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Wilkohaveyoursay.com – Wilko Customer Survey can be found online at www.wilkohaveyoursay.com to gather feedback about your experience with them and to identify ways it can continue to enhance services. Wilko made sure this questionnaire could easily complete without taking up too much of your time, making sure everyone can participate.

By spending just a couple of minutes answering the survey questions, you are providing invaluable data. By sharing your opinions about Wilko services or ways they could improve them, now is also your chance to provide feedback that may result in improvement efforts being implemented.

As an added benefit, Wilko offers its monthly prize draw in which one lucky participant stands a chance at receiving a gift card valued at PS100!

What is the Wilko Customer Feedback Survey?

Wilkinson stores, formerly known as Wilko are focused on customer service and would like for improvement in their storage capabilities. Store managers can’t inquire from each customer if they were satisfied with the services since it could take a long time. Instead, the business has come up with a method to understand the real customer experience, and then work to fix the challenges it faces.

Your successful Wilkohaveyoursay.com Website allows businesses to collect valuable data by asking their customers about their last visit. The questions focus on their satisfaction overall, the manner in which the store’s staff behave and cleanliness, the availability of products as well as other aspects. Customers must be honest in responding to the question.

This Wilko survey is less than a couple of minutes, but the company needs to reward customers for taking that long of time in providing just a few responses. The company also allows the participants to be the winners of the Wilko gift card that they can make use of the next time they visit the store and reap the advantages. For more information about the rewards, go through the following paragraph.

Wilko Customer Feedback Survey Details

Survey NameWilko Customer Experience Survey
Survey Rewards£100 Wilko gift card
Is purchase required?No
Where is the survey valid?Only in the UK
Age limit of the survey18 years & above

Yourwinning thoughts.com Rewards

If you’re completing the survey of customers from Wilko in the very first instance, it is important to be aware of the chances you have to take home after you have completed the survey. Wilko realizes that customers who invest their precious time and effort should receive something to reward them. Therefore, it provides the below-mentioned rewards.

  • A PS100 Visa Gift Card by Wilko

To win a gift card, you need to take part in this Wilko Get Your Say Sweepstakes. You will also receive a Wilkos Voucher Coupon at the end. It will enable you to redeem your prize from the Wilko stores. It is however your choice to take part in this Wilkohaveyoursay.Com Sweepstakes or not.

Only Wilko determines what are the PS100 Gift card and voucher reward, so for more information on the present reward, review your receipt of purchase.

Your winning thoughts.com Requirements

The most recent receipt for purchases from Wilko includes the invitation to survey printed on the back of it.
To complete the survey, pick any suitable device such as a laptop, mobile, or computer, as well as a tablet.
You require a reliable internet connection to finish this survey uninterrupted.
This Wilko Customer Survey will be conducted in English So you need to be aware of the language.

Rules for Wilko Customer Opinion Survey

  • You must be a resident of the UK United Kingdom to be eligible to take part in the study.
  • The age at which you can take this survey is over.
  • This PS100 Wilko gift card will expire and you have to spend it on the spot.
  • Wilko only accepts a single entry from its company. If a customer is attempting to take part in multiple entries, the duplicate entries will be removed.
  • Only complete the survey only if your state or province permits it for legal issues.
  • Wilko will not permit customers to request the payment of their initial rewards in cash.
  • Wilko Are You? Your Say Sweepstakes are not obligatory.
  • Third parties are only able to participate in the survey for the benefit of the customer.

Quicksteps to Win £100 Wilko Gift Card

Go to the WilkoHaveYourSay Survey – Wilko Insiders at www.Yourningthoughts.com or www.Wilkohaveyoursay.com.
After that, enter the amount of money you spent, and the time and date of your visit. Wilko Survey code and go to the feedback page for your survey.
Now, you can answer and rate Wilko Customer Feedback concerns and store experience concerns.
Complete the required personal information at the bottom of this page.
Fill out the survey and you’ll get an entry to the sweepstakes for free.

About Wilko

Wilco Retail Limited is a British private retail chain with over 400 retail locations throughout the United Kingdom. Wilco, formerly known as Wilkinson, is a family-owned enterprise founded in 1930 in Leicester by James Kemsey Wilkinson. The company offers a variety of home and household goods including grocery items, stationery, consumer goods such as DIY, beauty and health products, pet accessories, and kitchen items. and Cosmetics, Sports, and much more.

www.yourwinningthoughts.com Contact Details

The survey provided by Wilko is quite simple to complete since it requires answering a couple of questions, some may require assistance when taking their first survey. Some may encounter problems like “not being able to open the survey website” or other similar. If you’re having these issues or wish to learn how to solve these technical issues Please make use of the information below.

  • Official Wilko Survey Website: yourwinningthoughts. com
  • Official Wilko Sweepstakes Website: Wilkohaveyoursay.com
  • Wilko Prize Draw Terms and Conditions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vZbVs7MDcVQLP0atvpn201UUUgLt6_du/view

Wilko Contact Details

Wilko Customer Care
JK House
Roebuck Way
Manton Wood
Nottinghamshire, S80 3EG.

If you wish to contact the Wilko Group, you can do so easily by ringing them up at 08000 329 329.

E-mail: [email protected]

Final Words Wilkohaveyoursay.com

Wilko sells homewares, furniture, and DIY supplies. The company may conduct customer surveys to get feedback on its products and services from customers. If you received a Wilko survey invitation and want to participate, follow the invitation’s instructions. Wilko can enhance its products and services with your feedback.

Companies often give rewards or incentives for survey participation. Wilko’s survey rewards and incentives are subject to change. Before entering a contest or promotion, read the official rules for the most up-to-date information about the prizes.

Please take the Wilko Customer Survey. Your feedback will help Wilko improve its services.


How do I get in touch with Wilko?

Phone number: 01909 505505.

Is Wilko only in the UK?

Since the 1960s, the panda has been symbolized. The WWF has used it to persuade us to conserve. According to San Diego Zoo’s Ron Swaisgood, their conservation symbol status improves their attraction.

Why is Wilko struggling?

Numerous Wilko stores have shut down for good, and bosses have confirmed lengthy and expensive leases as the reason.

Does Wilko share my personal details with any third parties?

Your survey responses will be kept private by the firm. Click Wilkohaveyoursay.com for the company’s confirmation.

What is the procedure for getting the refund from Wilkos?

The Wilko Return Policy explains the refund process. Company refunds need evidence of purchase.

What’s happened to Wilko?

Wilko, situated in Nottinghamshire, has denied allegations that it is considering closing. For months, the corporation has been developing a “turnaround plan” to stabilize and grow the business.

Is Wilko closing down?

15 of the 414 UK locations will close permanently this year, but officials say the cuts will not affect future openings or store relocation.

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