements-

To maximize the benefits your survey adheres to a few fundamental guidelines, and also meets certain requirements to become a certified survey participant.

  • To be able to participate in the study, participants must be 18 years old and possess legal proof of their citizenship within all 50 United States, D.C.
  • They must also not be an employee or representative member of the company.
  • To take the survey You’ll need to have a real Schnucks receipt from a supermarket.
  • You’ll require your email address as well as your phone number by the time you finish the survey. For entry into the sweepstakes, you must have both.
  • To take the survey with adequate connectivity to the internet and a speedy connection, a technological device that connects a computer, smartphone, laptop, or laptop is needed.
  • In order to complete the survey you must speak in English.
  • Anyone who wants to take part in the survey is eligible to participate at a single time for each survey conducted by team members of the supermarket.
  • The coupons of the winner are recognized in the way they are rewarded, and there are no alternatives.
  • The winner is accountable for any additional charges like taxes or levies.
  • The company chooses an appropriate timeframe for you to be a part of within the time frame.

About Schnucks Supermarket Stores?

Schnucks is a grocery store in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States. Edwin Schnuck founded the company in 1939. There currently are around 100 locations for stores.  The business was founded in 1937 as a supplier of meat packaging before changing its name to a supermarket store. Later, it adopted the family’s name, Schnucks, and the family came to possess it.

The company’s first venture was established in a 1,000-square-foot area, and today it employs more than 15.000 employees. This survey’s results are constructive to maintain the company’s high performance. If there’s a problem the company will fix it as quickly as possible, in a secure setting.

The purpose to conduct Schnucks Survey is to reassure customers that shopping at Schnucks is easy. Schnucks has developed two ways to shop for participation: postal and online, to make it simple for anyone who wants to take part in participating in the Schnucks Survey.

Send the company your views if you don’t have a purchase receipt. You should register online because you’ve shopped at Schnucks before and know the situation. Your Schnucks Survey technique determines the winner. Just enter and keep the sweepstakes to redeem the reward.

Contact Schnucks

If you’re having trouble with the TellSchnucks survey, or you are not able to receive your rewards Don’t hesitate to contact customer service via the contact details below:

Customer Service Phone: 314-994-4400 or 800-264-4400 (toll-free)

Customer Support Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except holidays).

Mail: Schnuck Markets, Inc

11420 Lackland Road

P.O. BOX 46928

St. Louis Mo, 63146.


With all the information in this article, I’m certain you’ll have no trouble doing your time taking TellSchnucks Customer Satisfaction Survey. If you take the survey on Tellschnucks.Com’s official site, you can share with the company the experience you had and your thoughts on your experience. You must also be a part of the Schnucks Customer Feedback Survey sweepstakes to be eligible for the Schnucks Gift Card.

If you have any inquiries or information on the subject, please contact me by posting comments. I’m open to all suggestions listed below.

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